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Corona Virus How To Effect The Lighting Industry?


Covid-19 Whether Effect LED Lighting Industry

Corona Virus How To Effect The Lighting Industry?

Due to the epidemic in the last year, most factories began to shut down, and so did the lighting industry. This post will offer some basic information about COVID-19 and the lighting industry.

Supply Chain Effect


Many lighting manufacturers can not buy the led material from China; because the covid-19 had discovered first in Wuhan, China. 

So China first closed measures. 

Most of the led components factories did not start work, resulting in many places courses.

Once the pandemic pass and life recover to normal.

The facilities could not be immediately re-start to the highest productivity.

Then will have a far-reaching impact on the supply chain of the lighting industry.

The Impact on People’s Lives


The new covid-19 epidemic is infectious, so it is all about trying not to go out and wearing masks.

And most of the restaurants, hotels, entertainment places, and so on, it was close. The material prices will rise, so the people only stay in the home.

So it affects people’s lives.

The Impact On Logistics


As the COVID-19. It will impact many countries.

Most ships were overstock.

Lead to sea freight rising, which affects the price rise of the lighting industry in various countries.

Summary, Although the epidemic has had a giant impact, the lighting industry will be an expected area in the future.

Because the led lighting will create more natural light, reduce energy waste, and better protect our earth.

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