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Development Status and Trend Analysis of the High-end New Energy Vehicle Market

1. BYD

On January 5, BYD’s “dare to cross the Star River” brand look up and technology conference was held in Shenzhen, officially announcing the company’s new high-end car brand “look up”.

With the support of hard-core technology, BYD “looks forward” to filling the gap in high-end luxury electric vehicles in China.

At this press conference, BYD looked forward to the official debut of the two million-level new models U8 and U9.

In terms of appearance, U8 has a luxurious shape and a strong and full body. 

In terms of performance, it can achieve zero acceleration of 3″ and has the ability of intelligent escape and emergency avoidance under complex road conditions; Unlike U8, U9 has the design elements of a classic supercar and the electric feeling of the future in terms of appearance. 

In terms of design, an intelligent electric butterfly door design is adopted to create safe body structural performance with innovative technology. Finally, in terms of performance, it can achieve zero acceleration of 2 seconds.

New energy 1 from ENE TECH 2023.03.03

In addition to these two models, BYD “showed its muscle” at the press conference and released the innovative distributed electric drive system platform “Yi Sifang”.

As the core technical support of the brand, Yi Sifang is a power system with four independent motors as the core. The four motors constitute the core power source of the whole vehicle. 

Each motor can independently control each wheel to realize the driving, braking, forward, and backwards of a single wheel, so that vehicle has a strong body attitude adjustment ability.

At the same time, Yi Sifang also adopts the electronic and electrical architecture combined with the central computing platform and distributed controller. 

Through comprehensive reconstruction around the characteristics of new energy vehicles from the three dimensions of perception, decision-making, and execution, it completely subverts the power system capability system of fuel vehicles in the past and endows it with the ultimate safety, performance, and experience.

The E-Sifang platform first proposed the concept of integrated perception in the industry. 

In addition to the traditional real-time data sensors such as inertial navigation, motor rotation, wheel speed, steering, and tire pressure, BYD also integrates intelligent driving sensors containing the camera, laser radar, millimeter wave radar, high-definition positioning, etc., which can enable the vehicle to receive all kinds of signals most quickly and accurately, and provide more powerful data support for four-motor identification, decision-making, and control.

In terms of control, Adopted the highly collaborative control architecture of the central computing platform and domain controller.

Thanks to powerful computing power and high-speed secure transmission between different fields, two motors share the driver chip on the drive controller. 

The four motors can quickly identify the driving force of each wheel, and adjust the wheel end dynamics at the speed of milliseconds. 

Even in emergency scenarios such as high-speed tire bursts and snow slipping. It can enormously reduce the risk of losing control of the vehicle body.

In the aspect of execution, Easy Sifang takes the independent drive of four motors as the core, carries out comprehensive innovation on the vehicle power architecture, realizes the functions of lateral movement, and turning around in place, and can realize the steering function by using the speed difference between the wheels on both sides, and realize the braking function by outputting the negative torque, providing users with greater safety redundancy.

In terms of electric control, the whole series of models of the Easy Sifang platform is equipped with the self-developed 800V SIC electronic control module as standard, with a maximum efficiency of 99.5%. 

The current output capacity is increased by 50%. The power density is increased by 100%. And the working efficiency of the whole vehicle is increased by more than 3 points with higher computing power and control speed.

2. Tesla

Although Chinese auto companies have already occupied half of the new energy vehicle market, in the high-end new energy vehicle market, Tesla, Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and others in the international market still have strong competitiveness with their first-mover technology and brand advantages.

Among them, Tesla adopts the direct-sale way. 

Focuses on consumers, continuously extends the scope and boundary of services, pays attention to the reputation and car use experience, and gives consumers more sense of participation and achievement through meticulous service and online and offline multi-touch user operation, thus achieving a dimension reduction attack on traditional luxury brands in marketing.

In terms of models, Tesla has opened up a gigantic gap with other brands by launching two models, Model Y and Model 3, in China ahead of schedule.

New energy 2 from ENE TECH 2023.03.03

However, the two models have been introduced for a long time. After the recent price reduction, the price of Model 3 and Model Y rear-wheel drive has been within 300000. 

Among the new products, the price of the dual-motor all-wheel drive model of Tesla’s Model S is 789900 yuan, and Model X is 879900 yuan.

The higher-configuration three-motor all-wheel drive model is 1009900 yuan and 1039900 yuan.

3. BBA (Benz, BMW, Audi)

As a traditional high-end brand, have Benz, BMW, Audi, etc. 

BBA (Benz, BMW, Audi) has a deep brand foundation and influence. Its product layout and R&D capabilities are unmatched by some new power brands, especially its sales and service system in every corner of the world, which makes these luxury car companies many natural advantages in rapidly promoting products and seizing the market.

New energy 3 from ENE TECH 2023.03.03

In terms of pure electricity, Mercedes-Benz launched the “EQx” series of products, of which the starting price of EQC models was 491900 yuan, and the number of insured vehicles in the Chinese market in 2022 was 3220.

BMW launched the “BMW i” series products in the new energy vehicle market.

There are mainly BMW i3, BMW i4, BMW i7, BMW IX3, and other models, of which the starting price of the BMW IX3 is 399900 yuan. 

In 2022, the number of insured vehicles in the Chinese market will be 26,669. It is one of the new energy models with relatively good sales in BBA.

Audi also launched “E-Tron” series products in the pure electric market, mainly including the Audi e-Tron, Audi Q4 E-Tron, Audi Q2L E-Tron, Audi E-Tron Sportback, and other models.

With the arrival of these models, the competition for high-end new energy tracks is bound to be more exciting, and the market space of traditional luxury brands in the future is worth looking forward to.


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