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What do you know about solar streetlights?

Solar Light From ENE TECH

As the world’s energy crisis intensifies, people are discovering and using solar energy. Solar energy, as an environmentally friendly and safe energy source, is gaining more and more attention. And at this time, the development of solar streetlights in the field of lighting has become more and more perfect. Solar streetlights use crystalline silicon solar cells for power supply and maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (colloidal batteries) for storing electrical energy. Ultra-high bright LED lamps are like light sources and are controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controllers for replacing traditional public electricity for lighting. So what are the basics of solar streetlights? Here is what I have to share.

1. Solar streetlight types

There are various kinds of solar street light classifications. According to the light source is divided into LED lights, solar street lights, induction lights, solar street lights, energy-saving lights, solar street lights, etc., and according to the thing can be divided into an ordinary solar street light, high pole solar street light, garden solar street light, landscape solar street light, etc.

2. Solar streetlight spacing

Street light spacing is also known as street light spacing, which is determined by the lighting power of the street light, the height of the street light, the width of the road, and many other factors. Street light spacing is generally 3.8-4 times the height of the pole. The longitudinal spacing of street light fixtures is generally 30m~50m. When there are power poles or other electric poles, the spacing is 40m~50m. Try to combine power supply poles with lighting poles to save investment. If underground cables are used for power supply, the spacing should be small, which is conducive to the uniformity of illumination, and the spacing is usually 30m~40m.

3. Solar street light source

Does the street light source have LED lights, induction lamps, ordinary energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. that street light source is good? Metal halide lamps and general energy-saving lamps are not high cost, have a long-term life, and maintenance is also convenient, but such street light source of electricity is relatively high, it is not recommended to choose; induction lamp is also a kind of energy-saving lamps, reasoning life is also quite long, but high cost, maintenance is not, such light source is not recommended to choose; street light LED light source is the most used light source in recent years, energy-efficient, environmental protection, long life, easy maintenance, the price is not costly and many Countries and regions are vigorously promoting LED, the choice of street light source recommended LED, LED solar street light is the preferred road lighting.

4. Solar street light height

Solar street light height (street light pole height) is generally 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, etc. The specific use of street light height should be based on the width of the road. Generally, for single-sided cloth lights, the height of the street light and the width of the road. Or the height of the street light is less than the width of the road by 1 m can be. Common LED street light power and pole height relationship are generally: 30 ~ 60W street light height below 6 meters, 60 ~ 100W street light height below 8 meters, and 100 ~ 150W street light height below 10 meters.

5. Solar panel orientation

Solar panels should be oriented to face the direction with the most sunlight and sunshine hours. Generally, in central and southern China, solar panels face due south. In western and northern China, solar panels should open to 5 degrees west of south. It should note that the orientation of the solar panel can be adjusted according to the shading of buildings or trees. Generally within 20 degrees to the west or east (to the west is better than to the east).

Several advantages of solar streetlights.

In contrast, there is no hidden danger of peace, saving energy and cost of solar lighting, green, bulky equipment, and automatic control of inherent characteristics. Such as the establishment of the maintenance-free will of real estate sales and municipal projects, which can be applied directly. Solar street lights consist of the following places: solar cells, batteries, and controllers are specifically used for solar street lights, lights, and street light poles. Other advantages of solar street lights are green and eco-friendly, developing and introducing new selling points for noble eco-communities Sustainably reducing property management funds, and reducing the cost of public sharing for property owners locally.

The life of solar lamps is much higher than that of ordinary electric lamps, such as solar lamps. The main components of solar cell modules have a service life of 25 years dragged sodium lamps even have a life of 18,000 hours; low-efficiency or even tri-color energy-saving lamps have a life of 6,000 hours. And super bright LEDs. The life of the unit is more than 50,000 hours, and the solar battery life is 38 Ah below 2 to 5 years; 3-7 years for 38-150 Ah. According to the local price bureau, in the traditional area, the maintenance cost of rural street lamps is charged at one time according to the pure residential construction area of 6 yuan/㎡. Which makes the ordinary high initial investment in solar lights and lanterns a lot of initial investment. In short, the comprehensive comparison view of the frugal investment properties of solar lamps is quite evident. Solar street light is an automatic control system that operates needs to set the movement form of the system will operate automatically. It is an ideal road lighting fixture and solar street light with the progress of people’s life and society. It will be widely used to let the sun illuminate the earth’s human beings at night.

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