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Changes In Life Times, Past And Present Lives Of Street Light

Once, I was a lantern, which not only illuminated human beings but also represented happiness and auspiciousness. On New Year’s Eve, red lanterns are hung high in every family, and I am everywhere.

Later, with the invention of electricity, I became a sodium lamp and sometimes appeared as an incandescent lamp. Whenever night fell, yellow or white light would light up people’s way home.

With the development of science and technology and the emergence of new energy, my identity has gradually diversified: solar street lamps and LED street lamps have replaced traditional street lamps.

Which not only has better lighting effects but also reduces energy consumption.

Now, In-spur has made a new upgrade and packaging for me.

It not only improved my “look” but also enriched my “connotation.”

ENE TECH LED Street Light

Now lighting is only my fundamental function and lighting remote management, wireless WiFi, environmental monitoring, information release, convenient charging, etc.

Come and see my “72 changes” together!

Of course, you can also read the following article to understand the development history of lamps and lanterns. And to more easily understand how I became an intelligent street light.

Who Am I?

I am no longer an ordinary street lamp on the street. 

It is an intelligent street lamp that integrates environmental monitoring, video monitoring, parking management, Manhole cover monitoring, RF signal sensing, emergency call alarm, information release, and other functions. And can provide WiFi signals, charging piles, and other convenient things.

It can improve the efficiency of urban management services and more conveniently serve the people’s livelihood.

And make the urban road lighting reach a “smart” state. 

What Is A Smart Street Lamp?

Intelligent street lamps apply advanced, efficient, and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology.

SMART street lamps have automatic adjusting feature brightness according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc.

Which can save power resources, improve the public lighting management level, and save maintenance costs.

Which Family Members Will Be Included In The Smart Street Lamp?

Member 1: Intelligent Lighting System

Any single light source can be switched/dimmed at any time. 

It has the functions of energy-saving management, fault prompt, leakage fault alarm, error light on, light off the alarm, abnormal power alarm, power factor fault alarm, etc. 

At the same time, the system has built-in asset management capabilities, And the city managers can manage the street lamps in their jurisdiction more accurately.

The LED light source can save more than 50% more energy than the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp.

Member 2: New Energy Vehicle Charging Platform

Provide charging interface for electric vehicles. 

Users can automatical search the nearest charging station through the app and Wechat terminal. 

Automatically navigate and scan the code for charging online payment and can install a 5-way USB charger to provide emergency mobile phone power for citizens.

Member 3: Wireless WiFi Network

Use dense and widely distributed street light points.

To provide a wide of high-speed and reliable WiFi coverage services.

The integrated wireless access point (AP) is used as the access point of the WLAN network to customize mobile and PC access pages, information push, and advertisement services.

Member 4: Environmental Monitoring System

High-precision sensors collect PM2.5, temperature and humidity, noise, wind speed and direction, and other information.

Cloud servers analyze big data at each monitoring point. And provide local and remote push services for environmental data.

Show the data on the display screen. Provide citizens with faster real-time environmental information.

Member 5: Intelligent Security System 

Provide comprehensive and accurate intelligent video and intelligent security services.

It includes crossing the warning line, entering/leaving the warning area, crossing the fence, wandering detection, analysis, etc., to protect the public case. 

Member 6: Information Release Platform

Provide a variety of multimedia information release channels, and support the remote push of text, pictures, and video services from the intelligent city software platform, including policy trends of public concern, emergencies, traffic congestion, meteorological conditions, and parking information display.

During emergency evacuation and notification, cooperate with the city emergency broadcast system to release information through the display screen.

Member 7: Well Cover Monitoring

Well, cover monitoring is to use the well cover monitoring terminal to sense the inclination angle of the cover in real-time and report it to the gateway concentrator. 

The concentrator then transmits the data to the cloud server through the communication module, sends out alarm information for timely processing, and effectively prevents well cover loss, damage, or personal injury accidents.

Member 8: Parking Monitoring

The parking monitoring terminal is used to monitor whether there are vehicles parked in the parking space in real-time.

Users can view the parking space status in real-time through the mobile app so that managers can easily manage to park, and owners can quickly find the parking space and park easily.

What Are The Values And Advantages Of Smart Street Lamps?

My tentacles extended to six infrastructures.

Such as urban transportation, water supply, drainage, energy, urban disaster prevention, environmental health, and post and telecommunications, to create a digital sensing system with full coverage.

Collect six types of data in the city, including assets, status, video, audio, environment, and network, and realize the digitalization, sustainable development, and environmental protection through the intelligent processing of the “urban brain” to save money, worry, and resources in urban management!

More Intensive Facilities

Smart streetlights integrate multiple poles, transforming the city from a multi-pole cluster to a multi-purpose one.

It reduces the number of road members, beautifies the city, realizes the scientific and orderly use of road space, and promotes the refined management of various facilities on urban roads.

Safer Cities

Intelligent street light surveillance equipped with surveillance cameras is not only a new “bright spot” project but also can fill the blind spots of existing urban surveillance.

It has solved the requirements of city managers to “see clearly and see clearly” and truly realized “full coverage and no dead corner” of public security prevention and control.

In addition, the light will share the video with traffic police, road administration, and emergency management departments to promote urban safety construction through shared data.

ENE TECH LED Street Light

More Efficient Management

Based on the design concept of “intensive, intelligent, and scientific,” street lights transform the traditional passive monitoring mode of urban management into active monitoring.

Real-time analysis and judgment according to rules, and early warning of suspicious events, can help managers to detect violations in a timely and accurate manner, such as door-to-door operation, tourists selling everywhere, private road kiosks, open-air barbecues, restaurant fume pollution, etc. The level of supervision of the city’s illegal operations.

By integrating the Internet of Things, the system can monitor the status of municipal infrastructure such as trash cans, well covers, guardrails, pipe networks, bridges, tunnels, etc., to achieve intelligent management of facilities and improve urban management efficiency.

WiFi Is More Powerful

The ubiquity of urban street lamps makes street lamps the first choice for building 5G micro base stations.

The ICT master plan will include the light poles.

For the future 5G network deployment and construction, intelligent street lamps will become one of the important carriers of the base station and hotspot deployment.

Better Environment

Smart streetlights have real-time knowledge of PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, and polluting gases in various areas of cities, and formulate measures for urban management departments to improve urban environmental quality.

Therefore, as a significant and intelligent city, SMART street lamps have also been highly valued and vigorously promoted by relevant departments.

With the acceleration of urbanization, the procurement volume and construction scale of urban public lighting facilities are increasing, which will form a giant procurement pool.

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