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The pros and cons of solar streetlights

In the present time of rapid development, the earth’s resources have been depleted, so in recent years people have been studying the development of new energy sources. Water, wind, sun, etc., will not be consumed energy to generate electricity. The next solar street light we talk about is through the absorption of the sun, converted into electricity, so that the street light power generation.

But even if the power is generated through solar energy, it is convenient to not plug in, but there are pros and cons. Let’s talk about it below.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights – solar street lights’ advantages

1. Very intuitive we can see that the solar street light is through the solar circuit board to convert light energy into electricity to power the lights. So the maximal advantage of solar street lights is to make full use of solar energy resources to ease the tension of energy, the use of new energy to solve the needs of people’s lives, and not reduce the quality of demand.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

2. Easy to install. Solar street lights are much simpler to install than traditional street lights, and solar street lights do not need to lay a lot of lines like traditional street lights only need to dig a hole to bury the pole,  all the lines and control parts are in the electrode it, no extra arrangement.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving. Solar street light is use nature’s course light source, reducing the consumption of electromagnetic energy.

4. Safety. AC power lighting fixtures will be there because of the quality of construction, raw material embrittlement, power supply system disorders, and other aspects that cause security risks. The solar street light does not apply AC. It is the choice of battery digestion absorption of solar power, the low-voltage direct current conversion into light waves, to find no safety risks so that the safety factor of solar street lights is very secure. The reason is that the safety factor is very high because the power supply and distribution system is not used.

5. Environmental protection. Solar street lights have zero pollution and no radiation, in line with contemporary low-carbon environmental awareness.

6. New technology contains water. Solar street lights choose circulating water pump intelligent control system to carry out manipulation, can be based on one day in the sky of course chroma and everyone in a variety of natural environments must be chroma to fully automatic adjustment of light chroma;

7. Durable. The vast majority of solar cell components at this stage of the production process can ensure that the characteristics of about ten years do not degrade. Solar cell components can generate electricity for 25 years or longer.

8. Low maintenance costs. In remote areas with no urban areas, it is expensive to maintain or repair base electricity generation, transmission and distribution, road street lights, and other machinery and equipment is very expensive. And solar street lights only have to engage in regular inspection and maintenance, and their keep costs less than the first power generation system software to less, but also can save a lot of money.

9. Installation of parts building blocks toys. Installation is handy, the favor of customers according to their must can select and adjust the volume size of solar street lights.

10. Independent power supply system. Off-grid operation of the solar street light has the freedom of power supply system and coordination ability.

We all know that the maximal advantage of solar street lights is to say that environmental protection and energy saving, saving resources,  it is now China and even the world will vigorously promote it. Because of the application of solar power generation, people can apply less other electric energy that can’t be applied in a cyclic system, so that this electric energy can be used for a longer time so that the universe can be more beautiful.

The advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights – solar street lights defects

1. The relative cost of solar streetlights is slightly higher

First of all, we should all understand that solar streetlights are new technology products, so their project cost is generally higher. The project cost of a solar lamp is several times the fee of a general road lamp. Although they do not use a lot of electricity, and the cost of keeping is very flat, a one-time investment of so much money, inevitably people feel the pressure of work.

LED Solar Street Light From ENE TECH

2. No sun can not power supply the system

The principle of solar street light is based on the solar panel digesting and absorbing the sun and then converting the solar energy into electromagnetic energy stored in a rechargeable battery. At night, the rechargeable battery then charges the lighting fixtures. But this principle is both its advantage and a disadvantage in the long-term sunlight is not enough in the area and is not applied to solar street lights. If it rains for a long time, there will be no way to generate electricity, and the lights will not be on.

3. The probability of theft is high

The components inside a solar street lamp are valuable. Many thieves today are bold enough to attack solar streetlights if they are installed in sparsely populated areas. Everything will be stolen except the street lamps and poles. It is how thieves sell solar-powered street lamp parts for a profit.

4. With dispersion and instability, the earth’s surface received solar irradiance is intermittent and not strong enough, so the solar street lights sometimes there will be lack electricity,  want to improve the conversion rate often requires more expensive equipment, which in effect increases the cost of the project.

5. High efficiency and low cost, the more mature the development of the use of solar energy, but there are solar energy conversion device efficiency is low and high cost, in general, the cost performance is relatively low.

All in all, solar street lights can save installation costs, save power engineering resources, and reduce the cost of utilities, although also around the defects, and long-term spending calculations down, the advantages of solar street lights are more than the traditional type of road street lights. I firmly believe that in the future, the use of solar streetlights will become more and more common and will become the most idealized lighting system for people in large cities and villages!


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