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4 ways to teach you how to buy LED solar lights suitable for your local market

The prospect of LED solar lights

With the continuous progress and development of the times, along with the energy shortage problem also increasing, all aspects of pollution are still increasing, especially heavy industry pollution, and carbon dioxide emissions… The resulting global warming situation is becoming increasingly severe. This has attracted the attention of people from all over the world.

And LED solar energy is very in line with people’s pursuits. As a form of new energy, it has the advantages of environmental protection and renewable energy, and more and more cities begin to use it.

As an outdoor lighting product, it shows numerous advantages, can solve many environmental problems for society, and bring more economic benefits. Thanks to its unique secondary optical design, it directs its light to the desired range, further improving efficiency and energy savings.

With its gradual development and greatly improved role in urban streets, solar LED lights must not only meet basic needs, but also improve the style and taste of the city, move forward in the direction of works of art, and add luster to the city.

Solar Light From ENE TECH
Solar Light From ENE TECH

Energy crisis exacerbated by Russian-Ukrainian war and global heat wave

For more than a century, fossil fuels have been burned recklessly, the planet has been warmed more, and more extreme climate events have occurred. To avoid further deterioration of the environment, there is an urgent need for cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

In recent years, countries around the world have successively launched a number of measures to deal with climate change, and the global market has also moved towards the path of ‘energy transition’ and ‘carbon reduction’.

However, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the global heat wave have brought a brutal double blow to the global energy market, and energy security has become an urgent problem to be solved.

Energy security or ‘climate plan’, what will countries choose?

1. Russia-Ukraine conflict + global heat wave, energy crisis intensifies

First, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine disrupted the global energy market. Later, hot weather pushed up energy demand, and energy security issues flashed red lights.

The world’s major economies are engaged in a battle for energy.

Europe has been caught in a bad supply-demand situation, with record heat sending electricity demand soaring, but the region’s nuclear power plants have slashed output as the heat makes it difficult for reactors to cool.

‘Extreme temperatures have melted roofs, cracked roads, and forced people to hide in underground shelters,‘ as India struggled to generate electricity from sources such as coal following a prolonged drought earlier this year.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has sent energy and food prices soaring, with the worst impact on the world’s poorest regions. The International Energy Agency estimates that Africa has 25 million more people without electricity than before the pandemic.

Russia began restricting electricity supply to Europe as early as last September when electricity prices in Europe hit their highest level in more than a decade. Meanwhile, European gas demand has rebounded as the economy recovers, but wind power production has declined due to pandemic restrictions and weather.

2. That strong demand and weak supply set the stage for a global energy crisis that began to unfold last fall, with prices for natural gas, coal, and oil soaring.

Late last year, natural gas prices in Europe rose five to six times their usual rate, and U.S. gasoline prices were soaring.

The energy crisis could intensify this winter, as Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), warned at the Global Energy Forum in Sydney last week:

The depth and complexity of this energy crisis are unprecedented, and the worst is yet to come…and it will affect the entire world.

3. Energy Security’ VS ‘Climate Change

When energy supply faces challenges, Western countries that once actively called for carbon reduction seem to abandon their ‘climate plans’ in favor of ‘energy security.

On Tuesday, France detailed plans to nationalize EDF company EDF as a way to guarantee the country’s energy security by updating its aging nuclear power plant.

Germany has pushed the EU to provide low-interest loans for new gas projects or prolong its reliance on fossil fuels for decades. Berlin is working to build several LNG import facilities, and the country has even authorized the restart of coal-fired power plants to shore up energy supplies ahead of winter.

EU climate law requires 27 countries to cut emissions by 55% by 2030, and there is no evidence Europe is returning to burning coal permanently, although some are resuming coal plant operations, according to a new report from climate think tank Ember. Meet immediate energy needs, but coal will not make a comeback.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in history, where extreme temperatures will affect 100 million people, the Biden administration’s climate agenda has been hit hard.

Analysts say countries that previously paid little attention to energy security are being forced to urgently find reliable energy supplies. Europe is picking up on its ambitious wind and solar development strategies, but it also recognizes that massive increases in wind and solar will take some time and will only solve part of the problem.

4. The transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles will not be possible without energy security, and all types of energy will be necessary for at least the next few decades.

Under such a shortage of global energy, solar lights are just in demand. Because solar energy is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible energy source.

Classification of LED solar lights

One. Classification by function

1. Lighting: Home Lighting

Compared with ordinary LED lights, solar lights have built-in lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries, which can be charged by one or more external solar panels. The general charging time is about 8 hours, and the use time is as long as 8-24 hours. Generally, with charging or remote control function, the shape varies according to user needs.

2. Decorative: As the name suggests, it is used for decoration

3. Signs: Lighting for night guidance, house numbers, and intersection signs. The requirements for the luminous flux of the light source are not high, the configuration requirements of the system are low, and the usage is large. The light source of the marking lamp can generally be a low-power LED light source or a cold cathode lamp.

4. Signal: The role of navigation, aviation, and land traffic lights is very important. In many places, the power grid cannot supply power, and solar signal lights can solve the problem of power supply. The light source is mainly LED with small particles of directional light. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved. (These signal lamps, hardware building materials, hardware accessories, and hardware wholesale markets are usually not available, but solar energy professional malls like sell them.)

5. Specific: used in orchards, plantations, parks, lawns, and other places. Generally, fluorescent lamps with a specific spectrum are used, and the more advanced ones use LED violet lamps to induce and kill insects through their specific spectrum radiation.

Two. Classification of places of use

1. Street lights: According to the data of China Hardware Machinery Grid, solar street lights, used on village roads and rural roads, are one of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices.

