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How to find a reliable LED solar light supplier?

Advantages of Made in China

Is the domestic manufacturing industry going downhill? As China, which enjoys the reputation of a “world factory”, does the advantage of manufacturing still exist?

Let’s look back first, what is the reason for the success of China’s manufacturing industry in the past? The point of most debate is the comparison of the cost of production factors. For example, China’s manufacturing industry has moved to Southeast Asia, and it is intuitive to see that countries such as Vietnam have cheaper labor and younger population structures. After all, low labor and land costs were also the basic conditions for the early take-off of China’s manufacturing industry.

The past success of China’s manufacturing industry is too thin to be explained by the low factor cost alone. An example can show that this point of view is untenable. Africa and some countries and regions in Latin America have lower costs.

Because the two unique advantages of China’s manufacturing industry are very critical, one is the “super-large-scale market”, and the other is the “super-large-scale industrial chain”, which are the fundamentals we often mention. These are conditions that other regions do not have.

Take the hyper-scale industry chain as an example. In taking on the role of “world factory”, China has emerged a large number of “hidden champions” and county economies with world-class dominance and world-class dominance under various sub-categories of the manufacturing industry. Lighters in Taizhou, Wenzhou, steel measuring tapes in Shaogang Town, Yucheng County, elevators in Nanxun District, Huzhou City… Accompanying this, transportation and communication infrastructure, logistics networks, supporting industrial parks, and industrial clusters are becoming more and more mature, forming a close dynamic industrial chain supply chain network.

This super network can quickly meet international needs, such as supplies in epidemics, sporting goods in international events, etc. This is also the strength of our manufacturing industry in external competition.

Solar Street Light From ENE TECH

Because the competition in the manufacturing industry is systematic. The premise of the establishment of the price advantage of cheap production factors in the early stage is that the cost of the system is greatly reduced and the development of the supply chain industry chain is perfect, and the industry chain itself has a strong ability to digest and control costs. The cost advantage of Southeast Asia such as Vietnam is not so important.

From this perspective, some international giants (such as Apple and Tesla) have increased their reliance on Chinese manufacturing, rather than shifted them. More specifically, the transfer of China’s manufacturing industry is largely the partial relocation of production processes, not the overall migration of the industry; it is the transfer of low-end links, not high-end links. It is based on the derivation and expansion of Made in China.

All, the problem with my country’s manufacturing industry is that it is “big” rather than “strong”. The advantages still exist, but because of the excess of low-end and insufficient high-end. The mid-to-low-end manufacturing industry is greatly affected by external fluctuations and faces a “two-end squeeze”. The upstream is the rise in the price of raw materials, and the downstream is “stuck” by channels, platforms, and foreign companies. All appear to be “fading”.

At present, from “manufacturing” to “quality manufacturing” and “intelligent manufacturing”, improving quality and strengthening the brand is the only way to redefine “Made in China”.

To redefine “Made in China”, we cannot look at the industry in terms of industry, and we must focus on humanistic issues at a deeper level.

Build a modern vocational education system and promote the effective connection between the education chain, the talent chain, the industrial chain, and the innovation chain. The concept structure and educational structure will eventually be mapped to the employment structure and industrial structure.

The two most important points for choosing a reliable LED solar street light manufacturer:

1 professional. Professionalism means quality, reliability, seniority, and even the prospects of this company.

2. Attitude. Attitude can reflect the service of this company. In the process of communicating with this company, I feel his attitude and sincerity. After narrowing down the scope of 2-3 alternative companies, go to visit them one by one. It is best to make appointments with leaders or bosses, and feel more about the leaders of different departments. attitude, these largely reflect the company’s services.

Here are some of my specific suggestions for professional inspections:

The product of solar street light itself is a product with a very low threshold. Enterprises related to this product can provide solar street lights, whether it is solar panels, light poles, LED lights, lithium batteries, or even Pre-embedded parts available.

However, it is not easy to make every product well, except that every component needs to use genuine things, and system configuration and regulation are particularly important. Many manufacturers don’t even have technicians. They just do whatever configuration is sold on the market, and how to debug it.

