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Renewable Energy Trends In 2023

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as issues such as global warming and climate change become increasingly tight. The push for renewable energy has grown exponentially in recent years, and we are likely to see some breakthroughs in the sector this year.

The world is shifting to green energy across the board, and booming renewable energy trends are already beginning to take shape in 2023. From solar and wind to geothermal and hydropower, global renewable energy is growing rapidly as governments invest heavily in clean energy. By 2023, renewables are expected to account for a much larger share of the world’s energy supply.

1. Distributed energy development. In the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, China’s energy development ideas will shift from the past path of relying mainly on base development to focus on household distributed development, forming an organic combination of large-scale centralized use and distribution production, local consumption, distributed and centralized use of “two legs The pattern of “walking”

Distributed energy has become an important development direction of energy technology in the world because of its high utilization efficiency, small negative environmental impact, high reliability of energy supply, and religious economic efficiency. Distributed development mode can not only realize local power consumption, and avoid abandoning wind and light but avoid long-distance power transmission, save investment and reduce transmission loss, and meet the unbalanced match between economic energy demand and consumption center in developed eastern regions.

2. To establish a multi-energy complementary energy system with energy storage as the core. Through the effective combination of wind, water, fire, and storage, the advantages of various types of power sources can be brought into play, complementing each other’s strengths and interacting closely, which can not only provide peaking and regulating power for new energy, enhance the capacity of new energy generation and consumption, increase the proportion of new energy applications, alleviate the problems of “abandoned wind, abandoned light and abandoned water” but also help reduce the high pollution and high energy consumption of traditional energy sources such as thermal power. It also helps to reduce the advanced pollution and energy consumption of usual energy sources such as thermal power and provides a boost to optimize the energy structure and reduce environmental pollution.

3. Photovoltaic will usher in a faster pace of development. At present, some photovoltaic industry projects and supporting policies will be introduced one after another. These include the New Energy Base Demonstration Project Action Plan, considering the layout of multiple new energy bases of 10 million kilowatts in the north and southwest, promoting the construction of several million-kilowatt level PV power generation bases in various places, and building some multi-model PV power generation projects such as agriculture-photovoltaic complementary, herding-photovoltaic complementary, etc. according to local conditions.

With policy support, China’s solar power generation is not only in the past rapid development. In the next decade, Chinese solar power generation will continue to develop swiftly. Photovoltaic power generation from the scale is expected to overtake wind power to become the country’s third-largest power source.

4. Wind power will see greater development space. The development of wind power on a larger scale will be more vigorously promoted. Insist on both centralized and decentralized, local consumption and outbound consumption, onshore and offshore, actively promote the construction of large wind power bases and large-scale outbound transmission in the “three northern” areas, accelerate the development of offshore scale and deep sea demonstration development, and vigorously promote the development of eco-friendly decentralized wind power in the central-eastern and southern regions. As the cost of offshore wind power decreases, the competitiveness of the international wind power market will increase. And promote the construction of the industrial system and manufacturing capacity adapted to the large-scale development of wind power

5. Orderly development of nuclear power. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, it is expected that Chinese nuclear power will be developed actively and orderly under the premise of ensuring safety. And it is expected that the construction scale and rhythm will be advanced according to about eight units per year. It is expected that by 2025, the installed capacity of nuclear power in effect in China will reach about 70 million kilowatts, with an installed capacity of nearly 40 million kilowatts under construction. By 2035, the installed capacity of nuclear power in operation and under construction in China will reach about 200 million kilowatts. Power generation will account for about 10% of the national power generation.

6. The development of hydrogen fuel cells is expected. Although hydrogen fuel cells are not yet widely used in various energy industries, the country has deployed them to accelerate the key core technologies and equipment research in the energy field. And it is expected that several hydrogen energy projects will be deployed in 2023, and efforts will be made to overcome the core technologies of renewable energy hydrogen production, hydrogen energy storage and transportation, application and fuel cells, and make certain breakthroughs in key technologies of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain.

Renewable energy is a rapidly growing field, with new advances being made every day. From solar to wind, renewables are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative energy source. Forecasts show that by 2023, the world is expected to generate more than two terawatts (or 2 trillion watts) of solar power solely, far more than today’s figures. In addition, the price of solar PV systems is expected to continue to fall in the coming years due to technological advances and efficiency gains from economies of scale. This means that more homes and businesses will be able to access clean energy options affordably. With many technological advances, renewable energy sources are becoming more reliable and efficient than ever before. They will provide a cleaner, healthier environment for generations to come.

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