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What Are Street Lights Used For?

What Is Street Light?

Street light’s chief feature is lighting.

Street lights consist of lamps, wires, light sources, lamp poles, lamp arms, flanges, and foundation embedded parts.

Its function is to provide lighting function for roads.

Street lights can be divided into city circuit lights, solar street lights, wind, and solar complementary street lights.

Depend on installation methods.

Street lights have bracket, high cantilever, straight rod, suspension, and wall suction installation types.

Our Company Mainly Provides The Follow Two Street Lights

First, Ordinary Street Lights

street light from ene tech

Second, Solar Street Lights

led solar street light from ene tech

What Are The Differences Between Ordinary Street Lights And Solar Street Lights?

1. Energy Difference

Solar street lights use solar energy, while ordinary street lamps use electric.

2. Voltage Difference

Solar street lights are generally 12V or 24V, while ordinary street lamps are 220V systems.

3. Installation Differences

Solar streetlights form an independent system without digging cable trenches, embedding pipelines, and ordinary streetlights, which makes the construction of solar streetlights more convenient.

4. Safety Differences

Solar street light is a low-voltage, which does not cause harm to the human body. 

Ordinary street light is a high-voltage system, and improper installation, wiring, or leakage will endanger the health of personnel.

5. The Difference Between Light Sources

Solar street lights must use LED light sources.

Ordinary street lights can use LED light sources or install high-pressure sodium lamps.

6. Price Difference

There are many solar street lights with high-quality requirements, so the price is relatively high. And the price of ordinary street lamps is relatively low.

Solar street lights and ordinary street lights have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wide used. How do you select street lights? Based on actual needs and on-site conditions.

You can also better find the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary street lights and solar street lights from the following article.

What Are The Application Scenarios Of Ordinary Street Lights?

Street lights refer to lamps and lanterns that provide lighting functions for roads and generally refer to lamps and lanterns within the range of pavement lighting in traffic lighting. 

Street lights are widely used in various places that need lighting. 

Street lights involve lighting technology and are suitable for street lamps.

What Are The Application Scenarios Of Solar Street Lights?

1. Rural Areas

Rural areas are very suitable for the application of solar lights.

In some rural areas, the environmental conditions are not good, the terrain conditions are complex, and the cable laying is complex.

Even if it is easy to lay, the cost of using the city circuit light is very high under the overall budget, and the price of using the city circuit light is more likely to exceed the price of using the solar street light.

Moreover, the solar street lamp is easy to install and has a long service life, requiring no maintenance within five years.

In rural areas, the roads are narrow & the height of street lamp poles is low, so the brightness requirements of the LED light source are not too high, so solar lamps are suitable for rural areas.

2. Family Backyard

As we all know, many houses are single families, and each family has a large backyard or courtyard.

Sometimes people will walk in their courtyard at night, and having a lamp at this time will bring great convenience.

Compared with ordinary electric light sources. The use of solar lamps will save a lot of electricity bills in a year, and the solar lamps will turn on and off automatically, which is very worry-free.

3. Outdoor Camping Activities

During outdoor camping activities, you must have a portable lamp for lighting.

During outdoor camping activities for several consecutive days, the DC portable lamp is very easy to run out of electricity. The portable solar light will perfectly solve this problem. 

In the daytime, the absorbed light energy is converted into electric power and stored in the battery, which is very convenient and fast.

Therefore, in outdoor camping activities, solar lights are the best choice.

4. Urban Roads

Solar street lamps will be installed on urban roads to provide light for car owners at night and reduce traffic accidents.

It also brings light to some residents. So that they can exercise, walk, go shopping, and so on at night.

5. Community Square

More and more people pay attention to health preservation. After dinner, they will go to the community to dance and exercise, and children can also play happily in the community square.

6. Industrial Park

Every industrial park will also install solar street lights to provide light for workers who go to and from work.

7. Tourist attractions

They also begin to enjoy life. 

8. Park Green Belt

Solar street lamps have a wide range of uses. 

They can use sunlight for automatic lighting without wiring. 

It will save you a lot of installation and maintenance costs. 

It saves money to save energy.

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