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How To Safe Use The Outdoor Lighting?

The First Thing We Need To Know Is What Are The Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor lights, as the name suggests, are lamps used outdoors. Outdoor lights include road lights, landscape lights (Chinese lights, fireworks lights, cherry blossom lights, etc.), lawn lights (stainless steel turf lights), buried lights, wall headlights, outdoor spotlights, flood lights, wall washers, etc.

Road Lights

Roads are the arteries of a city. The main lighting is street lights. 

The lighting facilities are set on the road to provide essential visibility for vehicles and pedestrians at night. 

Road lights can improve traffic requirements, reduce driver fatigue, help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. 

Garden, landscape, and street lights form a three-dimensional lighting mode, enhance the road decoration effect, beautify the city night scene, and remedy the lack of road lighting.

Landscape Art Lights 

Landscape art lights are an indispensable part of modern landscapes. It not only has a high ornamental value but also emphasizes the coordination and unity of the landscape of the art lamp with the history and culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment.

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Chinese Lamps 

Chinese Lamps have a unique appearance and generally have multiple light sources. Have high illumination and extreme landscape effects. 

They are one of the representative series of traditional styles.

Firework Lights 

Firework lights have various styles and beautiful appearances. When they glow at night, they can emit colorful brilliance, flashing like fireworks, which can be said to be a beautiful landscape at night. Firework lights-parameter description: Firework lights are a popular trend in home decoration and engineering decorative lighting.

Cherry Blossom Light 

The cherry blossom light looks like a tree with colorful colors. 

The LED tree light is a new type of artificial landscape light. It is environmentally friendly, long-life, and beautiful.

Buried lights 

Buried lights are either square or round in shape. And are widely used in shopping malls, parking lots, green belts, park tourist attractions, residential quarters, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps, etc., mainly buried in the ground.

It is used for decoration or indicating lighting, as well as for washing walls or lighting trees, and its application has considerable flexibility.

Lawn Lamp

The lawn lamp is a lighting facility around the lawn. And it is also a significant landscape facility. 

It was a unique design and soft lighting. It adds safety and beauty to the urban green space landscape.

It is easy to install and highly decorative. 

The lawn lamps are used around lawns in parks, garden villas, etc. Use 36W or 70W metal halide sodium lamps with a distance of 6 to 10 meters.

Wall Headlamp 

The wall headlamp has a beautiful appearance with simple and graceful lines. 

The wall headlamps are in various styles and forms. The wall headlamps apply for residential areas, parks, or stigmas, which are very appreciative. It is easy to install, easy to maintain and consumes less power. 

The light source is generally energy-saving lamps. 

The material is stainless steel, aluminium products, and iron products. The surface of the lamp body is electrostatically sprayed.

After electrostatic spraying, the lamp body has a smooth and clean surface, bright color, uniform brightness, and anti-corrosion performance requirements.

When installing, there are usually four screws to fix it. And there is enough force to fix it.


Spotlights are used just like flashlights.

And are generally used outdoors. There are also indoor ones because the varieties are different.

Spotlights are lamps that make the illuminance of the designated illuminated surface higher than that of the surrounding environment, also known as spotlights. Usually, it can be aimed in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. 

Chief used for large-area operation field mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks, flower beds, etc. 

The beam angle of the spotlight is broad or narrow, and the variation range is between 0° and 180°. The beam with a particularly narrow beam is called a searchlight.

Wall Washer 

As the name suggests, the wall washing machine allows light to wash the wall like water.

It is mainly used for architectural decoration and lighting, and also for outlining the outline of large buildings.

Led wall washing light source has the advantages of energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors, long service life, etc.

Because of its long characteristics, the LED wall washer replaces the other light sources wall washer.

The technical parameters of the LED wall washer are generally similar to the LED flood light.

How To Use Outdoor Lighting Safely?

Tips#1. The most significant point is that the quality of the product must pass the test and have a specific waterproof level. 

Because it is inevitable to be exposed to the sun and rain when using it outdoors. What are the waterproof grades? For more information on waterproof rating, please refer to the following articles:

Tips#2. How to properly install these outdoor lamps?

Road Light Installation And Matters

Street lights installed in cities generally have a fixed distance. 

The distance depends on road property, road width, lamp cap power, and street lamp height.

The spacing is generally about 25-50m. You also set the distance according to actual needs and design requirements.

The installation of street lamps shall comply with certain specifications, including lamp height, light elevation & position, vertical line, insurance, etc.

When installing street lamps, pay attention to determining the appropriate installation location.

What Is The Distance Between Road Lights?

Under normal circumstances, the distance between street lamps on urban roads is between 25-50 meters. 

When there are electric poles or trolley bus overhead poles, the distance is 40 to 50 meters.

If it is a small street light such as a landscape light, garden light, etc., if the light source is not very bright, the spacing can be slightly shortened, and the spacing can be about 20 meters. 

The specific conditions depend on the customer’s needs and design.

In addition, when you install the street lights, try to combine the power supply poles with the lighting poles to save investment. 

If using underground cables for power supply, the spacing should be small, which is conducive to the uniformity of illumination, and the spacing is usually 30-40m.

Installation Specifications For Municipal Road Lights

  1. Light Height

The installation height of lamps must be the same as that of the same street lamp (from the luminous center to the ground is the height).

Installing the particular lamps according to the design requirements, and the lamp height is equal to the width of the lighting road.

2. Lamp Elevation

The lamp elevation angle depends on the street width and the light distribution curve of the lamp. And the elevation angle of each street should be the same.

When the lamp cap is adjustable, the center line of the light source shall be within 1/3-1/2 of the road width.

For long arm lamps (or arm lamps), after installing the lamp body, the lamp head side shall be 100 mm higher than the lamp pole side, and the particular elevation angle depends on the light distribution curve.

