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Do you know how good the quality of our LED lights is?

The Development status of LED lights in China

China’s LED lights only began to develop in the 1990s, and now it has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, LED chip manufacturing, LED chip packaging, and LED product applications. In China, the production and R & D of LED lighting sources are developing rapidly. The production enterprises mainly concentrate on the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.

Although China’s LED lighting is developing continuously, we do not fully master the core technology, Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea have mastered the core technology in this area. Therefore, our country undertakes low-tech work such as packaging and production in the LED lighting industry chain. This part of the work threshold is relatively low, relatively easy, and is a labour-intensive industry. China has obvious labour cost advantages. China has formed the scale of LED lighting processing and production enterprises.

And our company has mastered the core technology of Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and other developed countries, and has reached a technology comparable to these countries.


Firstly, technology is the core part of the development of every enterprise. A product without technical content will not develop for a long time. Our company has 20 years of experience in this field. Focus on research and development of technology. And simultaneously enter the national laboratory for product development. Therefore, every part of the lamp, even a screw, is the back of our hand. Therefore, whether it is technical problems, product development, packaging process, or material quality problems. We can all answer for you.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

Secondly, we make quality middle and high-end LED lights, which we can 100% guarantee. It is different from most cheap products on the market. We sell safe, rest assured, quality guaranteed products. Similarly, customers also buy products with safe and assured quality, and the goals of both sides are the same.

 The national laboratory responsible for creating TCL lights and NVC lighting received CNAS certification more than ten years ago. To let high-end users at home and abroad experience excellent lighting products, the ENETECH brand arises at a historic moment.

Thirdly, we are an innovative energy company with R & D, design and production of high-end LED lighting products as the core, market, and customer demand-oriented. We are experts in project lighting, special lighting, and new energy products. Such as street lights, solar lights, Gaowan lights, floodlights, linear lights, explosion-proof lights, plant lights, ultraviolet disinfection lights, fresh lights, portable power products, and so on.


Most of our products are exported to developed countries such as the United States and Germany. And in strict accordance with the production standards of these countries.

Among them, the first American boat brand Durabrite cooperates with us. -remember to organize the blog here tomorrow for promotion.

We have a world-class R & D and design team-Durabrite. The designer team is located in New York, where the chief designer has work experience: with nearly 20 years of military product design and manufacturing experience, with Boeing, Airbus strategic partnership, education background: graduated from MIT, with a doctorate.

Our boat lights adopt the world-class design, marine-grade materials, and military manufacturing technology. To provide customers with world-class quality and the most cost-effective products. Provide a safe, reliable, bright, and comfortable lighting environment for boats.

It is also suitable for the installation of off-road vehicles and pickup trucks. Its uses are in official ships (coastal police), tourism and leisure boats, fishing boats, docks, ports, fire stations, sea, land, and air forces. Equipped with AC conversion power supply. It can install in various applications.

MP portable emergency dimming hand light. World-class design, marine materials, and military manufacturing technology.The most cost-effective products. Suitable for outdoor camping, parties, fire rescue, traffic rescue other emergency lighting sites. Provide a safe, reliable, and efficient lighting environment.

At the same time, it also produces explosion-proof lights, factory shed lights (UFO industrial and mining lamps), indoor-outdoor sports lighting lamps, tunnel lights, street lamps, and other lighting engineering products.

Control of raw materials of the LED lights.

In recent years, with the advocacy of global energy conservation and emission reduction and the support of relevant policies of governments, LED lighting has developed rapidly.

Compared with traditional light sources, it has the advantages of long life, small size, energy saving, high efficiency, fast response, shock resistance, no pollution, etc.

At the same time, with the advancement of technology, various high-tech materials in the LED industry continue to emerge.

The price reduction of LED lights has accelerated, and everyone has gradually accepted it.

We require to strictly control the procurement of raw materials to ensure that everything complies with EU standards.

Cooperative boat lights are currently the highest quality standards, marine-grade materials, and military manufacturing processes. When it comes down to ordinary products, we also put quality first.


As we all know, sapphire glass is not only a hot innovation of Apple. It was chosen as the screen material of the iPhone and iWatch, but you don’t know that it emerged in the LED OF week semiconductor lighting network industry. According to the 2014 global sapphire substrate market report, it is estimated that the proportion of non-LED market applications will reach 32% in 2014, of which the demand related to handheld applications will reach 21%. The increase in LED and non-LED market demand will bring brilliant performance and prospects for the sapphire industry. It means that the utilization rate of LED is still the mainstream market of sapphire in recent years. Of course, the most important thing is the price.

Although the sapphire heat wave is rising one after another, for now, LED is still the first demand driver in the sapphire industry. LED substrate demand accounts for 80% of sapphire applications. The LED boom is synchronized with the sapphire cycle.

Heat-conducting plastic

Thermal conductive plastics are increasingly replacing metal parts in the thermal conductive parts of LED lights, including lamp holders, cooling lamp cups and housings, etc. Compared with metal materials, thermally conductive plastics have the characteristics of uniform heat dissipation, lightweight, flexible modelling design, and so on.

