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How To Make An Inquiry With Chinese Suppliers?

With the reform and opening up, more and more foreigners will like to come to China to purchase products. Because of China’s rapid economic development, especially the synthetical industrial chain in the Pearl River Delta, you can buy everything you want in a few days. In addition, in the early stage of China’s development, it is said that the products are of high quality and at low prices. With the rapid expansion of trade, more and more enterprises are digging up, and it is more and more difficult for foreigners to choose their suppliers.

How Do Enquire With Chinese Suppliers?

In fundamental ways, it will have four ways.

1. Google search

Foreign people still like to search for their product information through Google to search for the product. To screen out their suppliers and then buy them. Of course, you can also use other web search engines to search and inquire.

2. B2B business

B2B platforms also are promoted in foreign search engines or online. Such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global source.

These are the fundamental B2B platforms in China. Therefore, you can also send inquiries through these B2B platforms to make inquiries and screen suitable suppliers.

3. Exhibition

The exhibition should be the best way to find suppliers.

You can directly see your interested company’s products at the exhibition. So let you better communicate and confirm the product’s detailed information.

To determine the order. Intuitive, simple, and efficient.

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4. Email Marketing

Some large customers will have fixed supplier information in their hands. Generally, they can directly use E-mail for inquiry and communication and immediately confirm orders.

Ee-mail for inquiry and communication and directly confirm orders.

Of course, there are all kinds of ways. How can we better find our suppliers and get more efficient feedback on our inquiry?

First, we will send the inquiry to China’s suppliers. How to write this inquiry?

1. Simple introduce your background

2. Detail Tell the product major information(style, warranty, request)

3. They will provide how are services(OEM/ODM, manufacturer/trade company)

4. Confirm order information(quantities,price,MOQ, color,package,samples confirm,quality,certificate,etc)

5. Shipping information confirm(trade terms, destination, cost, delivery time, tracking number)

6. Payment terms (TT, LC, cash, or other methods)

7. After-sale service(feedback, follow-up, refund, return services)

What kind of chat will make the supplier reply to you faster?

Nowadays, We can use more and more instant online chat tools, so we should make good use of them. For example, the favorite chat tools of Chinese people should be Wechat, QQ, and Skype.

Some customers in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan habitually use Line.

Other countries(such as Europe, America, India, and the Middle East) prefer to use WhatsApp.

Therefore, if you want to get feedback quickly, the quickest way is to use the most commonly used chat tool of the supplier to contact him in real-time. Ask him to get a faster response.

Of course, a direct telephone call is the fastest way to communicate.

For example, if some urgent purchase demand information needs to be confirmed, you can contact me directly by calling. And then you sent an email to me to explain a detailed description, to obtain the fastest and most efficient response from the supplier.

Why Can Not You Get A Reply To Your Inquiry?

1. The company may no longer exist

Perhaps some companies have closed down due to poor management and no longer exist, so you must not receive a reply to your past inquiries.

2. The inquiry was treated like garbage by the supplier

Perhaps because the way you send and some information are inconsistent with the supplier’s information. They will treat your inquiry as a junk inquiry, so you can not receive a reply.

3. You sent out your inquiry at the wrong time

Due to the time difference worldwide, you sent an inquiry in the middle of the night, and you certainly did not get a reply so soon.

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4. You are not sure about the product you are looking for

You are not sure about the product you are looking for, so the supplier does not know how to quote you, so they will choose to give up directly.

5. The number of products you asked for is too small, and the supplier does not care.

Some large factories have MOQ restrictions on a product. If there are too few, it is inconvenient for them to purchase raw materials and prepare materials for production. Therefore, they will also choose to give up and not return your inquiry.

It is more difficult for people to find a better supplier in the territory because it is more difficult for people to find a better supplier.

It has been almost two years since 2020. During the epidemic period, problems such as the rise of freight and raw materials, the increase in personnel unemployment, and the closure of companies came one after another.

In addition, this Russian-Ukrainian war has led to exchange rate instability, rising oil prices, and other reasons.

Therefore, it is hard to negotiate prices and inquiries with suppliers face to face, so we turn our attention to the new network marketing model of video conference and live delivery.

In the future, the short video may become the most powerful channel for you to inquire about and find the best suppliers.

To sum up, we should be more clear about how to inquire about China.

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