3. Street Light Fixture Part

Lamps and lanterns shall be firm and straight without looseness or skew. Lampshades shall be intact without damage. 

The lamp and body shall not be bent. And the fixing screws of each part need to shall be tightened with a spring Eyeliner Pen.

The Cast iron lamp cap has cracks, cannot use the block and has no rubber.

The lamp body hoop shall adapt to the lamp pole, and the installation shall not be too long.

The transparent cover and reflector shall be cleaned and wiped during maintenance.

The transparent cover buckle shall be complete and easy to use. And prevent the cover from falling off with reliable hooks.

4. Vertical Line

The vertical wire should be insulated wire, the copper core should not be less than 1.37 mm, and the aluminium core should not be less than 1.76 mm. 

The overlap distance from the pole center shall be 400-600 mm, and both sides shall be consistent.

If the vertical line exceeds four meters, you should be added a bracket in the middle for fixation.

5. Fly Insurance And Branch Insurance

All street lamps must be protected by fuses and installed on the live wire. 

Mercury lamps of 250 watts and below, with a 5 amp fuse for incandescent lamps. 250-watt sodium lamps are available with a 7.5 amp fuse. 10 amp fuse for 400-watt sodium lamps. Incandescent chandeliers should have two fuses, ten amps at the pole, and five amps at the base.

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Street Light Installation Precautions

  1. Determine the installation position and method of lamps and ballasts according to the actual lighting needs of the work site.

Then prepare a three-core cable of the corresponding length according to the distance from the lamp to the ballast contact and the distance from the ballast to the 220V power supply contact (the cable use distance with light is no more than 2 meters).

2. When the distance from the lamp to the ballast contact exceeds 2 meters, the three-core cable needs to be replaced. 

Use the Allen wrench to unscrew the six Allen bolts of the lamp housing, pull out the lamp body, remove the three-core cable that comes with the lamp, and then connect the prepared three-core cable according to the original wiring method.

3. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the fastening bolts on the ballast box cover, remove the box cover, and introduce one end of the three-core cable of the lamp into the ballast cavity through the lead-in device of the ballast output port. 

Connect the wire (or blue wire), and yellow and green wire to terminals 4, 5, and 6 of the ballast, and then tighten the compression nut.

4. Insert one end of the prepared three-core power cable into the ballast cavity through the introduction device of the ballast input port, and then connect the L wire (live wire), N wire (neutral wire), and ground wire to the ballast. 1, 2, and 3 terminals, and tighten the compression nut.

5. Close the ballast box cover, tighten the fastening bolts, and finally connect the other end of the three-core cable to the 220V power supply according to the explosion-proof requirements.

  • When replacing the light bulb

Firstly cut off the power supply.

Check whether the hanging chain is proper hanging.

Then use the Allen wrench to unscrew the six Allen bolts on the lamp shell.

Carefully pull down the lamp body part to separate the lamp body from the lamp head shell. And unscrew it. 

Replace old bulbs with new bulbs.

How To Install LED Underground Lights

Led embedded lighting is a new type of buried landscape decorative lighting product.

Fashion LED adopts die-casting aluminium spraying and stainless steel panel. 

It has a super compressive capacity. 

Screws and panels adopt stainless steel with good waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion resistance.

So How Do Install LED Underground Lights? 

The following describes the installation method of underground lighting and precautions for installing underground lighting.

How To Install LED Underground Light

  1. Prepare spare parts and required tools
  • Must be cut off the power before installation
  • Dig the pre-embedded holes according to the outer diameter of the pre-embedded parts, and then fix them with concrete

4. The diameter of the main line must be larger than the diameter of the lamp

Installation Process

1. After fixing the embedded parts, connect the input wire of the buried lamp and the external wire (phase wire, a neutral wire, and ground wire are connected separately and waterproof)

2. Fix the lamp body assembly and the embedded parts with screws

3. Fasten the cover plate on the lamp body assembly with screws

4. After confirming that the above operations are correct, turn on the power

Installation Of Underground Lights

1. Before installing the LED underground light, cut off the power supply. 

The first step of the installation is all electrical equipment is the basis for safe operation.

  • Before installing the LED underground lamp, you should sort out the various parts used for the lamp. LED underground light is a particular buried underground landscape LED light. 

Once installed, it is very troublesome to re-install if the lack of installing fewer parts. So it should be ready before installation.

3. Before installing the LED underground light.

⨞According to the embedded part’s shape and size to the dug hole. 

⨞Fixed the embedded parts with concrete.

The embedded parts play a significant role in isolating the main body of the LED underground lamp and the soil, which can ensure the service life of the LED underground lights.

  • Before installing the LED underground light, you should prepare an IP67 or IP68 wiring device for connecting the external power input to the power line of the lamp body.

Moreover, the power cord of the LED underground light requires a waterproof power cord certified by VDE to ensure the service life of the LED underground light.

Lawn Lamp Installation: 

→ Open the lamp housing 

→ Install the light source and supporting electrical appliances 

→ Connect the lamp head & the lamp pole 

→ Align the lawn lamp flange with the screw of the foundation embedded part, stand vertically

→ Use a nut or a pad to level it 

→ Tighten the installation.

Wall Headlamp Installation: 

→ Determine the installation position

→ Drill the expansion screws into the holes with an electric drill, 

→ Fix the wood screws on the expansion screws, 

→ Connect the hanging board and the ceiling plate with screws, 

→ Fix the ceiling plate

→ Connect the wall headlamp wires and power cords, 

→ Install the lamp.

Wall Washer Installation:

→ Editor reminds us to fix the wall washer bracket on the wall with screws

→ Adjust the illumination angle of the wall washer.

If you need more knowledge and industry consulting about LED lights, please refer to our website:


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