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Can LED lights dominate the market?

Today, people have changed from the days and nights of the past to the era of light everywhere. The biggest contributor here is Edison. Without his invention, the lighting industry would not be the success it is today. Then came the incandescent, the CFLs, and now the LED. These are constantly being updated, and constantly changing, to make our light sources better, greener, more energy-efficient, and closer to natural light.

The development status and problems of LED lighting

1. Current State of development

Because LED lamps are iterated over incandescent and energy-saving lamps, the advantages are obvious when competing with traditional industries, led as an alternative to almost every field of application will be out of the original opponent.

In a new area of the market, to occupy a position, unless such a product is very advantageous, it is difficult to achieve a good user experience.

First of all, for a country, to accept new products is relatively fast, because the government agencies have high-paying technical personnel, and they receive information, and new things faster. And it’s state of the art.

Secondly, for many manufacturers not engaged in the LED industry, they do not know about LED lights, so in the choice of lamps, or according to the habitual thinking to choose, even if the LED is a new industry, it is also difficult to distinguish between good and bad quality, the community of LED lamps and lanterns mixed.

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Today, there are thousands of factories making LED lights. We can not guarantee that all LED lights are good, and not every businessman can strictly control the quality of the lamps, there will always be some people for money, for profit, who buy inferior raw materials to produce LED lights to deceive buyers, and deceive consumers so that consumers are wronged.

They all think LEDs are good, but they don’t work as well, and they don’t Flash, they don’t heat, and they don’t work as well. Finally, choose to use the energy-saving lamp. Very detrimental to the development of LED lamps.

Third, for the average consumer, first of all, they are very slow to receive information, to buy lights when they will go to understand the product.

Rational consumers will look up the relevant information about goods, such as whether energy conservation and environmental protection? How Long Do you live? What’s it look like? How to install, etc. . But most of the life of consumers are not familiar with the product, not familiar with the concept of LED lights.

Perhaps with time, people on the constant promotion of LED lights, through advertising, or the introduction of friends, can also understand some knowledge about LED. As the saying goes, “use people who do not do the human essence, buy people who do not sell the essence.” So only the production of people understands the quality of the product.

2. Questions

The popularization scope and the application scope of LED lamps are relatively small.

(1) A small range of popularity

Led knowledge of the lack of popularization, the people do not know enough

Although LED lighting has many advantages, but not a good popularization, and many people do not have a good understanding of LED lighting lamps.

Some businesses have revealed that many customers of LED lighting are little understanding, more do not know LED lighting than ordinary energy-saving lamps have advantages. People still like to be familiar with the scope of the choice of their favorite products.

Although LED technology is not a very new technology, in the terminal market, in the eyes of the people it is strange, the boss of the last name for it or less understanding.

LED lighting products are mostly used in commercial areas and government projects, but in the civil market is a relatively good share. The reason for this is that businessmen and officials have a better understanding of LED lighting, and multi-LED lighting has the advantage of comparison.

(2) LED application range is small

First of all, the application of LED can not reach the level of traditional lighting, it is mainly concentrated in the field of business and public facilities, hotels, exhibition venues, municipal engineering, road traffic, the use of more intelligent lighting, in the market share is not large, of course, this also depends on LED technological progress, including application technology.

Most of the country’s LED manufacturers, whose job seems to be to make LEDs cheaper, not better, have once again become the lumpiest hubs in the lighting industry. As the largest market for lighting applications today, such behavior is undesirable.

Secondly, traditional lamps and lanterns still occupy the market and still occupy the majority of people’s lives. The residents of the old generation did not keep up with the pace of the times in thinking that incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps are the most energy-saving lamps it is not.

The advantage of this lamp is low cost, does not need an additional power supply, the disadvantage is low light efficiency and short life because it is based on heat,  most of the electricity used to heat, life is only a few thousand hours.

LED is a new type of luminaire after the incandescent lamp, which has the advantages of high luminous efficiency and long life. Because of the light efficiency problem of incandescent LED lights, it is no longer allowed to produce high-power incandescent LED light, and the low-power incandescent lamp is seldom used.

So we have to try to change the mindset, just like buying a house. A few decades ago, when house prices were low, most people’s minds were still in the traditional mindset, all thinking: gold nest silver nest is worse than their kennel, do not look at the long-term development. And the result is standing still.

LED light is our emerging industry, and to believe that the times must be in a good direction. So we must keep up with the times.

In the long run, if the LED lighting industry did not do a good job of publicity and promotion, as well as lax control of quality, will inevitably become the Red Sea industry, survival of the fittest, and the final result should be no different from traditional lighting.

For the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the threshold of production of LED lamps is very low, which belongs to assembly and processing with supplied materials, while for a small number of leading domestic and foreign large enterprises, they will make use of their brand advantages to ensure higher profits.

In addition, the appearance of lamps and lighting, materials may become beyond the LED lighting form of competition. In other words, LED lighting will replace traditional lighting, the replacement is complete, and the industry will become the new traditional lighting. This is not what people want. So how do we do that?

Here are a few tips

1. The government department should step up publicity to raise the visibility of LED lights.

2. The factory should take the long-term development route, not only look at the immediate benefits. Do not fight price war products, to take the high-end product line. Provide higher value for customers.

3. Improve the customer experience.

4. Improve the production of LED lamp r & D efforts to strictly control the quality.

5. Reduce production costs and improve work efficiency.

6. Raise awareness of environmental protection.

7. According to the standard operating procedures for production operations.

8. Improve service awareness. Enhance the awareness of LED products.

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In the future, with the continuous development of energy-saving lighting technology, the leading role of the traditional lighting market will eventually be changed from incandescent to LED, and the Internet of things, the next-generation Internet, cloud computing, and other new generation of information technologies will be widely used, smart cities have become an inevitable trend. In the future, there will be three trends in the global LED lighting market: Intelligent Lighting, niche lighting, and emerging countries’ lighting.

1. Smart lighting

With the maturity of technology, products, and the popularization of related concepts, global smart lighting reached 13.4 billion US dollars in 2020. Industry and commerce are the biggest application fields of smart lighting, because of digital characteristics, smart lighting will bring more new business models and value growth points to these two fields.

2. Niche lighting

Four major niche lighting markets, including plant lighting, medical lighting, fishery lighting, and marine port lighting. Among them, the United States and the Chinese market quickly pull up plant lighting demand, plant plant plant construction, and greenhouse lighting demand as the main kinetic energy.

3. Emerging World Lighting

Economic growth in emerging countries has LED to increased infrastructure and urbanization, as well as the construction of large commercial facilities and infrastructure and industrial zones to stimulate LED lighting demand.

In addition, national and local government energy conservation and emission reduction policies such as energy subsidies, tax incentives, large-scale projects such as street lamp replacement, residential and business transformation, as well as the improvement of lighting product standards certification, are promoting LED lighting.

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