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Major Propositions for Mankind ——Healthy Lighting

With the improvement of material life, people have higher and higher requirements for all aspects. For example, lamps are not only used for lighting but also applied the other area. Some can as sterilization uses, such as a sterilization lamp.

Some products to improve plant vegetables and fruits, such as plant lamps.

Some can make full use of natural light and make full use of resources.

Examples are wind power generation, hydropower power generation, solar street lamps, solar cameras, etc.

What is healthy lighting?

Easy to understand healthy lighting is green use lighting. Healthy lighting will not affect the environment and the human body.

A not-simple understanding of health lighting is the biological safety of light and the non-visual biological effect of light.

Of course, light is a part of biological safety. Health lighting is a topic full of connotation, which comprehensively includes visual, psychological, and biological effects.

80% of people’s information about the outside world comes from vision, so one of the gigantic mechanisms of healthy lighting comes from the visual channel.

How to healthy lighting?

  1. try to get at least 1 to 2 hours of high-intensity blue light during the day.
  2. At night, have your room as dark as possible.

Only by following the natural rhythms of the night can we fall asleep faster and stay healthy.

  • Log off electronic devices 2 hours before bed. Turning off electronic equipment before going to bed can effectively protect your eyes. Secondly, you can go to sleep faster without external interference.
  • Work or study late at night(wear glasses that decrease the amount of blue light). It is easy to damage people’s eyes when facing computers, TV, and electronic products at night, so try to follow the natural law at night and don’t stay up too late.
  • Download an app like flux to your computer/tablet/ phone.
  • Go outside

Thirty minutes to an hour of sunlight a day can make a difference in maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm.

Go out for a walk, you can see the beautiful scenery, and you can also let the sunshine give us a baptism.

  • Invest in high CCT lighting (Led fixtures can be programmed or adjusted to match the dynamic range and intensity of daylight)
  • Reduce the use of outdoor decorative lamps and reduce lamp pollution at night.
  • More energy lamps with long service life to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Make more use of recyclable resources to create light, rather than limited resources such as coal.

Health benefits of natural light

1. Reduce light pollution

2. Save money, save energy

3. Reasonable sun exposure can strengthen the system and increase the absorption of vitamin D

4. Proper outdoor exercise can improve sleep quality and improve unhappiness

5. Natural light gives people warmth and comfort

How To Get More Natural Light?

1. Sunny days have plenty of sunlight and will contain ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the best time to bask in the sun is 9-11 a.m. and 4-6 p.m

2. In the morning, open the curtains and let the sunshine on the bed.

You’ll feel extra bright and warm, especially on winter mornings.

3. Try to use white.

Whether cloudy or rainy, white walls will give you a spacious and bright environment. If you don’t believe it, can you try it? But in China, most residents will decorate their rooms with white walls.

4. Go out more to get more natural light, to give you a healthy body.

Why advocate healthy lighting?

As most of the world’s resources are limited, more and more countries have begun to pay attention to protecting the environment from all aspects.

First, energy vehicles are slowly replacing gasoline vehicles.

Due to the Russian Ukrainian war, all-natural gas and energy cannot be exported to Russia, resulting in rising oil prices and rising sales of energy vehicles worldwide.

The most typical representative is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become the world’s richest man.

Second: Traditional lighting is gradually substituted for LED, and LED lighting began to be replaced by energy lamps.

Therefore, with the development of society. Every product in the world is constantly updated and iterated to adapt to the development of the world.

Third: the rise of plant lamps. Why does plant lighting gradually become a social trend? Because people live on food, whether human or animal, the most basic need is to eat.

Therefore, more and more people will study how to use the law of plant growth to promote their development through lamps or other ways, to increase production. Produce greater output with the minimum input.

Fourth: products with high quality and long service life will be more and more recognized by everyone.

Because high-quality products will have a long time use time. So show that the replacement speed will be relatively slow.

Longlife will make more efficient use of energy and reduce waste.

Finally, healthy lighting will become more and more necessary.

Because we all need to work together to protect our earth, let the future generations can last forever. Of course, you are also welcome to put forward your plummy methods and skills of healthy lighting.

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