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2022 Prediction and Analysis of the scale and Development trend of the Global LED Industrial Lighting Market

In-home lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, and other lighting areas, LED lamps, and lanterns gradually speed up the replacement of traditional lighting, ushering in the demand for large-scale upgrading.

The field of industrial lighting.

Due to the particularity of product application scenarios, industrial lighting has high requirements for product performance, resulting in relatively high production costs for LED lamps.

And the replacement process is later than the above-mentioned commercial fields. Currently, there is giant room for market upgrades.

Analysis Of The Proportion Of Global Market Size

Judging from the current industrial lighting field.

Data show that the global LED lighting market is about 50 billion yuan, of which the industrial sector market accounts for about 7%.

The penetration rate of LED is less than 10%. If measured according to the penetration rate of 10%, the global industrial lighting market is about 35 billion British rust (about 320 billion yuan).

According to LEDinside data, the scale of LED lighting in China accounts for about 22% of the worlds.

So it is estimated that the size of China’s industrial lighting market is about 70 billion yuan, while that of the foreign industrial lighting market is about 250 billion yuan.

Future development trend

1. Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Policies In The Industry Have Been Vigorously Implemented

Under the background of eliminating the high energy-consuming lighting industry, governments of various countries strongly support energy-saving and environment-friendly LED lighting products.

The United States, Japan, the European Union, and South Korea have launched national semiconductor lighting plans to strengthen research and development and support.

China has also vigorously implemented the policy of energy saving and environmental protection.

LED light source not only has obvious advantages in energy saving but also has the characteristics of environmental protection, long life, no radiation, no pollution, and so on.

Under the same use conditions and lighting effects, the power consumption of LED energy-saving lamps is only 1/3 of that of traditional lights.

And it also has a longer service life, which plays a good role in promoting enterprises to better achieve energy saving and emission reduction targets.

2. Industrial Intelligent Lighting Has Become A New Trend In Industry Development

With the continuous promotion of digital factories, industrial lighting as auxiliary equipment production is also gradually moving towards intelligence.

As a significant direction for the development of LED lighting in the future, the application of intelligent lighting has ushered in a favorable development stage.

In the long run, through the cross-domain integration of perception, communication, positioning, and other technologies, we can further build industrial lighting applications that combine humanization, human lighting, and intelligence.

With the popularity of the Internet of everything, we can finally achieve digital management and control of lighting assets and form an effective linkage between lighting systems and other industrial systems and big data integration management.

LED industrial lighting has broad prospects for future development.

3. Healthy Lighting Is Developing Rapidly.d

With more and more in-depth control of LED luminous mechanisms and digital control technology, it is possible to control the spectral level of LED lighting products.

In the field of industrial lighting, the lighting effect achieved by traditional light sources has been increasingly unable to meet the physiological, psychological, emotional, and health needs of users.

Health lighting will be a significant driving force to promote industrial lighting technology and product selection in the future.

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