It is understood that there are three kinds of heat dissipation materials for traditional lamps and lanterns: aluminium and other gold, general plastics, and ceramics.

Compared with metal materials, thermally conductive plastics have the characteristics of uniform heat dissipation, lightweight, high safety factor, and flexible design.

Compared with ceramics, thermally conductive plastics have high strength, convenient moulding and processing, and higher freedom of moudeling design;

Compared with general plastics. The thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient are relatively high.

High chromogenic phosphor

With the continuous penetration of LED in the general lighting market, LED phosphor suppliers will usher in a period of rapid growth in shipments. Merck, Germany, is well known in China as a supplier of LCD raw materials for displays, but it is also at the world’s advanced level in LED phosphors.

With the expansion of LED in indoor lighting applications, how to develop lamps more suitable for indoor lighting has become the focus of many enterprises.

The industry’s pursuit of high color rendering index and high luminous efficiency of LED lighting products has never stopped. But in theory, high color rendering index and high light efficiency are relative.

Finding the balance between them is the key to breakthroughs in indoor lighting technology.

LED glue

Terminal manufacturers downstream of LED know that brands and channels are magic weapons to win. For glue enterprises, the brand effect has increasingly become the key for them to gaining a foothold in the market. In the glue industry with a large enterprise base. The market pattern begins to become clear.

Especially with the further decline in the cost of LED lighting, the domestic LED glue market will also usher in a new round of explosion. Since 2012, lighting products have fought a price war.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs.

Domestic accessories will undoubtedly become an inevitable choice for enterprises to reduce costs.


Although LED lights have obvious advantages, the technology still needs to be improved.

For example, the insulating layer is made of epoxy resin, the heat dissipation is not high, the light decay rate is high, and the lifespan cannot reach the theoretical lifespan;

Strobe is also very common, and the color rendering index of many products on the market is below the national standard of 80;

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

The product has obtained several patents

People in the industry know that the aluminium substrate, which is used in most LED lights, adds a layer of insulated epoxy resin between the welding surface and the heat sink to solve the insulation and voltage resistance of the circuit and the radiator. Although the problem of electrical performance is solved, it directly leads to an increase in thermal resistance. The thermal conductivity of the aluminium substrate is generally between 0.2 and 0.8, which is still higher.

It also limits the life of the product to a certain extent. Use military technology.

substrate and aluminium shell with ceramic film forming technology, directly welding the LED tube on the ceramic substrate and then welding the ceramic substrate on the aluminium plate.

The above two processes remove the effect of epoxy resin and thermally conductive adhesive, which greatly reduces the thermal resistance of the LED.

As a result of small thermal resistance, the temperature rise is small, so that the life of LED lights and lanterns is greatly extended, thermal conductive ceramics not only have electrical insulation and thermal conductivity but also have rigidity and corrosion resistance and meet the requirements of the European Union Directive on the limitation of Hazardous substances (RoHS) for environmental protection.

The successful application of this technology in LED lights can be described as excellent quality and outstanding science and technology. At the same time, the product has also achieved a breakthrough in price, which is 25% and 40% cheaper than similar brand products on the market and is the first choice for the popular application of LED. This product will blow the overdue whirlwind of green lighting into ten thousand homes with an excellent performance-to-price ratio.

Benefits of using LED lights

(1) Energy saving:  Energy-saving lamps can save energy 4×5 is a great innovation, but LED is even more energy-saving than energy-saving lamps, which is a reform of solid-state light sources. In addition, LED has other advantages, such as high light quality no radiation is a typical green lighting source, and reliable and durable. Extremely low maintenance costs, and so on. Precisely because LED has the characteristics that other solid light sources can not match, LED will be the mainstream light source in the lighting industry ten years later.

(2) Environmental protection: LED does not add “mercury” in the production process, does not need to be inflated, does not need a glass shell, has good impact resistance, good shock resistance, is not easy to break, is easy to transport, is very environmentally friendly, and is called green energy

(3) The service life is very long: generally between 50000 and 100000 hours. Because LED is a semiconductor device even frequent switches will not affect the service life.

(4). The size of LED elements is very little: it is more convenient for the layout and design of all kinds of equipment, and it can better realize the effect of seeing only the light but not the light source at night scene lighting.

(5) the energy concentration of the light emitted by LED is very high: concentrated in a smaller wavelength window with high purity.

(6). Led response time is very fast: at the microsecond level, as soon as the switch is turned on, it will light up immediately, and there will be no delay or flicker.

(7). The luminous directivity of LED is very strong: the brightness attenuation is much lower than that of traditional light sources.

(8) it can better control the composition of the luminous spectrum. so it can be well used for local or key lighting in museums and exhibition halls.

(9) it is possible to control the size of the forbidden band T of the semiconductor luminescent layer semiconductor material: thus emitting light of various colors, and the color is higher.

(10) High color rendering: it will not cause harm to people’s eyes.

If you want to know more about LED lights, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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