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How to enter the field of lighting

So far, the lighting field that LED enters is only the so-called particular lighting field, such as car lighting, urban landscape lighting, museum cultural relic art lighting, and backlight lighting. That is to say, the illuminance requirement on the illuminated object is not too high, belonging to direction indication and looking light source, and it is a field with relatively high-cost tolerance. It can highlight the superior performance of LED compared with other lighting sources.

To enter home lighting and commercial lighting, LED has two primary difficulties to overcome: one to formulate some related technical standards, and the other is a series of applied technical work.  

One of the two major obstacles is that lumen efficiency needs to be further improved. In terms of power, white LEDs have become a commodity (not at the lab level) with only 50Lm/W at the high end. In large quantities of white light LED averages 20-30lm/W, only reaching the standard of an incandescent lamp. There is still some distance from the 80lm/W of fluorescent lamps, which needs to fundamentally solve this problem by improving the internal and external quantum efficiency of LEDs.

ENE TECH LED Linear Light

The second of the two obstacles is the cost of the LED light source, otherwise known as the price per lumen. Currently, the price of power white LEDs at home and abroad is about 1 yuan/liter. It is not acceptable for general household lighting or commercial lighting. Therefore, cost reduction is another pivotal issue for LEDs entering the lighting field, which only the mass production of power LEDs can save.

In addition, to replace the traditional lighting source, a series of technical problems must be solved by the LED light sources. For example, the luminous characteristics and light distribution curves of light sources such as LED incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps are different. So the types of lamps and lanterns can be the same as conventional lamps and lanterns. The light distribution modes of disparate numbers of chopping configurations are also different, so it is necessary to design the corresponding lighting structure and shape. It requires a lot of experimental and design work, especially optical design.

Third, LEDs use for illumination, because the working voltage of various traditional lamps and lanterns directly uses the mains 220V in my nation, or uses a standard safe voltage (low voltage) such as AC12V AC24V, AC36V, etc. Therefore, like each fluorescent lamp equipped with a ballast, we must provide the LED lamp with AC-DC conversion and constant current drive power. It requires a series of LED light source drivers suitable for different power and current and has designed various specifications. The connectors are easy to use and interchange.

Fourth, it is necessary to formulate technical criteria and product standards for LED lighting sources. Make the domestic production gradually embark on the road of standardization and standardization, and it is also convenient to uniformly evaluate the product grade.

ene tech All In One LED solar street light

Fifth, it is necessary to speed up the cooperation between the LED light source and silicon photocell and launch low-cost renewable green lighting products in the real sense as soon as possible.

An intelligent lighting system uses a variety of lamps and related accessories to improve indoor and outdoor brightness.

The popularity of electricity needs the corresponding carriers to play a role. It is hard to live in a dark environment, and even the mismatched brightness and color will inconvenience daily life. Intelligent lighting is an inevitable trend. Lighting can not only realize the remote control of the mobile phone, control the switch, brightness, and color of lamps and lanterns, but also adjust the lighting mode and restore biological rhythm through a variety of terminals. Graffiti Intelligence provides intelligent lighting solutions for traditional lighting manufacturers to help manufacturers save development costs, improve development efficiency and build product competitiveness. Manufacturers can also take advantage of the domestic and foreign brand channels created by graffiti to seize the global intelligent business opportunities to achieve rapid shipment.

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