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2023 Analysis of The Current Situation of China’s Smart Light Pole Industry Chain and Market Competition Pattern

1. Panoramic Sorting of the Industry Chain of Smart Light Poles: Smart Light Poles Are an Important Part of Smart Cities

Smart light pole is a significant part of smart city construction, which can complete the collection, release, and transmission of data and information from lighting, public security, municipal, meteorological, environmental protection, communications, and other industries.

At the same time, as a grant part of the Internet of Vehicles construction, cloud network construction, and communication network construction in the 5G era.

The intelligent light pole upstream industry chain includes raw materials suppliers and components for lighting and light poles, as well as indispensable 5G base stations and communication technology providers.

Midstream is the master manufacturer of intelligent light poles and the municipal engineering application module.

The combination of the two directly determines the landing of intelligent light pole projects, namely, the scene design and manufacturing of smart light pole products, the construction, data collection, management, operation, and maintenance of light pole projects.

After the completion of the midstream, the downstream will be delivered to the user units that need smart light poles and will be used according to the different businesses of these units.

Examples as below:

Environmental monitoring platforms

Intelligent transportation platforms

Urban security platforms

Charging pile services

Smart communities, 

And other applications

2. Regional Thermal Map of China’s Smart Light Pole Industry Chain: Enterprises in Jiangsu Province Are Most Concentrated 

From the perspective of the regional distribution of China’s intelligent light pole industry chain enterprises.

Judging from the regional distribution of China’s smart light pole industry chain enterprises.

Also have Hebei, Guangdong, Anhui, Hunan, Henan, Shandong, Hubei, and other regions.

In other places, such as the northwest region, although there are enterprises distributed, the number is small.

3. Production and Sales of Representative Enterprises in the Intelligent Light Pole Industry: The Overall Industry Has Not Yet Conducted Large-Scale Production

At present, there are no official statistics on the capacity and output of the intelligent light pole industry. 

One reason is that intelligent light poles involve various components and system carriers.

At present, intelligent light poles in various places are still products of multi-functional light poles and integrated light poles, and the industry as a whole has not yet carried out large-scale production.

Another reason is that manufacturers of traditional street lighting are facing the upgrading and transformation of product structure. 

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