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Top 5 Solar Street Light Applications

Nowadays, more and more places install street lamps. Every country builds roads on a large scale to develop.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Street Lights?

1. Solar LED Street Light

 Solar led street light is very easy to install. Solar street lights use the sun to create light. So many people like to use this type of street light.

2. All In One Solar street light

ene tech solar street light

As technology development. More and more people more popular use the all in one solar street light. Because it will include the led, and also have a camera. Using cameras to maintain the peaceful development of our society

3. Solar Flood Street Light

Floodlights are also widely used, such as basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, badminton courts, and other sports places, which will use floodlights in a large numbers. Because he can help people exercise and improve their skills in the dark.

4. Solar CFL Street Light

The last type of solar street light is expensive but offers outstanding luminosity. CFL lights provide the best brightness at the lowest possible operational expenses.

Therefore, if you have a slightly higher budget and want to illuminate outdoor areas efficiently, you can opt for a solar CFL street light.

What are the features of solar street lights?

Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular is it has many advantages.

Advantages are as follows:

1. Charge Time

If the solar street light gets charged up quickly, it will generate more power even with sunlight. So, if the weather is dull and gloomy with only a few hours of the sun, it will be enough for the light to get charged.

Always choose a light having a quicker charging time, such as 6 to 8 hours.

2. Run Time

It will be easily capable of providing illumination for 10 to 12 hours, which is the type you must pick.

3. Lifespan

Be sure to choose a longer-life solar street light you do not have to invest anymore. Standard solar street lights with quality components may last for 10 to 20 years. However, the lifespan will depend upon the brand, occasional maintenance, and durability.

4. Brightness

Before buying any solar street light, you need to check its brightness measured in lumens. So, high lumens mean better lighting. You can buy one with 2700 or 6000 lumens, depending upon the area you want to illuminate.

5. Lighting Range

The lighting range of a street light will tell you the area it can light up. You have to consider where you want to position the light, such as a street, public park, or parking lot.

So, an alighting range of 400 to 800 square feet will be great, but you can also go for 1500 square feet if needed.

6. Design

You must always buy a light that is well designed and sturdy. So it is light and easy to move or install. The design must also consist of high-quality components for proper functioning.

You can also look for lights having solar panels with a checkerboard design for better sunlight absorption.

7. Durability

You need to verify the durability of a product before buying. Try to get lights with an aluminum or steel casing, which also must be temperature-resistant. In addition, look for will not leak corrosion-resistant batteries and improve the durability of the lights.

8. Weather-proof

Along with durable materials, street lights also must be weather-resistant. Check for the lamp rating. It is IP67 or IP68 that will protect it from rain, snow, or even tornados!

Lights made of ABS plastic are good, but a solid metal construction is always better.

10. Motion Sensor

These components are significant for energy conservation. As they increase or decrease the LED’s brightness according to nearby movement, you save a lot of energy.

11. Ease of Installation

You can easily set up most standard solar street lights because they do not have complicated electrical components. To ensure convenient installation, check if the product comes with an instruction manual, a set of screws, and a solid mounting pole.

In addition, you can also ask the retailer if they offer installation assistance.

12. Remote Control

The remote control can control the function of the street light well, even from a distance. The remote control gives you more control over the lamp and the flexibility to modify it.

As all modern remotes come with a good range, look for one covering an area of 26 to 40 feet.

13. Warranty

It is a wise decision to buy one with a good warranty.

Also, check for after-sales service and full refunds for grabbing a better deal!

14. Battery Life

The battery is the essential equipment for a solar street lamp. Solar street light major uses acid batteries, gel batteries, ternary lithium batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Each battery has its advantages. Let us share the characteristics of these four batteries.

1. Lead-acid battery: the electrode plate of the lead-acid battery is composed of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The main advantages are voltage stability and low price. The disadvantage is that the specific energy is low, so the volume is relatively large, the service life is short, about 300-500 deep cycles and the daily maintenance is frequent. At present, the solar street lamp industry is still widely used.

2. Colloidal battery: It is an upgraded maintenance-free version of a lead-acid battery. Substitute for sulfuric acid electrolytes with colloidal electrolytes. It is superior to ordinary batteries in safety, energy storage, discharge performance, and service life. Some prices are even higher than ternary lithium batteries. In the temperature range of – 40 ℃ – 65 ℃, it is also used, especially with good low-temperature performance. It is suitable for Northern alpine areas. It has good seismic performance and can be used safely in various harsh environments. The service life is about twice that of ordinary lead-acid batteries.

3. Ternary lithium battery: high specific energy, small volume, fast charging, and high price. The deep cycle times of a ternary lithium battery are about 500-800 times, the service life is about one time longer than that of a lead-acid battery, and the temperature range is – 15 ℃ – 45 ℃. But the disadvantage is that it is not very stable. The ternary lithium battery of unqualified manufacturers may explode or catch fire when overcharged.

4. Lithium iron phosphate battery: high specific energy, small volume, fast charging, long service life, and good stability. Of course, the price is also the highest. The deep-cycle charging is about 1500-2000 times, with long service life, generally up to 8-10 years. Strong stability, a wide temperature range, can be used at -40℃-70℃.

Top 5 Solar Street Light Applications

1. Roadway and highway lighting

Road lighting refers to the lighting set for roads and their ancillary facilities. To improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at night and prevent traffic accidents. An equitable setting can improve traffic conditions, reduce driving fatigue, improve road capacity and effectively reduce traffic accidents.

Its quality depends on 1. the brightness of road lighting. It has sufficient strength to ensure that vehicle drivers and pedestrians can see the obstacles on the road, pedestrians, vehicles, and the conditions around the road. 2. uniformity of road lighting. That is, the distribution should be roughly uniform. 3. Glare interference degree. That is to effectively control the harmful impact of glare on vehicle drivers and pedestrians. 4. Guidance of lighting. Appropriate settings based on road conditions, so that vehicle drivers and pedestrians can effectively obtain the direction, inclination, and other information of the road ahead, which is especially important for roads with many curves and intersections. An equitable application of lamps and lanterns can prevent glare.

2. Park and playground lighting

Park and amusement park lighting are also widely used.

With the increasing pressure and working hours, most people choose to exercise at night.

3. Industrial and commercial lighting

Everyone around the world uses industrial and commercial lighting. Industrial lighting will help to create anything. Commercial lighting will help people obtain benefits.

4. Airport Lighting

Most airports choose floodlights.

5. Outdoor security lighting

Outdoor safety lamps are intelligent lamps. Safety outdoor lamps are included in lights, cameras, wireless networks, and solar panels to build the development of social security.

Therefore, the application scope of street lamps is becoming wider and wider, perhaps more than the five items I listed. If you want to know more, please visit our website


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