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8 Common Bad Problems of LED Street Lights

As a significant lighting facility for urban development, the quality of LED streetlights is the top priority of major projects.

However, the LED street light market has various prices and uneven quality.

Many reasons are lack of patent awareness and innovation by manufacturers.

Industry price wars lead manufacturers continually cut materials and technology costs.

The quality of LED street lights has a great impact and often dims after a period of use.

The way of LED street light is cumbersome because there are many parts inside the LED street light.

In addition to the light source (chip), damage to other components will cause the chip not to light up.

Don’t immediately determine LED street light damage reasons on-site.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

It is necessary to control the LED street light to take off and transport it back to the factory for various inspections.

LED for street light managers, inconsistent product quality drives up maintenance costs.

The Twenty-years business summary of outdoor lighting manufacturers The common bad problems of LED street lights are as follows:

1. Virtual Standard Configuration, Insufficient Power

LED hot street lights are also accompanied by a decline in price profits.

Intense competition has led many companies to cut corners and virtual standard product parameters.

The reason why customers repeatedly compare prices and ask for low.

Secondly, it is also related to some manufacturers, adhering to the principle of the best price, the most considerate service, and the most reliable product quality, all products are guaranteed full power, a 100% genuine brand chip power supply.

2. Fake Chips, Fake Imported Chips, And Power Supplies in The Market

The core of LED lamps is the chip and power supply, which directly determines the performance of the lamps.

However, some unscrupulous enterprises take advantage of the unprofessionalism of their customers.

And use low-cost fake chips and power supplies to make customers buy low-quality products at high unit prices.

Causes direct economic losses LED lamps cause serious hidden dangers in quality.

Our company only uses imported chips and brand power drivers.

And very strictly abide by the rules and regulations to test every production step.

3. The Copper Wire in The Chip Pretends to Be a Gold Wire

Many LED manufacturers try to develop copper alloys, gold-silver alloy wires, and silver-alloy wires to replace expensive gold wires.

While these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some properties, they are far less chemically stable.

For example, sulfur/chlorine/bromine is easy to corrode silver and gold-silver alloy wires, and copper wires are easily oxidized and sulfurized.

For encapsulated silicones similar to absorbent sponges, these alternatives make the bonding wires more susceptible to chemical corrosion, reducing the reliability of the light source, and the LED lamp beads are more prone to breakage and dead light after prolonged use.

4. The Design of the Street Light Distribution System Is Unreasonable, The Lens Cost Is Low, And The Light Transmission Efficiency Is Poor

In terms of optical design, if the design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is unreasonable, the lighting effect is not ideal.

During the test, there will be problems such as bright lights, black lights, zebra crossings, uneven lighting, and yellow circles.

5. The Aluminum Shell Is Very Thin, And The Heat Dissipation Design Is Not Good

With the heat dissipation design, the service life of the semiconductor device will decrease exponentially every time the PN of the LED chip increases by 10 degrees.

LED streetlights require high brightness and are used in harsh environments.

If the heat dissipation is not solved properly, it will quickly lead to LED aging and reduced stability.

6. Power Failure

In terms of driving power supply, if the power supply fails, all lights will go out, some damaged and personally damaged LED lamp beads will die, and all lights will flicker and turn on during the testing and inspection process.

All in one solar street light from ENE TECH

7. The Safety Fault of the Lightning Arrester Is Not Strictly Used

Security issues also deserve serious attention:

★Street light power without leakage protection

★Street lamp ballasts are of poor quality

★The circuit breaker has not been subjected to the sensitivity verification test

★The rated buckling current selection is too large

★The use of cable metal skin PE is complicated and has low reliability

★The problem of low IP waterproof and dustproof level

★There is no lightning protection device installed, resulting in excessive current in thunderstorms, and the light is short-circuited and not lit

8. Lamps Are Harmful to The Light Source

The blackening of LED light sources is a common problem encountered by major LED companies.

Materials that affect the life of the light source require investigation of most materials in luminaires.

Therefore, excellent products are often the crystallization of the integration of the high standards of “technological innovation and stable quality” and the integration of the three around user experience.

ENE TECH has always adhered to the concept of “integrity and cooperation” and is committed to solving problems by solving problems for customers promptly.

In recent years, it has put forward a new concept of “people-oriented”, advocating that the products can truly meet the needs of customers by listening to and observing the voices of customers.

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