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5 Lighting Tips to Complement Your Home Decor Style

How to Complement Your Home Decor Style?

We will provide you with five lighting tips.

1 Indoor Decor

Indoor decoration will include the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, room hall, balcony, etc.


We will provide you with adjustable and smart lighting to decorate. Let you and your family have a warm home, enjoy the sleeping time, and relax. As below decoration picture for your reference:

Solar Light From ENE TECH

Kitchen Room

The place with the smell of fireworks has the home flavor, so the design of kitchen lamps is also very significant. 

Under normal circumstances, the kitchen has a suspended style, so the embedded panel light is selected.

The following is the kitchen scene:

Solar Light From ENE TECH


A bathroom is a relaxing place.

How comfortable and relaxing it is to lie quietly in the bathroom basin for a while after finishing the hard work.

When you use the bathroom, it will generate water vapor. The lamps and lanterns selected must have a waterproof function. Generally, you should choose embedded panel lights.

The following is the scene picture of bathroom lamps for reference.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

Children’s Room

The selection of lamps and lanterns in children’s rooms is very significant because the younger generation is the hope of society.

Therefore, what should be paid attention to when choosing children’s lamps?

First, be warm and comfortable.

Second, children like cartoon cute lamps and lanterns.

Third, there is no blue light and flash, which has no impact on children’s eyes and bodies.

Fourth, it is also necessary to help choose a comfortable green desk lamp.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

Room Hall

The living room is a place for people to relax. It also lets you entertain your guests and friends to get together.

Therefore, in the selection of lamps and lanterns in the living room.

First, you should consider the decoration, and the design is also very unique, which can be regarded as the most eye-catching stroke of the whole room.

The following scene diagram of the hall room for your reference:

Solar Light From ENE TECH


The lamps and lanterns on the balcony are not so important. 

The only lighting is good, so choose ordinary LED lights.

Of course, you can also choose a balcony decorated with neon lamps to make it more distinctive.

The following figure shows the scene of balcony lights application:

Solar Light From ENE TECH

2. Outdoor Decor

The function of outdoor lighting decoration is to make the house look more beautiful and unique.

Generally, we will choose wall lamps, step lamps, floodlights, and wall washing lamps for decoration. 

I will show you our relatively environmentally friendly outdoor lamps for your reference.

Our outdoor lamps are mainly solar lamps. 

Our solar light we have advantages.

It is easy to install and reduces maintenance costs and your electricity bills. You can try it.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

3. Garden Decor

Courtyard lighting is also extremely significant.

Because if you do not decorate your courtyard with lamps and lanterns, it will be dark and easy to attract thieves.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to install courtyard lamps.

In general, we will help to choose simple solar garden lamps that are easy to install. They can automatically light the garden at night without wiring and electricity.

The pictures are as follows for reference:

Solar Light From ENE TECH

4. Roadway Decor

There should be a road in front of the door of each household. 

Therefore, you should install a solar street light beside the door to light the road for passers-by along the way.

We recommend that you select solar street lamps as the lighting in this place.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

5. Swimming Pool Decor

Secondly, the place for people to exercise should be the choice of swimming pool lamps!

You can equip your swimming pool with underwater lamps and lanterns.

The swimming pool will give you an out-of-the-ordinary clear feeling and make you want to relax.

Therefore, it is also necessary to choose the swimming pool. The following is the display of the lighting project of the swimming pool scene. Have you been impressed?

Solar Light From ENE TECH

If you want to know more about LED lights, please feel free to visit our website at Or send it directly to email:


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