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CRI> 90 is a higher color rendering index. 

In speak The higher CRI, the items will look reality; the higher CRI, the more expensive.

Let me introduce different CRI to you.

ene tech cri blog image 1

At first, What is CRI?

CRI is Color Rendering Index. It is a measurement method of color recognition when a light source is compared with a standard light source (such as sunlight). And also the only way to evaluate and report the color rendering of light sources.

It is a LED technology industry parameter. You can help predict how great the visual output of a lighting product will be.

ene tech cri blog image 2

How is CRI measured?

The measurement of CRI will be related to the color temperature of the light source and the sunlight spectrum.

We will determine the relevant light source of the color temperature, So that we select the appropriate sunlight spectrum, and compare. Then, the problematic light will virtually irradiate a pair of virtual color samples symmetrical as the test color samples (TCS), and measure the reflected color.

There are a total of 15 color swatches:

ENE TECH swatches

How to select the right CRI products?

As lighting technology has changed, so we can choose the right CRI products.

Different led products, the people will use the different CRI, such as the street light, explosion-proof lamp, strip light and so on, we can adopt for CRI> 80, it is also near natural sunlight, and lighting up the night. 

If you will light the food, vegetables, or historical relic, we will choose CRI>90, it can let this product look better real and fresh. Let compare the as below cherry example.

ENE TECH cherry

PS. The higher the color temperature, the more white and blue, becoming a cold tone, the lower the color temperature, the more red and yellow, becoming a warm tone. 

Of course, when you will prepare to go to bed, I advise you to choose the warm color light, so that lets you more fast fall sleep, give you sweet dream. 

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