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Brighten Up Your Home With ENE TECH Lawn Light

What Are Lawn Lamps?

The design of the lawn lamp mainly uses the appearance and soft light to add safety and beauty to the urban green landscape. Brighten up your home.

And it has the characteristics of convenient installation and powerful decoration.

Decorative lighting applies to parks, garden villas, squares, and other places.

With the civilization and progress of human beings, In the 1970s, People met with specific space and lighting requests, birth the lawn lights.

By the 1990s, lawn lamps were extensively used on one or two volumes of roads in public places such as urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors, lawns, etc.

Improve the safety performance of people in night travel to increase the time of people in outdoor activities and improve the safety of life and property.

It can also change and improve your moods and change ideas, creating a bright and dark palette like night.

During the day, lawn lamps can decorate the urban landscape.

At night, lawn lamps can provide necessary lighting and living convenience.

Increase residents’ sense of security, highlight urban highlights, and interpret bright styles.

They can be used and developed into a mature industrial chain.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

Composition Of Lawn Lamp

A lawn lamp is mainly composed of five components.

1. Light source

The light source is a significant part of all lighting products.

According to different illumination requirements, different brands and types of light sources.

Light sources include incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and new LED lights.

2. Solar panel

With the improvement of environmental awareness, people began to use solar panels to provide energy for lamps, so solar lawn lamps have become more popular.

The characterized feature is a simple install with no wire.

3. Shell

The choice of housing is also diverse, including aluminum and ABS materials.

4. Battery

Because solar lawn lamps need batteries, batteries are also particularly significant.

5. Lamp Pole

Nowadays, lamp poles are particularly simple and easy to install.

Most of the materials are aluminum and ABS.

Classification Of Lawn Lamps

Lawn lamps derive different types according to the use environment and design style.

Have six categories as below:

European Lawn Light

Its design style adopts some European art elements from European countries, with abstract forms of expression.

Modern Lawn Lamp

Its design style adopts modern artistic elements and simple techniques.

Classical Lawn Lamp

Its design adopts classical elements, which are applied and modified.

Anti-theft Lawn Lamp

Design these lawn-led lights. The purpose is to prevent some criminal gangs from stealing lawn lamps and selling them in society.

Anti-theft lawn lamps consist of polymer composites. Their strength and corrosion are slightly higher than steel and aluminum, but their prices are high.

Craft Lawn Lamp

Traditional lawn lamps use plastic or hardware materials too much, and their shapes are mainly modern, concise, and classical.

Craft lawn lamp integrates elements of handicrafts based on traditional lights with various shapes.

Its design is mainly courtyard decoration, supplemented by lighting functions.

Product materials include glass, iron, resin, EVA, plastic and comprehensive materials.

The main design elements are flowers, animals, characters, festival themes, etc.

Solar LED Lawn Light

Considering the reliability, performance cost ratio, color temperature, and luminous efficiency of solar lawn lamps, we believe that the ideal light source should be three color primary color high-efficiency energy-saving lamps at present.

Application Scenario Of Lawn Lamp

Lawn lamps have a wide range of application scenarios because the lawn lamps we are now promoting are dual feature installation functions.

First, you can directly insert it into the lawn to decorate the courtyard. Second, you can fix the wall with screws.

Therefore, our lawn lamp application is courtyards, walls, park green-ways, lawns, etc.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

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