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Solar Flashlight

A flashlight (English: flashlight or torch), referred to as a torch, is a handheld electronic lighting tool. A typical flashlight has a battery-powered bulb and a focusing reflector. And a handle-type housing for hand-held use. Although a relatively simple design, it was invented as late as the late 19th century because it had to be combined with the invention of the battery and the electric bulb. In the early days, because of the lack of battery power, it was called a “flashlight” in English, meaning a short-lived light.

The prototype of a flashlight: Edison invented the light bulb, Volt invented the battery and the invention of the real sense of the flashlight. But the light bulb performance is very mobile, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, so the name “Flashlight” Until the late 1960s, with the emergence of alkaline batteries, the flashlight’s “lighting function” is complete.

The idea of a solar flashlight has been around for a long time. And many people have come up with it for fun or as a joke. The belief that solar energy as a source of energy mechanism can only operate in the case of a light source, which is contrary to the concept of flashlights generally handling in the absence of light, will highly reduce his practicality. This concept is often ridiculed or used as a synonym for an unworkable idea. For example, in Hengchunoxi, a solar-powered flashlight is used as the object of ridicule. In Doraemon, there is also a solar-powered flashlight. In the movie Domestic Ling Ling Lacquer VS Golden Gunman, the solar flashlight also appeared as a laugh. However, the solar flashlight is not an impractical idea as long as the design can properly store enough solar energy, and flashlights can be used for some time in the absence of light. Especially in the wild, it is much easier to get sunlight than to find new batteries, so many solar flashlights are designed for use in the wild. As long as there is sufficient power storage capacity and power-saving bulbs, solar flashlights are a too great invention, which is why many solar flashlights on the market use LED bulbs.

   LED solar flashlights use crystalline silicon solar cells to charge the battery in low light without changing the battery. The built-in battery uses an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery, and the product is law during the day for use at night when walking in dark places. Both save energy and context protection. Unique shape design, fashionable, bright, compact, fashionable and beautiful, easy to carry, can be printed LOGO, aluminium alloy shell package, wear-resistant and durable.

   ABS and metal shell package, beautiful and fashionable, ergonomic design, novel style, LED light design, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness.  

LED solar flashlight is the product of the perfect combination of solar technology and energy-saving LED. Exquisite appearance and function are convenient and practical. Leave it out in the sun during the day and use it for a few hours at night no need to replace the battery. It will not cause environmental pollution and is a right low-carbon green product.

LED solar flashlight is the son of LED electronic technology and new energy solar technology married! Are electronic technology and new energy technology, high-tech crystallization!

The above is an introduction to solar flashlights.


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