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The joy and sorrow in the rapid development of new energy batteries

In retrospect, the new energy battery market could not be better described than the “extraordinary” four words proposed by the Central Economic Work Conference. 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the domestic and foreign economies were almost at a standstill, and the new energy vehicle market also pressed the pause button. In the face of the tight and complex international situation and the acute impact of the new pneumonia epidemic, the country always maintained strategic stability, accurately judged the situation, and decisively took multiple measures to dispel the gloom hanging over the domestic economy.

In April 2020, with the domestic epidemic under control, the resumption of work and production on track, and the gradual recovery of market spending power, China not only became the current G20 economies to achieve positive growth but also the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth. The contrast between the “hot” and “cold” domestic and foreign economies has made the world fully aware of the strong resilience and anti-risk strength of China’s “double cycle” economy. In the process of the “cold” and “hot” conversion of China’s economy, new energy battery companies are also in charge and seizing the opportunity.

Battery innovation continues to break through to power batteries. For example, as a proportion of up to 30% of the manufacturing cost of new energy vehicle power batteries, the depth of its technological innovation determines the width of the new energy vehicle market. Over the years, China’s power battery technology progress can be described as rapid. In the new energy battery electrochemical system ratios, cell structure design, system integration, and other aspects of outstanding performance, such as Ningde Time launched CTP battery pack technology, access to more than 70 core patents, gain energy density 10% to 15%.

The JTM battery integration technology launched by Guoxuan High-tech is an innovative battery structure that makes the battery manufacturing process simpler and the cost significantly reduced; the blade battery technology launched by BYD simplifies the module idea, reduces the invalid space, and increases the battery pack volume utilization by more than 50%, which has become an innovative highlight in today’s new energy battery industry. Evergrande Auto is a “dark horse” in the new energy vehicle industry. The company has set up a battery research institute with more than 3,200 researchers. Its R&D team includes world-class battery technology elites, and 40 professional R&D and testing laboratories. And more than 15,000 technical testing sites. The future research and innovation results are immeasurable. China has a group of tenacious and persistent enterprises. New energy battery, one of the most commonly used batteries in electric vehicles, energy storage, and other fields, was born in 1970 to the present. The time is not long, but the characteristics of high energy density and long cycle life occupy a lot of shares of the automotive market.

In the face of such a bright future, new energy battery companies should reflect on the shortcomings and make up for the drawbacks while playing to their strengths:

First, new energy batteries in the high-end market competitiveness are not strong, and low-end competition in the white heat. At present, in the high-end new energy vehicles, the dominant position is still the United States Tesla, the power battery used basically by Japan Panasonic and South Korea LG supply at the same time, Weilai, Xiaopeng, ideal and other emerging forces are also making efforts to the high-end car market but the sales volume is relatively low, the ability to accommodate high-end batteries is limited, resulting in the domestic battery manufacturer’s sales end mainly to the low-end market. And the domestic low-end battery market competition is fierce, with many enterprises due to price cuts and meagre profits, and some enterprises can not make a profit, and even the phenomenon of “bad money expelling good money”

Second, new energy battery technology innovation lags, after years of efforts, the quality of domestic new energy batteries has changed dramatically and energy density greatly improved, but the overall strength of technological innovation is weak, and consumer complaints about various problems of new energy vehicles, involving battery failure, range problems, charging problems of the most complaints, accounting for 29.2% of the total number of complaints. Fundamentally, whether traditional models or new car companies, only open their arms to embrace technological innovation, to pull ahead in the new competitive track, and to win the future.

Thirdly, the choice of battery path is controversial. With excellent performance, lithium-ion batteries have become the ideal power source for new energy electric vehicles. Like the once hot aluminum-air batteries and magnesium batteries, theoretically, there is more room for development, but ultimately who can find the perfect balance in terms of scale and cost of commercialization which route of the battery will develop faster and more grounded?

Fourth, the recycling and reuse of power batteries are not optimistic. For the time being, the practical entry of new energy battery recycling enterprises compared with the market stock of new energy vehicles, recycling policy is still not in place, and the scale and effect still have not reached the impression expected by the government and enterprises. In addition, in the field of formal recycling enterprises into the less, private institutions entered the battery recycling industry, and the lack of official guidance resulted in the battery recycling industry chaos. From the safety level, and improper disposal of used power batteries there are safety hazards, such as electric shock, combustion, and explosion or corrosion, which are issues that require special attention and control. Therefore, we can not only see the new energy vehicles in the automotive market highlights, singing a good picture but ignore how to place these used new energy batteries, to introduce effective measures to control as soon as possible, to protect the effective use of battery replacement and environmental disposal.

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