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10 Ways To Reduce Light Pollution

With the passage of time and the continuous development of science and technology, people’s living conditions are also constantly improving, and everyone’s requirements for materials are getting higher and higher, the use of lamps is becoming more and more extensive.

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For example, indoor lights include the panel lights, tube lights, track lamps, downlights, spotlights, wall lights, etc., as well as outdoor lights, including street lights, floodlights, stadium/sport lights, explosion-proof lights, canopy lights, line/strip lights, and so on. The other lights, such as UV-C lights, grow lights, decorating lights.

Here are ten ways to reduce light pollution as below:

1. Reduce the light use times

When we reduce the use lights times.  We will reduce our electricity use, thereby reducing light pollution. It is the easiest thing for everyone to do, and it will also reduce our electricity money.

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2. Less use decorating lights

When the night comes, especially in big cities, the exterior of each building is bright and colorful. Various use lights to show different architectural features. It is particularly electricity-consuming and also pollutes the environment.

3. Use solar/ wind lights

With the earth’s ecological environment changes. The people realize that we need to protect our environment. And they have begun to encourage everyone to use natural energy to create miracles, such as solar panels and solar street lights, which use sunlight to achieve heights for people.  

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4. Avoid blue lights

Since blue light is harmful to the human body, everyone should use blue lights as little as possible. One is to protect yourself, and the other is to protect our environment.

5. Purchase IDA approved light fixtures

The mission the “ to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.” So it is authoritative and approved.

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6. Use of motion sensors to control outdoor lights

When some outdoor lights use motion sensors. They will better control outdoor lights. Whenever someone or an object comes, it will automatically turn on. On the contrary, it will automatically turn off.

7. Replaceconventionally high-energy bulbs with efficient outdoor CFLs and ledlamps.

Due to the short lifespan and low utilization of traditional lamps, the recycling cost is

relatively high, which leads to the waste of materials and personnel costs.

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8. Choose high-quality and long-time led lamps, reduce the recycling cost, improve utilization.

9. Reasonable use of any lamps

When not necessary, turn on the lights as little as possible. One is to reduce the use of electricity. The other is to reduce environmental pollution. Because most power plants still use coal to generate electricity, less use 1° electricians will reduce one catty six taels of carbon dioxide emissions.

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10. Save energy, save money, protect our beautiful earth

Therefore, for our planet to be more beautiful, please reduce the use of lights, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and better contribute to our earth.

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