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List Of Top 10 Global LED Manufacturers’ Packaging Revenue In 2021

What Is Led Packaging?

LED (semiconductor light-emitting diode) packaging refers to the packaging of light-emitting chips, which is quite different from integrated circuit packaging.

The packaging of LED requires not only to protect the wick but also to transmit light.

Therefore, LED packaging has particular requirements for packaging materials.

LED Structure Type

1. Pin Type Package

Led pin packaging uses the lead frame as the pins of various packaging shapes.

It is the first packaging structure successfully developed and put into the market.

It has a wide variety and high technical maturity.

The internal structure and reflective layer of the package are still improving.

2. Surface Mount Packaging

The market gradually accepted surface mount packaged LED(SMD LED) and gained a regular market share.

The shift from pin-type packaging to SMD is in line with the development trend of the entire electronic industry. 

Many manufacturers have launched such products.

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3. Power Type Package

LED chips and packages are developing towards high power, and the ratio of Φ 5mmled has 10-20 times greater luminous flux. 

Must be used for effective heat dissipation and non-deteriorating packaging materials to solve the problem of light attenuation.

Therefore, the tube shell and packaging are also key technologies.

LED packaging that can withstand several watts of power has emerged.

The thermal characteristics of power led directly affect the working temperature, luminous efficiency and wavelength, and service life of LED. 

The packaging design and manufacturing technology of power LED chips are particularly significant.

4. COB Type Package

COB packaging can directly package multiple chips on the metal-based printed circuit board MCPCB, and dissipate heat through the substrate, which not only reduces the manufacturing process and cost of the bracket but also has the advantage of reducing thermal resistance.

Compared with traditional cob light source modules, it can save device packaging, optical engine module manufacturing cost, and secondary light distribution cost in lighting applications. 

In terms of performance, through equitable design and modelling of the microlens, the cob light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of the spotlight, glare, and so on existing in the combination of discrete light source devices. 

It can also effectively improve the colour rendering of the light source without reducing the light source efficiency and service life of the light source by adding an appropriate red chip combination (more than 90 points).

LED Packaging Process

  1. Cleaning: 

Use the ultrasonic wave to clean PCB or LED bracket and dry it.

  • Rack Mounting: 

Prepare silver glue on the electrode at the bottom of the LED die for expansion, place the expanded die on the spinel stage, install the mounted on the PCB or LED corresponding pad one by one with a spinel pen under the microscope, and then conduct sintering to solidify the silver glue.

  • Pressure Welding:

Use an aluminium wire or gold wire welding machine to connect the electrode to the LED tube core for current injection.

LED is directly installed on PCB, and generally apply an aluminium wire welding machine.

  • Packaging: 

Protect the LED core and welding wire with epoxy through dispensing. 

Dispensing glue on the PCB board has strict requirements on the shape of the solidified gel, which is directly related to the brightness of the finished backlight. 

This process will also undertake the task of adding phosphor.

  • Welding: 

If the backlight uses SMD LEDs or other packaged LEDs, the LEDs should be wielded to the PCB before assembly.

  • Film cutting:

Use a punch to cut various diffusion films and reflective films required by the backlight.

  • Assembly:

Manually install various materials of the backlight source at the correct position according to the drawing requirements.

  • Test: 

Check whether the photoelectric parameters and light output uniformity are ok or not.

  • Packaging: 

Packing and warehousing finished products according to requirements.

List Of Top 10 Global LED Manufacturers’ Packaging Revenue In 2021

According to the latest “gold + member market report: global LED industry database and quarterly update of LED manufacturers” trend force Jibang consulting, in 2021, with the gradual slowdown of the impact of covid-19, various economic activities recovered significantly. 

The global LED market reached US $17.65 billion (+15.4% YoY), and the annual growth was higher than expected.

Looking at the 2021 LED packaging manufacturers’ revenue rankings, most manufacturers have seen significant revenue growth due to a rebound in market demand.

1. Although Nichia’s backlight LED business revenue is affected by the increase in OLED penetration.

Overall revenue grew steadily and continued to be No. 1 in the world due to rapid revenue growth in the flash, automotive LED, and general lighting markets.

2. With stable product quality, excellent lighting efficiency, and cost performance, Ames OSRAM makes it the first choice for high-end cars and new energy vehicles worldwide. 

In addition, thanks to orders for plant lighting and infrared sensing, the overall revenue ranks second worldwide.

3. Samsung led also benefited from vehicle lighting, plant lighting, general lighting, and mini LED backlight business, ranking third. 

In Europe and the United States, other high-end markets, the market share is gradually increasing by taking advantage of quality and patents.

At the same time, the orders for plant lighting show rapid growth, driving the overall lighting LED revenue to rank first in the world.

4. Seoul semiconductor has benefited from the growth of large-size backlight, automotive LED, and lighting revenue, ranking fourth in the world.

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5. Lumileds also performs well in the field of automotive LED and lighting LED, and continues to launch a variety of LEDs for commercial lighting, plant lighting, and building lighting to seize the market share, ranking fifth in the world.

  • MLS, ranked sixth in the display LED and lighting LED market, with significant revenue growth.

7. Everlight continues to outperform optocouplers, infrared sensing and consumer electronics indicating products, ranking seventh in global revenue performance.

8. LITEON continued to perform brilliantly in optocoupler, infrared sensing, and consumer electronic indicator light products, ranking 8th in global revenue performance.

9. Nationstar optoelectronics sees significant revenue growth in display LED and lighting LED markets, ranking ninth.

10. Hongli’s optoelectronics sees significant revenue growth in display LED and lighting LED markets, ranking 10th.

Observing the performance in the first half of 2022, the market demand in Europe and the United States has gradually recovered. 

However, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to cause the rise of raw materials and the continuation of inflation, resulting in weak demand in the consumer market. 

In addition, affected by the epidemic, the industrial chain of some cities in China has been interrupted and broken. 

The scope of influence almost covers electronics, automotive, and other industries. 

The demand and supply of the LED market have been affected to a certain extent.

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