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History of Street Lighting in China

Have you found that now, no matter in the countryside or the city, as long as there is a road, street lamps will appear, bringing light to the night?

Now let me list the development history of street lamps in China:

1. Roman period

The rich use plant lights to illuminate their doors. Use special efforts to turn on or off and watch the lights.

2. 15th century London – the earliest origin of street lamps

In 1417, to brighten the dark winter night in London, London mayor Henry Barton issued an order to hang lights outdoors.

3. 16th century Paris – street lighting act

In 1667, Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King” also officially promulgated the urban road lighting act. Allegedly it was precisely because of the promulgation of this decree that Louis XIV’s rule was called the “bright era” in French history.

4.  1807 The appearance of English steam lamps

At first, the light of streetlamps was relatively weak. Use ordinary candles and oil. Later, Therefore, someone began to develop steam lamps. The earliest inventor of the steam lamp was William Murdoch of England.

It is a street lamp called “black smoke”  Some people think he is crazy, but in 1807, In Bomai Street. An installed street lamp called “black smoke” soon became popular in European capitals.

5. 1879 The first electric lamp in Shanghai

In 1879, the first electric light came on at the Shiliupu Wharf in Shanghai. But the electric lamp will be lit by a ten-hp internal combustion engine generator set.

With the slow development of time, the initial electric light needed to be equipped with a knife switch and turned on and off by people. Later, it was necessary to use one on-off switch to control multiple street lights. This form of street lights continued to apply until the 20th century.

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6. 1873 The invention of circuit lamp

In 1873, Alexander Lodkin won the Lomonosov award from the Petersburg Academy of Sciences for designing incandescent lamps. Rapid used to the lighting of the Navy Building in Petersburg. In the past year, Edison improved this lamp and invented the bulb. The bulb adopts for lighting because of its low manufacturing cost and brightness.

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7.  1906 Beijing official street lamp

Beijing Huashang electric lamp company first installed official street lamps in Dongcheng, Beijing. The official in charge of street lamps is called inspectors. These electric lights are the earliest circuit lights in Beijing.

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8. In 1959, Premier Zhou personally tried Tiananmen street lamps

In 1959, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the founding of new China, Beijing carried out the construction of ten buildings and Tiananmen Square. The lanterns on Chang’an Street were designed and made at this time. At that time, there were many design schemes for the shape of street lamps in Chang’an Street. The shape of the lotus lamp and cotton peach lamp used now was approved by Premier Zhou in person.

9.  1981 Beijing high pole street lamp

To beautify the city and avoid the proliferation of electric poles. Beijing overpass began to use high pole street lamps.

The first high street light pole was 23.5 meters high, the diameter of the upper lamp panel was 5 meters. Have two layers. Have sixteen lamps in the outer ring, have eight lights in the inner.

10. After the 1990s, Lamp technology development

With the emergence of new light source technology. Widespread use of high-strength gas discharge lamps and LED lamps.

11.  Smart street lamp

In 2016, at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany, Huawei released the first multi-level intelligent control lighting Internet of things solution, aiming to enter the field of intelligent lighting with urban street lighting as the cut-off entrance. However, with the development of time, Smart street lamps have increasingly entered the world.

What is the intelligent street lamp?

SMART street lamp refers to carrying various sensors and sensing devices on the street lamp. Such as charging pile, LED information release screen, HD camera, emergency alarm, 5G base station network, wireless WiFi, parking detection host, environmental monitoring components, well cover and ponding monitoring host, urban broadcasting, etc. Using the Internet of things and technology, Making street lamps become smart city information collection terminals and convenient service terminals is an important entry point for smart cities.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics. From 2004 to 2014, the number of urban road lighting lamps in China increased from 10.53 million to more than 30 million, with an average annual compound growth rate of more than 11%. The urban road lighting industry maintained a trend of sustained and rapid development. However, Smart road lamps have the trinity of “network, point, and pole” which can better and more comprehensively collect information and avoid the waste of resources caused by repeated construction. By 2021 predicted, the market scale of various hardware and services with Smart street lamps as the entrance will be 3.7 trillion Yuan, accounting for 20% of the total market scale of the smart city.

SMART streetlamps will become an indispensable part of smart city construction and an irreversible historical trend of urban development in the world. Smart cities need intelligent street lamps. Street lamps carry not only lighting but also people’s a better life demand.

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