The light sources used include low-power high-pressure gas discharge (HID) lamps, fluorescent lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, and high-power LEDs. Due to the limitation of its overall power, there are not many cases applied to the main roads of the city. With the complementation of municipal lines, the application of solar photovoltaic lighting street lamps on main roads will be more and more.

2. Garden landscape lights: used in squares, parks, green spaces, and other places, using various shapes of low-power LED point light sources, line light sources, and cold cathode modeling lights to beautify the environment.

Solar landscape lights can get better landscape lighting effects without damaging the green space. Solar garden lights are used in the lighting and decoration of urban roads, commercial and residential quarters, parks, tourist attractions, squares, etc. The above-mentioned commercial lighting system can also be transformed into a solar lighting system according to user needs.

3. Wall lamp

4. Lawn lamp: solar lawn lamp, the light source power is 0.1~1W, generally using small particles to emit light

Diodes (LEDs) are used as the main light source. The power of the solar panel is 0.5~3W, and two batteries such as a 1.2V nickel battery can be used.

5. Campfire

6. Reading light

Solar street light from ENE TECH

Three. Classification of installation methods

1. wall mounted

2. Embedded installation

3. straight in

4. Expansion bolt (screw) installation

5 Other installations (suspension, etc.)

Four. Lighting color classification

1. Warm white light

2. Cool white light

3. Positive white light

4. Each color light

Advantages of LED solar lights

1. Durable, with a service life of more than two years. It is also very power-saving, can be used under low voltage, and is relatively safe to use.

2. Solar energy is a green and renewable resource that has a positive effect on alleviating the shortage of other conventional energy sources.

3. Compared with other street lights, solar LED lights are easy to install and self-contained. They only need to be fixed with the base, and there is no need to dig trenches and bury the wires. After that, all control components and circuits are placed in the lamp holder and can be used directly.

4. Although there are many parts for solar LED lights, the quality requirements are generally higher, and the price is naturally higher, which can save power and energy, which is also a very important advantage in the long run

So, how to buy LED solar lights suitable for the local market?

1. You must go through research and do market research, and you must have data support. You cannot blindly import products. You must make purchase plans based on the local market.

In China, the development of solar lamps has been quite mature, and now almost every household will have at least one solar lamp installed. This is the current situation in China.

But for other different countries, the market is different. For example, African countries, whose countries are still relatively backward, have a very large market for solar lamps in their countries.

Because most areas in Africa are still quite poor, solar lamps are energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, which completely use the sun to supply power, which is really very advanced. For poor countries, electricity is very luxurious, and all solar lamps are really African. just-in-demand products.

But if you want to push solar lights to developed countries such as Europe and the United States, it is not far-fetched. Developed countries are not new to solar products. They are the first people to know and use them. This is advanced The benefits of technology, their minds are hundreds of times more advanced than our Chinese minds. Developed countries are the leaders of the world, driving people all over the world to move forward.

2. After the product is selected, the positioning is selected and the product should be focused.

Positioning: Many people today misunderstand the role of communication in business and politics. In our over-communicated society, very little communication is actually achieved. Businesses must create a ‘position’ in the prospect’s mind. This positioning not only considers the strengths and weaknesses of the company itself but also the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors.

Recently, I have been listening to Duan Yong ping’s investment Q&A and gained a lot. In my opinion, Duan Yong ping is as wise as Munger. Backgammon, which it founded, is currently only a product of learning machines. Really focused on the extreme. Duan Yong ping’s philosophy of focus originated from Mao Ze dong’s idea of ​​concentrating superior forces to fight a war of annihilation.

It is easier to focus on a single product of the company, which means that the efficiency of doing things right and the probability of making mistakes are low. It is very difficult to achieve ‘single’ because the market demands are diverse. The iPad and iPhone have the same magical thing, that is, users of all ages feel that this is a product specially designed for them.

To summarize the benefits of focus:

A. Quick response to problems and quick solutions.

B. Channel costs are low.

The same is true for solar lights. After you choose a category, you must focus on one category to give full play to your advantages, make the products and services to the extreme, and let the local people know about your products and services. This is a successful merchant.

3. You must have confidence in your products, and for your long-term development, you must put quality first

As the saying goes, confidence is more important than gold.

Gold will depreciate and wealth will evaporate. If there is anything that is most valuable in this world, it is confidence!

Throughout the ages, any great person has always been guided by strong confidence in his journey of life. Napoleon once declared to the world: ‘I never have the word ‘impossible’ in my dictionary. ‘ When someone asked Hilton, the world’s hotel king, the secret of success, he only said two words: ‘confidence’.

Unshakable confidence is a quality that modern people should possess. Those who do not have confidence will have their abilities greatly reduced: those who do not have confidence will be sluggish in spirit; those who do not have confidence will shy away from the situation; those who do not have confidence will wander in their minds; those who do not have confidence will miss opportunities; People without confidence often fall into confusion and panic, and it is impossible to achieve success.

In addition, for products, quality must always be put first, especially for companies that want to make their own brands, they must be quality first. ‘Quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and quality is the life of an enterprise.

Enterprises can only be invincible in the fierce competition if they put quality first in the work of the entire enterprise, take it as the life of the enterprise, be meticulous, keep improving, and always maintain high quality and efficiency. Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. If the quality of the product is not good, the market will be lost. Without the market, the enterprise will lose its life.

4. Understand the local political and economic situation, business habits, trade risks, tax situation, etc. Only in this way can we gain a firm foothold in the local market and gain a foothold in long-term development.

If you want to know more about LED street lights, please feel free to contact us.

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