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Did the Russian Ukrainian war affect the development of lamps?

Seeing the situation in Russia and Ukraine makes people very worried. Because there is no real winner in launching a war, the civilians of Ukraine will be significantly affected, and Russia’s national conditions and development will inevitably be affected by a large stage. Seeing the situation, although the two countries have the intention to prepare for negotiations, seeing the increasing intervention of foreign powers, it seems that the case is still uncertain. I can’t help but say, to the war-torn civilians and our homeless abroad. I wish you all the best!


According to Reuters. Ukraine’s two chief suppliers of neon and Ukraine have been affected by the war,

According to reports, the semiconductor-grade neon lights produced by the two companies will affect 45% to 54% of the lasers used to make chips worldwide. Global consumption of neon used for chip production last year is guessed at around 540 tonnes.

CFRA analyst Angelo Zino said production could be affected if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, although estimates by chipmakers on neon inventories vary widely.

“If inventories run out in April and chipmakers do not lock orders in the rest of the world, it could mean that the broader supply chain is further constrained and unable to manufacture the final product for many key customers,” he said.

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Richard Barnett, supply frame’s chief marketing officer, said companies elsewhere could start producing neon signs, but it would take nine months to two years to ramp up. The supplied frame provides market intelligence to companies in the global electronics industry.

But Angelo Zino of CFRA points out that companies may be reluctant to invest in the process if the supply crunch is considered temporary.

The Russian-Ukrainian war now affects not only the lighting industry also many industries. Such as natural gas, crude oil, and gold. Ukraine and Russia have not yet reached an agreement.

This society is not only affected by the Russian-Ukrainian, but also by the epidemic for two years.

 At present, countries are helpless in terms of the epidemic situation. The virus is still mutating, and the city has not found a better way to exterminate the virus.

China is the first country in the world to resume industrial production. The first country to develop a vaccine. The first country to vaccinate everyone free of charge. The epidemic is getting better and better, but it will affect everything.

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However, the epidemic is heavy in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Italy, and other countries. The epidemic has killed 900000 people and infected more people around the world.

Due to the epidemic, all countries have begun to lock down cities. To better control the spread of the new coronavirus, reduce the number of tourists, reduce exhibition arrangements in various industries, reduce air flights, etc. Therefore, the sales of the lighting industry are less and less and reduce the number of imports and exports.

However, China’s epidemic control is relatively well. If there is an outbreak somewhere, the city will shut down and conduct nucleic acid screening at night. Therefore, China’s epidemic control is the best in the world. Shenzhen has imposed a week-long shutdown from March 14 to March 20 to shut down the city for coronavirus screening. What a big move is this, to ensure the better economic development of Shenzhen.

The tremendous impact on the world is the epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

It affects the development of the global economy and various industries, including the lighting industry. May the world be peaceful, with fewer wars, fewer viruses, and more warmth and love.

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