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Some tips to distinguish the quality of LED lights

In recent years, the number of myopic children has been increasing, and a lot of parents bought LED desk lamps especially. Most parents believe that the use of LED lamp table lamps is more energy-saving, and environmental protection, but more importantly, the lighting effect is far higher than an ordinary incandescent lamp, which is conducive to the protection of children’s eyes.

But for the majority of parents of this kind of LED “eye protection lamp, ” the purchase is very confused. Are your LEDs really safe? In fact, there are some poor-quality LED lights on the market that have a severe stroboscopic effect. Long-term study under such light will cause visual fatigue and headache, even lead to photosensitive epilepsy, leading to vision loss and attention problems, on the child’s body and not a benefit. The lower the strobe, the less damage it does to the eyes.

But in the absolute sense, no stroboscopic is actually impossible, the Chinese industry standard for qualified products’ stroboscopic requirements is 3125 Hz.

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How to distinguish the quality of LED lights

How to distinguish the quality of LED lights is a topic that many people care about, so how do we distinguish LED lights in the end? Can you guarantee better things for less money?

First, you need to know some basic concepts about what determines the quality of an LED.

1. Light source efficiency. That’s how many lumens per watt of LED light passes through a unit area. This parameter determines how bright the LED is.

2. Color temperature. That tells us what color the light is.

3. Color rendering. This parameter indicates the true color of the object itself. For example, when you go shopping in a supermarket, the colors you see at the time may be very different from the colors you see in the sunlight when you take something out of the supermarket, this is the color rendering of the problem (there may be a factor is the reflection of colored light).

Secondly, from the hardware above, these parts are very important: lamp beads, substrate, waterproof, shell, working temperature, and so on.

The light bead is the core component of LED, light bead you ask which factory is it, and the general light bead to choose a large factory light bead.

For the baseboard, there’s a fiberglass and aluminum baseboard. The aluminum substrate is better than fiberglass, the thicker the aluminum substrate the better.

If it is waterproof, there are two kinds of structural waterproof and glue pouring. It is generally believed that structural waterproof is better than glue pouring,

Third, the better the heat dissipation performance of the shell, this can not be measured, then you look at the weight is good, heavier affirmation effect is better because manufacturers also know to save costs, ah, the heavier the material, the higher the cost.

Operating Temperature: the surface temperature of a lamp after a certain period of time. Usually, good LEDs are not hot to the touch.

Finally, select LED bulbs, just take out the mobile phone, and turn on the camera function, with the lens on the light bulb, one eye can be divided.

1. A light bulb with a low stroboscope is not much different from what you can see with the naked eye.

2. With a high strobe light bulb, there will be frequent undulating lines on the phone’s screen.

Generally, the qualified LED bulb is equipped with a constant current chip, which can effectively reduce the strobe, which is the key to determining its quality.

And the price of the bulb with a constant current chip will be higher, so must not covet cheap, buy cheap LED products. Use your phone camera to test whether your light bulb is up to code!

In addition, consumers should be in the formal channels to buy fully marked LED lights, in the purchase of attention to the marked product parameters, but also should understand the role of LED eye lamps is limited.

Children need to pay attention to eye safety, maintain the correct posture in reading homework, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest, to prevent too exciting light directly into the eyes. In daily use LED light reading and writing, should also open the room to other lamps and lanterns, create a comfortable light space environment, and avoid bright and dark contrast strong lighting way.

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Points to note for use of LED

LED has unique advantages, but LED is a vulnerable semi-conductor product, so we have to be careful when using LED products, now I use the attention of LED supply in everyone to learn, use It with great care:

(1) DC power supply should be used, some manufacturers use the “resistance-capacitance-voltage-drop” method to supply power to LED products in order to reduce the cost of products, which will directly affect the life of LED products. Using a special switching power supply (preferably a constant current source) to supply power to LED products will not affect the service life of products, but the product cost is relatively high.

(2) need to do a good job of anti-static measures LED products in the process of production to adopt certain anti-static measures.

(3) the temperature of the LED: it should be noted that the internal resistance of the LED will decrease with the increase of the temperature. The internal resistance of the LED light source will decrease with the increase of the ambient temperature, when the working current exceeds its rating, it will affect the service life of the LED products, and in serious cases will cause the LED light source to “burn out,” so it is best to choose a constant current source for power supply, to ensure that the working current of LED is not affected by the outside temperature. LED temperature is also the most important factor affecting the life of LED. Please pay attention to it.

(4) the sealing of LED products, no matter what LED products, as long as they are used outdoor, are faced with waterproof, moisture-proof sealing problems, if not handled properly will directly affect the life of LED products. A small number of high-quality manufacturers now use the traditional epoxy “watering” method to seal LED products, this method is more difficult to operate, for larger LED products are not very suitable, and will also result in an increase in product weight.

(5) the current of the LED can not exceed the IF current of the LED: the over-current operation will quickly reduce the life of the LED, and IF over-current, will immediately burn out the LED.

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