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The application of biomedical LED Characteristics

As people’s living standards continue to rise, the requirements for quality of life are also near. LED energy-saving lighting is one of the representatives of the LED light source. In addition to the application of energy-saving lighting in daily life, more features are also being widely concerned.

With the continuous progress of scientific development, biomedicine for the application and reliance on LED is also escalating. The rapid growth of LED has been in the field of biomedicine continues to play an important role and likewise has a crucial impact. Especially in the biomedical field diagnosis, treatment, and the healing process also plays an important role.

1 the application of biomedical LED Characteristics

LED light source technology in the process of continuous development of science and science is constantly updating itself, especially within the color stability, luminous efficiency, and paint quality of these parameters have been greatly improved. This also indicates that its role and status in the biomedical field also constantly improving. Compared with the traditional medical light source, the LED light source has the following advantages:

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

More energy-saving and environmental performance

In this stage of society that advocates environmental protection and energy saving, LED light source undoubtedly occupies a biggish advantage, their luminous efficiency is higher, and in the space or place needed for biomedicine, the lighting effect is better. And it also has the benefits of no UV radiation and no mercury at the same time.

More safe and reliable

LED is a non-thermal solid-state nature of the cold light source, in the use of the process will not cause thermal damage to the human eye and skin, and it is the low-voltage drive, compared with the high-voltage drive laser light source, it is more safe and reliable advantages.

Small size and easy to carry

LED light source not only has certain advantages and characteristics in performance, but it also has a small size in appearance, which means that it is simpler and more convenient in operation.

Better beam directionality, more pure spectrum, precise light control

LED emits wavelengths involving infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light. It has more optional wavelengths. It also has the characteristic of a narrow beam, which makes the light pointing better, and more accurate control of light and detection. In addition, it also has the features of a pure spectrum, which avoids the interference of stray light to achieve better color and dimming.

2 LED light source in the biomedical application analysis

With the development of LED light source, the optical efficiency of the continuous upgrade, wavelength range changes, etc., followed by its application in medicine is also increasing, these applications include not only the first role of medical lighting but also more high-end light therapy, medical rehabilitation, and diagnosis, etc.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

For the role of skin beauty

LED light source as a non-thermal effect of light is often widely used in skin acne, pigmentation, scar prevention, and various skin inflammation treatment and research process and has also achieved the corresponding results. It stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, promotes the production of collagen corpuscles and elastic cells in the skin, forms new metabolism, and finally achieves the stimulation of abnormal cells in the subcutaneous or skin to achieve the rehabilitation and beauty effect of skin inflammation such as eczema and acne.

For the role of wound healing in the process of clinical research in biomedicine, wound healing is a common complication in various departments, and then the LED light source can give full play to its role. LED light can be arranged in rows of a small volume of light sources, becoming low energy to irradiate a large area of the wound to achieve the effect of wound healing. This function has been widely used in the field of biomedicine and has been recognized by the industry.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory for skin

LED light can use its blue a LED light source to irradiate the skin of patients in need of treatment. It can efficiently and quickly inhibit the formation of skin inflammation and bacteria to achieve the role of anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. LED light source also continues to deepen in the field of biomedical innovation applications from the LED light source for skin treatment and rehabilitation can be seen in the development of biomedical process as a great prospect.

Application in the dental department

LEDs are non-thermal cold light sources. It is used in curing photosensitive materials and has the advantages of energy saving, fast reaction speed, and strong curing, so it is often used by dentists to do curing photosensitive resin materials. In addition, low-temperature cold light LED light sources can also be used for teeth whitening problems such as tea stains, tobacco stains, or fluorosis that accumulate over the years.

For medical endoscopic applications

LED light source has the advantages of good color light, adjustable light color, and small size, especially in the role of medical endoscopy, so it has the advantages of simple operation and safety and reliability, and can better assist the doctor in the identification of different tissues, but also easier to reach the narrow body parts, such as lymph and blood vessels. This function is mainly used in diseases of the intestinal tract, intra-epithelial cancer of the oesophagus, and early onset cancer of the large intestine.

Used for operating room lighting

As LED light sources can bring more accurate area lighting and wider illumination area for the operating room, it can better solve the problem of visual fatigue of medical staff due to long working hours. And thus better improve the efficiency of volunteer staff. In addition, LED light sources are also widely used in other departments. And such as stomatology, brain surgery, and otolaryngology in the first step during surgery. LED medical class has the advantages of precise lighting and easy carrying.

LED light source for the development of biomedicine has contributed an important role. But at this stage of the use of an LED light source in biomedicine, there are still many problems, which require practitioners in related fields to help to solve these problems, so that the role of the LED light source is to maximize.


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