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How to reduce the cost and loss of solar lights?

Solar street lights are already ubiquitous in our daily life, and there are many remote areas where solar street lights are installed. It not only reduces the pollution of the environment but also saves energy, in line with the current call for energy saving and emission reduction, and protection of the environment. As the solar street light industry has matured, it has entered a bottleneck period. So, what is the way to reduce the cost of solar street lights?

Cut down costs there are now only three ways. The first is to optimize the design to improve efficiency, the second is to change the configuration to reduce costs, and the third is to improve light efficiency to weaken power.

LED solar street light from ENE TECH

1. The feasibility of cost reduction on a case-by-case basis

 (1). The first is to optimize the design. For solar cells, from 1980 to 2005. The efficiency has increased by 3~4%, so the space for improvement is tiny. The expected 1~2% in 3 years, which can reach 15~16% is good. For the efficiency of the controller, the domestic excellent has attained 0.975 foreign is 96%, the last two years to improve the space is only 2 ~ 3%, it is impossible to reach 99%, 100%. For the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, solar power is used in small force, below 50W. Domestic 50W sodium lamp after testing is also 60 ~ 70%, energy-saving lamps, high-pressure lamps, and metal lamps. Because there is electronic resolver energy consumption, most of the bad times are electronic resolver damage and LED lamps and lanterns such as light sources are excepted.

 (2). For several low-cost configurations, one is the low cost of resources when the solar cell configuration is reasonable, but the experimental value is tiny. When people leave the lighting, the part of the electricity storage is small, with less than eight hours of light per day. The second is a small solar cell. The control of the battery is also few and can not guarantee every day. The third aspect is that the solar cells are small, and the battery is large, which is a steal. Although the first ten days are guaranteed to glow without power generation for an act, battery power is used. The fourth is a high power configuration be low, although the light is on, but can not guarantee eight hours.

(3). The system design space is small. In addition to the impact of low-cost control, the quality of conventional light sources will improve in the next two or three years. So what’s the idea? It’s to improve light efficiency, which is the third solution mentioned earlier. Increasing light efficiency equals reducing power, and reducing power equals reducing cost, so increasing LED light efficiency is another way to reduce cost. From the perspective of network engineering, based on 70 LM/W, the LED luminous efficiency is increased by 15%, and the solar energy cost can be reduced by 10%. The light efficiency of the system is not gained because the lighting quality will not be reduced. The total number of optical drives will not change, but the cost of solar energy is significantly reduced, and fewer batteries, battery support, maintenance, and panels are reduced. When properly controlled, high-efficiency LEDs add 10 to 15 per cent to the total cost. If you want to choose LED, the same light efficiency is equal to the same lighting power, which is 1W= $47, this power must be brought down! According to the measurement of different LEDs at home and abroad, although their luminous efficiency is 100lm/W, the strain illuminance difference is 30~40%, which is called approximation.

2. With a high-efficiency LED not made into better lamps and lanterns?

LED efficiency should be greater than 100 lm / W, and the efficiency of the constant current circuit to be greater than or equal to 90%, it is best to choose the step-up type. Because of the buck type (DD311 DD322), the efficiency of the chip is greater than or equal to 80%. The United States launched several new boost types. The chip efficiency is greater than 93%. In addition to reducing the backlight loss, because now a good number of lenses are poor, light transmission materials are not the same, some lens light transmission than the pair is good, some light transmission is mean.

Now there are only three kinds of high-efficiency LED, 6 to 8 hours lithium battery. The smallest can also be made into a LED that can load in a minute. In 2008 domestic specifications and prices were 35 W. For development opportunities, there are two. One is the price of solar panels in a sharp decline, from more than 30 yuan in 2007 to nowadays more than 10 yuan, especially in October last year. The second development opportunity is the domestic LED luminous efficacy is close to 100 lm / w, so the price decline is about 25% per year.

(3). LED street light bidding should be quoted in terms of power

 Finally, a suggestion, the future of street lighting bidding should quote in terms of power. There is also the development of products to find out their characteristics. These applications of the solar system mentioned above are in the effect of encouraging and being encouraged to develop. Then there is the solar LED street light to have technical holding. And respect for intellectual property rights. The product has commercial value. It is possible to achieve commercial results.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

How to maintain the solar street light

1, When the wind, rain, hail, snow, etc., measures should be taken to protect the solar cell arrays to avoid injury.

2, The wind, rain, snow and turn immediately to check whether the board after the rainy season, the control room and battery whether indoor water, water, after the storm should check whether the equipment is working, its charge and discharge controller damage, etc.

3, Solar cell square light should always be kept clean. If dust or other dirt should be washed first, then gently wipe with clean gauze water, do not use objects or corrosive solvents rinse, heuristic.

4, Matching and solar cell arrays using batteries should be strictly by the use of battery maintenance methods.

5, Check the electrical system connected to the solar street light to avoid a loose connection.

6, To check the solar street light grounding resistance.

These are my personal views on solar lights. If you want to know more about lighting-related consultation, please feel free to consult: www. At the same time, we also hope you can give us valuable advice or suggestions. Thank you!


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