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Why the led light is damaged?

Many people the use lamps and lanterns will choose LED lights. Because the LED lamp is relatively energy saving, but someone found that the lamp was damaged when using the LED lamp, for this situation would like to know what is going on, the following we will look at the causes of damage to LED lights.

First, Self-life aging. Each LED light has a corresponding hourly life span, once the life span is up, it will be naturally damaged.

Second, the voltage of the current is unstable, the supply voltage rises peculiarly clearly to destroy LED lights. There are many reasons for the sudden rise in voltage, such as the quality of the power supply, the user’s improper use, and other reasons which may make the power supply voltage suddenly rise.

Third, the quality of the LED lamp itself is also one of the reasons for damage. It may cause a short circuit, and the initial voltage drop is transferred to another LED upward.

led solar street light from ene tech

Fourth, the lamp’s power supply pathway provincial short circuit. It is usually caused by a component or other short circuit in the circuit that increases the voltage in the area.

Fifth, connected to the power supply drive or lightning. the instantaneous current is too high. LED lights in a moment more than the rated current of LED lights, resulting in damage.

Sixth, There may be water inside the lamp. Because water is conductive, this will cause a short circuit in the line of the lights and lanterns.

Seventh, The heat dissipation effect of lamps and lanterns is not good. We all know that the light tube is a heat dissipation process if the temperature in the lamp is too high, and it is easy to make the characteristics of LED deteriorate, causing damage to the LED light.

Eighth, the assembly did not do a great job of anti-static work, so the interior of the LED lamp is harmed by static electricity. Even if the par voltage and current value, is extremely easy to damage the LED light.

Nineth, did not follow the product instructions or the correct use of LED lamps and lanterns. It is prone to failure and hidden dangers.

Tenth, when using, the current is too high, more than the rated current of LED lamps and lanterns. These will cause a part of the LED driver power supply components to burn or be broken through and other dangers.

Eleventh, LED lamps “water fog” problem. Pointed candle lamp, bulb lamp, cast light lamp, and so on in the light of a period after the inner wall of the outer cover of water droplets, water fog phenomenon. LED lamps are typically assembled from several different materials, such as metal for the cooling part of the cup and plastic for the lampshade. Lights and lanterns will generate a certain amount of heat in the works. The thermal expansion coefficient of different materials is different. After long-term use, gaps will be generated at the joints of unlike materials and air intake. When used in an environment with high dampness the temperature inside and outside the lampshade is different. The gas heated inside the lampshade is cold in the lampshade. If the gas contains more water vapor at this time, it will produce water mist and water bead phenomenon. Therefore, the humid environment is also a factor that affects the life of LED lamps and lanterns.

led solar street light from ene tech 02

Therefore, the above points will cause damage to the LED lights. Be careful when you use it. And acute quality LED lamps and lanterns are more prone to failure, So we have to recognize the brand with quality assurance when buying.

To buy LED lights with a “three packages” commitment, buy lamps and lanterns with a CCC certification mark.

Look at the LED lights recognition of the product is complete, and the regular product will have a logo.

See whether the LED light power cord has a CCC safety certification mark.

See whether the lamp-charged body is exposed, the light source into the lamp base, and fingers should not touch the lactiferous metal Light head.

See if the LED chip orientation is accurate and whether the lens or screen is worn.


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