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How can lighting help us get a good night’s sleep?

We spend a third of our lives in sleep, and the bedroom is just such a sleeping space. People who have experienced insomnia know how painful it is not to be able to sleep. Although there are many insomnia factors, the bedroom space layout is not unrelated. Having a comfortable bedroom space certainly help to improve the quality of sleep. The bedroom environment, from color, and decoration to lighting, can affect the sleep quality. So how to create a comfortable sleeping environment?

Firstly, the intensity of the bedroom lighting

Let’s talk about the strength of bedroom lighting. That is illumination. In general, we believe that the bedroom is not suitable for the layout of too strong a light source for a simple chandelier as the main lighting, plus the appropriate number and location of auxiliary lights (to be mentioned later) can. And, we do not recommend the use of bare light sources (direct bulbs) to do bedroom lighting, chandeliers, or wall sconces such as flower lamps, but also to choose the style with a shade the shade has an opening. Then the direction of the opening must not face the bed or people.

One thing to note is that, whether it is the light or auxiliary lights, the direction of the light is as far as not to the bed, peculiarly where the human eye is located. Otherwise, one thing will affect the health of the eyesight. The second will also affect the psychological mood and thus have a more far-reaching impact.

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Secondly, the color of the bedroom lighting

The color of the bedroom lighting, which is often referred to as the color temperature, is also a problem that we need to consider when arranging the bedroom lighting. Usually, we believe that the bedroom light color to choose a light warm color is appropriate, cold white light we do not think suitable. Color temperature value, we recommend that in about 2700K is appropriate.

On the other hand, bedroom lamp selection has taboo. That is an exaggerated shape and colorful hues. Bedside lighting is convenient for getting up at night. In addition to spending time before bed. People wake up in the middle of the night, often very sensitive to light in the daytime look dark light. The night will make people feel light enough. Therefore, the shape of the bedside lamp should be comfortable, smooth, simple, appropriate, shining, and mild tones. Do not choose exaggerated shapes, peculiar lights, and lanterns and the hue should not be too firm and bright.

Thirdly, the type of bedroom lighting

As mentioned earlier, in the bedroom lighting arrangement, we should choose the primary light (nowadays also popular a kind of main light lighting design, click to understand) in addition, there will be a moderate increase in some auxiliary light sources. This auxiliary light source. The first choice is the table lamp placed on both sides of the bedside table lamp can play a very crucial decorative role.

As above, we speak from the general principles and some of the theoretical knowledge of bedroom lighting design. Here, let’s talk about the specific operation level. Here, mainly from the functional and rational aspects to arrange the bedroom lighting, focusing on the bedside lamp.

 Bedside lamp cloth light principle

Bedroom lighting to master a sense of warmth, in addition to the essential light, the bedroom bedside lamp also needs to be equipped with local auxiliary lighting for the master to read, dress, dressing. If properly arranged, it can also play a role in regulating the mood of the bedroom, and beautifying the room. In a way, the bedside lamp is a set of general lighting, local lighting, and decorative lighting functions in one bedroom lighting design tool. Therefore, the light effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and gentle to create a warm tone.

The light of the bedside lamp tends to be soft, mainly to meet the psychological state of people at night. The harsh light will only dissipate your sleep so that the eyes feel uncomfortable. Ordinary bedside lamp shades should be flooded with warm or neutral colors such as goose yellow, orange, cream, etc.

We often emphasize that the bedroom lighting to warm light. The light should be soft but never reduce the brightness. The dark light will cause a sense of depression, and for people who have the habit of reading before bed, it will damage vision. The light that is too bright will stimulate people’s eyes so that people can not sleep, but if the light is too dark and easily affects people’s minds before going to bed.

Therefore, the light of the bedside lamp should be soft while ensuring that the brightness is moderate, which also helps people to relax, both to meet the need to read, but also to create a good bedtime environment.

Bedside lamp selection guide

The choice of bedside lamps generally depends on the size of the room, the placement of furniture, the overall decoration style, and personal needs determine the type of lamp. Table lamps and wall lamps are the first choices for most families for bedside lamps. Table lamp size and several lamps can be selected according to the size of the bedside table, style, texture, or personal preference and can be a separate or symmetrical placement of two.

Wall lamps need to be selected according to the size of the beds and should be installed above the wall on both sides of the bed, while small beds are suitable for the installation of a double-headed wall lamp above the bed. If you read for convenience, you can also choose a telescopic handle and adjustable head of the wall lamp.

The light of the bedside lamp is focused on softness, so when choosing the style of lamp, we should pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can play a role in softening the light. For example, using frosted glass (do not use the full transparency of glass), parchment, PVC materials, silk, and other lampshades made of translucent texture can bring out a half-light, half-dark, light, and shade of the warm atmosphere of the bedroom. So that people’s hearts feel calm and quiet.

Finally, let’s talk about the installation of bedside lamps

1. Bedside table lamps should be higher than sitting and lying posture

If you can use the lamp as a bedside lamp and have the habit of reading before going to bed, then we should pay attention to letting the light range of the lamp be slightly higher than their sitting position. Because the height of the lamp if you lie in bed with the same peak or slightly lower, when reading because the light can not be directly into the book and easy to make the eyes feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, for the need to read, you should not only adjust the position of the bedside table lamp higher but also install a dimmable wall lamp on the back wall above the bed.

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2. Select wall sconce shall be reserved wire head

The installation position of the wall lamp is generally above the bed, or the middle of a double-headed wall lamp, or one on each side. But to remind you that if there is no wire head reserved in the wall before the decoration, it is best not to choose the wall lamp for bedside lighting. Because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, there is no dark wire. You need to pull a wire on the wall according to the location of the wall lamp so that the clean wall does not look beautiful.

3. The bedside lamp switch should reach out to reach

Whether you choose table lamps, wall lamps, or floor lamps for bedside lamps, it is crucial to consider whether the lights are easy to switch and adjust. As different types of lights and lanterns, their placement and installation location are not the same, or according to the bedside stand a slim floor lamp, on the walnut nightstand placed a European-style table lamp, or on the wall above the bed mounted on a compact wall lamp.

If the switch of the bedside lamp can not let you lie down when you can reach it, then just when you are drowsy and want to turn off the light, you have to make an effort again to find the switch or adjust the brightness, so that you are afraid that there is little sleep left.

Of course, if you feel that the effect of the lamp is not good, or feel that the lampstand headboard space, we can also choose the wall lamp or hidden lamp with, is also a good choice. Meditation before going to bed to read a text is also very conducive to cultivating sleep.


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