Therefore, when you choose this product, you should pay more attention to the warranty period of the product, and inspect the professionalism of the factory, production lines, and other factors.

Regarding professionalism, you can ask the following questions to see if he can answer quickly and fluently:

-How is the solar street light configuration formula derived? This question is very powerful, and I believe that few technologies can answer it.

-How much is your 100W solar panel charging capacity on rainy days?

– What is the charge and discharge efficiency of your controller? How was it tested?

-How to solve the problem of lighting on continuous cloudy and rainy days? Why solve it this way?

– What is the difference between a low-pressure system and a high-pressure system? Which one is better? Why?

-What is the shape of the light produced by your lamp? What is the length and width of the cover installed at a height of 6 meters?

– Provide your light pole with the calculation process of the wind resistance rating of the system.


ENE TECH is our brand, an innovative energy company that develops, designs, and manufactures high-end LED lighting products and is guided by market and customer needs. We are experts in engineered lighting, speciality lighting, and new energy products. Such as street lights, solar lights, high bay lights, flood lights, linear lights, explosion-proof lights, plant growth lights, ultraviolet disinfection lights, fresh lights, portable power products, etc.

The founder of the company, Mark Zeng, has nearly 20 years of experience in the lighting industry and has in-depth research on photometry, chromaticity, and light culture. More than a decade ago, the national laboratory responsible for the establishment of TCL Lighting and NVC Lighting has been accredited by CNAS. To allow high-end users at home and abroad to experience excellent lighting products, the ENE TECH brand was established.

Advantages of ENE TECH

1. 20+ years of experience in the lighting industry, with in-depth research on photometry, chromaticity, and light culture.

2. From 2006 to 2008, TCL Lighting and NVC Lighting National Laboratory, which were established in charge, were accredited by CNAS.

3. In 2017, cooperated with Durabrite, a world-class R&D and military design team in the United States. Together we have developed the excellent Mini and Nano series of unique products. Nano Sport won the German Red Dot Design Award 2020.

4. Provide professional advice and suitable solutions to meet all your needs. Whether it is general lighting or custom products.

5. Highly flexible and efficient (fast decision-making and fast delivery).

what we offer

1. Provide one-stop professional advice, solutions, and corresponding services. So don’t worry about not knowing how to choose the right parameters.

2. Strictly screen upstream suppliers, inspect incoming materials, monitor production quality, and conduct random inspections before shipment to avoid defective products.

3. Through the optimal management of the supply chain, we can produce high-quality and unique products to help you reduce costs, increase value and gain more profits.

4. Purchasing products according to customer requirements.

5. Provide third-party inspection services.

With the continuous changes in the global market, we are constantly adjusting the direction of our products to adapt to the trend of the times. At present, the main product we sell is LED Solar Street Light.

Solar Street Light From ENE TECH

Why select LED Solar Street Lights?

1. Energy saving

Solar street lights, which can convert sunlight in nature into their energy, can indeed reduce a lot of energy consumption. Now, with the development of urban construction, more and more investment in street lamps. The application of solar streetlights saves a lot of electricity for the country every day.

This is also one of the biggest advantages of solar street lights, and why the public is more willing to accept this new product.

2. Green and environmental protection

Many will wonder if this solar-powered product will produce some polluting elements during the conversion process. Science has proven that solar streetlights, during the entire conversion process, will not release any elements that pollute the environment. Also, there are no radiation issues. This is a product that fully complies with the current concept of green environmental protection.

3. Durable and practical

The quality of many used circuit lights is not good. Because they’ve been exposed to the air for so long and have been exposed to severe weather, their wiring, lampshades, and even light bulbs can take a big hit. At present, solar cell solar street lights developed with high technology are manufactured with good technology, which can ensure that the performance will not be degraded for more than 10 years. Some high-quality solar modules can even generate electricity for more than 25 years.

4. Low maintenance cost

Solar street lights are converted into electrical energy by solar light, and the controller adopts light control + time control automatic control, which is more suitable for installation in rural or mountainous areas where wiring is not convenient.

5. Safe, stable, and reliable

If you want to know more about LED lights or our products, please feel free to contact us.

WeChat/WhatsApp: +86 158 7620 7215

Skype: anna ene tech



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