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GE Current Completed the Acquisition of Hubbell C&I Lighting Business

Recently, North American lighting manufacturer GE Current, a Daintree company announced that the company has completed the acquisition of the commercial and industrial lighting business of Hubbell Lighting (Hubbell Lighting) in February this year, merging into a high-end whole-industry chain lighting enterprise group, and the Hubble brand will be renamed as a new brand Current.

According to the data, Hubbell Lighting C&I lighting business mainly locates professional lighting, lighting control, and Smart + connected lighting, providing a range of indoor and outdoor lighting products for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications. Sales in 2020 are about $515 million.
In October 2021, GE Current announced plans to acquire Hubbell Lighting C&I Lighting for $350 million to build a leading end-to-end lighting solutions business, including Area Architectural Lighting, Beacon, Litecontrol, Kim, Columbia, Prescolite, Alera, Dual-Lite, Compass, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, etc.

GE Current said that after the completion of this acquisition, the company’s strategic focus will be on professional lighting and control system solutions; expanding marketing territory and geography, serving customers with more efficient digital tools; and new product portfolio and reserve, integrating patented technology to provide customers with more added value.

In the Chinese market, CLS (Current Lighting Solutions) will become the only operator after the merger of GE Current and Hubbell Lighting.

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