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How Does LED Light Affect Our Body?

More and more people initiate using LED lights for lighting. Whether it is day or night, you can see LED lights.

In the daytime, most people use the most LED lights, which should be mobile phones, computers, and televisions.

There are various colourful LED lights, including RGB neon lights, line lights, solar street lights, wall washing lights, etc. In the night.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. With the popularity of mobile phones, more and more people come into contact with mobile phone screens. The main component of a mobile phone includes an LED mobile screen.

So, Does The Use Of Mobile Phones Affect The Human Body?

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There is no tremendous amount of data to prove whether mobile phones will cause much harm to our bodies, but it is inevitable. That is the blue light on the mobile phone screen. It will affect our eyes and skin.

The screen of every mobile phone is composed of light-emitting diodes.

The blue light emitted by the mobile phone has a wavelength range of 400-490 nm. This high-energy radiation is more harmful to our bodies than low-energy red or yellow light.

When a person uses a mobile phone, there will be blue light, but the problem is more or less.

After using the mobile phone for a long time, people’s eyes will be tired, and there will be an irritation when brushing the mobile phone.

Many scientists use fruit rope to test whether blue light affects people? Why is the fruit rope? It is because the fruit rope is similar to the mechanism of our human cells. Scientists exposed the fruit rope to blue light for 12 hours every day.

They found that blue light will damage Guosheng’s brain, injure his motor abilities, and destroy the retinal cells of his eyes.

Now, most people use mobile phones for more than 12 hours or more, and people are looking at mobile phones all the time.

Therefore, experts still suggest that people look at mobile phones less to reduce eye damage.

How to protect our eyes from damage, we can eat more foods containing carotene, such as carrots, tomatoes, medlar, etc. The best way is to reduce the time and frequency of using mobile phones, read paper books as much as possible, and go outdoors to see natural beauty.

Will The Use Of a Computer Do Harm To Human Body?

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Today, The people popular use electronic products, mobile phones rank first, and the use of computers ranks second.

Whether in the office or at home. Because people can’t work without computers.

The radiation of the computer is relatively large, so sitting at the computer desk for a long time will also harm the human body.

 In The Following Shown Hazards Aspects:

1. Affect Eyes

Due to the difference between the brightness of the computer screen and the light, it is easy to stimulate the eyes when facing the computer for a long time, causing eye fatigue and blurred vision, which will cause computer vision terminal syndrome.

Excessive use of computer lead to most of the nearsightedness, so you should relax your eyes after an hour of computer use.

You can look at the distance, massage your eyes, do eye exercises, or walk.

2. Affect The Skin

As long as open on the computer, it will generate static electricity.

People who have been in front of the computer for a long time will promote excessive oil secretion on the face skin, resulting in pore blockage, bulky pores, and acne.

There is no scientific proof that the cream can isolate radiation, so when you feel that your face is oily. You can wash your face with water.

3. Affect Sonus

If you still use the computer before going to bed, your brain will be excited, and the brightness of the computer screen will stimulate your eyes and nervous system.

So do not touch the computer 2 hours before going to bed. To create a good sleep environment, you do not put the computers near the bed.

4. Impact On Health

We all know that computer radiation is BIG. Many people don’t think so. Some people even consider that there is radiation everywhere. There is nothing to be afraid of in computer radiation. It’s wrong to think so. Computer radiation slowly affects people’s health.

It will slowly damage people’s immune systems and cause cancer in egregious cases. And people who use computers for a long time have some problems with their cervical vertebrae. It is best to do stretching exercises after working for some time.

5. Psychological Impact

People who use computers for a long time tend to suffer from computer mania. The main reason is that the work pressure is high. If the computer breaks down and affects the work progress, they will be depressed, grumpy, and even out of control.

For a long time, mental health will be affected. Working people should learn to relax. When they feel stressed, they can stop working and have fun.

Not keep themselves in a tight state for a long time.

Therefore, it is impossible not to use the computer in real life. The only thing we can do is use it as healthy as possible.

For example, after sitting in front of the computer for a long time, we can walk, do sports, and look at the distance.

First, we can relax our eyes but relax our bodies. If you don’t have to use a computer, try to use it less.

Does The Use Of TV Affect The Human Body?

The principle of TV is similar to that of mobile phones and computers.

The screen display comes true with the uniform colour of the LED backlight.

As the development history of LED is not very long, it is not particularly clear how much harm LED lamps do to the human body, but some simple harm ways scientists have confirmed.

The harm of television to the human body mainly lies in radiation. With the development of science and technology, the size of the TV screen is becoming larger and larger, so the corresponding radiation is also becoming larger and larger.

The Radiation From TV Sets Mainly Affects The Human Body In The Following Three Aspects:

1. TV will produce blaze light and reflected light, which will cause fatigue, myopia, astigmatism, cataract, etc.

2. TV will generate positive ions, which will affect the central nervous system of the human body, destroy red blood cells and cause confusion in hematopoietic function.

3. Low-frequency radiation from TV sets is the most serious. But also the most not found the injury. The tiny amount of ultraviolet light emitted by the picture tube on the TV screen will lead to human cancer and infant deformity.

Therefore, Pay Attention To The Prevention Of Ionizing Radiation When Watching TV, Must Be Done As Below:

1. When watching TV, keep a certain distance from the TV. Generally, the safe space is equal to the diagonal dimension of the fluorescent screen × 6

2. When watching TV, you should be a suitable exercise to relieve fatigue

3. Watch TV for 30 minutes and take at least 10 minutes off

4. Watch TV to constantly correct incorrect posture

5. It’s best to have proper lighting in the room when watching TV

6. Try not to watch TV when you can

The Quality Of LED Lamp Will Also Affect The Physical And Mental Health Of the Human Body

Therefore, how to choose high-quality LED lights becomes more and more significant. Please refer to the following article, which will explain how to choose the right LED light in the market.

However, there will still be some low-quality LED lamps.

The biggest problem with such lamps will be high-energy stroboscopic.

Stroboscopic is the phenomenon of light flashing caused by voltage variation.

Too Serious Stroboscopic Will Also Affect People’s Health, Mainly In The Following Aspects:

1. Cause headache and eye fatigue

2. Produce autism

3. Trigger photosensitive epilepsy

4. Distraction

How to test whether the lamp flickers?

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We can use our mobile phone to test, that is, turn on our mobile phone camera to aim at the LED lights. If high-frequency flicker occurs, it proves that this led lamp may have serious stroboscopic.

When we select led lamps, we try to choose high-quality LED lights.

Do not buy low-cost and poor-quality LED lights. Because the internal electronic circuit of low-cost lamps is not high quality and long-time span life, and the ballast, drive or power supply used is poor, which will cause stroboscopic flashes and harm our bodies after a short time of use.


LED lights exist in our life all the time.

Correct and scientific to use the electrical products and led lights to prevent our body not harm and affect.

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