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Energy Is Wasted

There are many kinds of energy waste, mainly natural resources waste such as electricity and water, and other aspects of squandering.

When you read this article, you can learn more about protecting the environment, our earth, and protecting our human beings.

Home lighting, household appliances, and other household products waste.

Shown in the following aspects:

1. Most families turn on the lights before dark, and they can’t turn them off as they go. With technology development, There are too many electrical products in every household, such as mobile phones, televisions, electric rice cookers, drinking fountains, computers, etc. If we can reasonably use this electricity machine, it will save electricity and resources.

2. It can reduce the use of elevators and washing machines.

If the floor is not high and the light is good, you can save electricity and exercise by getting off work by climbing the stairs.

3. The same is true for washing machines. When you have time to wash clothes. You can stand to wash clothes, exercise your feet, rub your hands to wash clothes, and exercise your hands and your whole body. While saving water and electricity, it exercises the flexibility of fingers and the coordination ability of the left and right brain.

4. Save energy for heating and refrigeration. Such as the use of heaters and air conditioners. Using air conditioners is not only wasted electricity but also pollutes the air. Therefore, with the increasing use of air conditioners. Cause more and more ozone pollution affects our environment and affects the human body.

5. The use of economical vehicles, most fuel vehicles will produce tail gas and pollute the environment. Therefore, more and more brand cars have begun to develop energy vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, to reduce environmental pollution.

6. The use of disposable products, such as disposable chopsticks, disposable plastic lunch boxes, and disposable plastic bags, is nonrecyclable white garbage, causing damage to the environment.

7. The waste of industrial lighting. Now all machines have their lights. When we turn on our production machines, it is a waste of energy. Therefore, it is necessary to make rational use of the production machine to create greater profits. When the light is brighter during the day, we can reduce using our industrial lighting fixtures in the factory.

8. For the waste of street lamps, not all street lamps are PIR controllers. The people control street lights by switches. On the other hand, most of the street lamps on the road still use conventional street lamps and do not make reasonable use of solar street lamps.

What are the advantages of solar street lamps?

1. Solar street lamps can use natural sunlight to create energy. Sunlight is renewable energy and will not produce carbon dioxide, and better can protect our earth. We can save money and energy.

2. There is no need to bury more wires to connect.

However, our solar street lights have no wire and save energy and time. 

3. Use an LED energy-saving light source.

4. Long service life, saving personnel and maintenance costs.  

Waste of decorative lights. Making buildings look more beautiful and warm at night. Many builders have been installed decorative line lights to beautify the night.

The waste of water includes the following aspects:

Most people waste our water resources.

For example, rice washing water is a good detergent, which can be left to wash dishes or water flowers. Use less water and detergent to clean the dishes first. Washing clothes, you can add a small amount of soap powder, which saves water and cleaning time. Wash your face, wash your hands, catch the water in a small basin, and then pour it into a bucket to collect it.

Water for washing hands, bathing, laundry, dishes, and cleaner dishwashing water can be collected to wash rags, wipe floors, and flush toilets.

Therefore, we start from ourselves, protect our earth, guard our living environment, use more natural energy, and use reusable resources to create life necessities, such as solar street lamps and energy-saving lamps.

Let each of us take more practical actions to protect our environment and save energy, that is, save money.

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