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How to choose LED light chips?

How are LED light chips made?

Taking the high-power imitation lumen as an example, we made the LED light chips through the production process of solid crystal, welding wire, glue dispensing, cover lens glue filling, lamp splitting, packaging, etc. Each link has different skills, but skills are not the primary. The quality of raw materials is the primary, and the selection of raw materials is not the same.

The person who reported the material worked as an engineer in a packaging factory. He has seen all kinds of raw materials, a quality packaging factory, a waste packaging factory, and so on. They have all stayed there. Now they have exposed their material selection and quotation to us. 

What are the main points of LED light chips selection?

Ten years ago, who could make lamp chips, and the quality was not bad, I bought them at the right price. At that time, few people made it, and many human beings bought it, and the price was not transparent. Now ten years have passed in a blink of an eye. The standard of LED lamp chip selection changed a long time ago. If you are still the lamp chips standard ten years ago, just selling goods, regardless of service and offering plans, I would like to close the door early and drink the northwest wind. What is the point of choosing LED lamp chips now?

1. First of all, LED lamp chips should be a brand, and the brand’s reputation is the best choice;

2. The material of the lamp chips package is better, and we recommend directly choosing the domestic lamp chips brand or the Taiwan lamp chips brand if the price is highly acceptable. Domestic brands have replaced More than 90% of imported LED lamp chips brands, so the advantage is not great.

3. Lamp chips packaging technology and packaging equipment still need to be selected from big brand manufacturers. The lamp chips produced now still have a lot of ball-adding technology and enhanced heat dissipation series technology. And it is not owned by many domestic lamp chips manufacturers at present.

Or they don’t want to own it at all. Because the material cost will increase, the process cost will increase, the equipment precision and equipment investment will be more, and in the final analysis, the cost increase will not be worthwhile.

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For me, regarding the choice of LED lamp chips, I still insist that product quality is the first. But many bosses don’t think so. They believe that they can use the lamp chips. Maybe people’s pursuits are different. Therefore, although more than ten years have passed, many people’s concepts are still the previous concepts. That is why? When I recommend lamp chips to everyone, I will ask why you are using them now.

1. For export lamp chips products, medium and high-end lamp chips products, the selection of lamp chips must be of excellent quality.

2. We should select the lamp chips material, lamp chips packaging process, and equipment from a reliable supplier, which is generally brand suppliers.

3. To find the right price for LED lamp chips, you need to find the lamp chip products that suit your needs.

Why are the quotations of LED lamp chips so different?

Different brands of LED lamp chips, the same packaging factory, and the price of LED lamp chips will also differ, but it does not mean that the more expensive the better. You still have to choose the appropriate lamp chips according to the needs of your factory.

We mainly determined the selection of LED packaging methods, materials, structures, and processes by factors such as chip structure, optoelectronic/mechanical properties, specific applications, and costs. After more than 40 years of development, LED packaging has experienced development stages such as bracket type (Lamp LED), SMD type (SMD LED), and power LED (Power LED).

With the increase in chip power, especially the demand for the development of solid-state lamping technology, new and higher requirements are put forward for the optical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical structure of LED packaging. To effectively reduce the thermal resistance of the packaging and improve the lamp extraction efficiency. We must adopt a new technical idea for the package design. We will introduce the role of LED packaging and the LED packaging process.

The role of LED packaging

Packaging is to protect the chip and prevent the chip from being exposed to the air or damaged by mechanical damage. Good packaging technology and packaging materials can make the LED have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, thereby improving the life of the LED.

The functions of the LED package mainly include:

1. Mechanical protection to improve reliability;

2. Strengthen heat dissipation to reduce chip junction temperature and improve LED performance;

3. Optical control, improve lamp output efficiency and optimize beam distribution;

4. Power supply management, including AC/DC conversion, power control, etc.

LED packaging process

1) Die bonding process

Bonding is to fix the chip on the bracket. The core materials are the bracket and the chip. Here we will talk about the quality of the chip and the steady.

LED lamp chips bracket

Currently, there are aluminum brackets, brass brackets, copper brackets, etc. In the shopping mall, the aluminum brackets are the cheapest. The aluminum bracket has the worst heat conduction, brass is the second, and copper is the best 

(we pay great attention to the shell heat dissipation and the power supply quality. The price of the shell and the power supply is very high. Usually, the selection of LED lamp chips is getting worse and worse, putting the cart before the horse).

LED chip

LED chips are now available in all kinds of markets. The core of LED lamps are the lamp chips, the center of LED lamp chips are the chips, which are also real chips, and the quotations are very different too. We must keep our eyes open to see it.

2) Wire bonding process

The bonding wire connects the chip and the bracket with gold wire. The raw material used is gold wire. Currently, there are two kinds of alloy wires and gold wire on the market. We divide the gold wire into 0.7, 0.9, 1.0, and 1.2 according to the thickness.

3) Pointing process

The powder-pointing process is firstly to apply phosphor powder on the chip and make different white lamp color temperatures according to customer needs. The materials used are phosphor powder and glue mixed with phosphor powder. Usually, the difference between good phosphor powder and poor phosphor powder is very large; the quality of gum mixed with phosphor powder is also very different. Poor phosphors and gum will show color temperature drift under the condition of equal heat dissipation. It is recommended not to use lamp chips with poor contrast.

4) Glue filling process

 After powdering, cover the PC lens on the holder, and then write the filling glue. Usually, there are two kinds of high-power filling glues on the market. One is jelly glue. And the other is interlayer glue. For high-end packaging factories, we usually use jelly glue for filling.

5) Spectroscopic process

Usually, we make orders according to the customers’ needs, and many packaging factories do low-end products. They do not split the lamp at all but only destroy the dead lamps. Other coefficients 

give to customers, and the shipment rate reaches more than 99%. That is also the reason for the price difference.

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Talking about silver alloy wire in LED package

In LED packaging, the pure gold wire has the advantages of high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, good toughness, etc., and we are widely used in integrated circuits. Compared with other materials, its largest advantage is oxidation resistance, which is widely used in packaging. Main reason. However, pure gold wire is expensive, and the price of LED products has been declining in the past two years. Many companies have replaced pure gold wire with silver alloy wire, thereby reducing the cost of LED products.

Silver alloy wire is a product that has appeared in the LED industry in the past two years to replace the traditional gold wire. As the price of gold has continued to rise in the past two years, the prices of gold wire used for LED packaging have also continued to increase. At the same time, the prices of LED products have continued to decline. Therefore, a cheap substitute – silver alloy wire, will emerge in time. According to statistics from authoritative organizations, as of June 2011, about 1/3 of LED packaging manufacturers have switched from gold wire process to silver wire process, and the penetration rate is expected to climb to 80% by the end of 2012!

Silver alloy wire composition

The composition of the silver alloy is mainly single crystal silver, and the general content is 90%-99%. Other components are various trace elements. At present., related manufacturers in the mainland, Taiwan, and Japan have launched similar products with simply different technologies.

LED package silver alloy wire advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of silver alloy wire

1. The price is low. Compared with the gold wire of the same diameter, the silver wire price is only about one-fifth of the gold wire;

2. Good conductivity;

3. When welding with the silver-plated bracket, the weldability is better;

4. Good reflectivity, no lamp absorption, the brightness can be increased by about 10% compared with the use of gold wire;

5. Good heat dissipation

Disadvantages of silver alloy wire

1. We can only use it if it is immature in the application of old-fashioned wire bonding equipment or needs to be equipped with nitrogen protection.

2. The technical requirements of the manufacturer are relatively high. To achieve the desired effect, a long period of equipment debugging is usually required in the early stage.

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