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What is Green Lighting?

Green lighting is the U.S. National Environmental Protection Agency in the early 1990s proposed the concept. The complete connotation of green lighting contains energy efficiency, environmental protection, safety, comfort, and other four indicators. The perception of green lighting applied to museum lighting highlights three main priorities: energy efficiency, protect exhibits and see the original.

1, Green lighting project requires people not limited to energy-saving this understanding. To raise the height of energy conservation and environmental protection so that the impact is more extensive and far-reaching. The green lighting project is not only a question of economic benefits but also a primary issue focusing on the use of resources and environmental protection. Reducing electricity generation through lighting savings, which in turn reduces the amount of coal combustion (more than 70% of China’s electricity generation still relies on coal combustion to obtain), reduces harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. And other greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide help to solve the environmental and development issues facing the world.

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2, Green lighting project requirements of lighting energy conservation are not the traditional sense of energy saving, which in China “green lighting project implementation program” purpose has been clearly described. That is, to meet the lighting quality and visual environmental conditions of higher requirements. Therefore, lighting energy saving can not be achieved by reducing the lighting conditions. But rely on the full use of modern technology for lighting engineering design level, orientation, and lighting equipment to improve efficiency.

3. High-efficiency lighting equipment is a crucial basis for lighting energy saving, but lighting equipment is not only the light source. The light source is the primary factor, has been recognized, but not the only, lamps and electrical accessories (such as ballasts) efficiency. The impact on lighting energy saving is not negligible. This is often not noticed by people, such as a lamp with diffuse cover, or a straight tube fluorescent lamps with grille, efficient and high-quality products than low-quality products can be 50% higher than the efficiency of 100%, which shows its energy-saving effect. The implementation of green lighting requirements plays a decisive role. In addition, the operation and maintenance management also has a character that can not ignore.

4. The implementation of a green lighting career, is not simply understood as the provision of energy-efficient lighting equipment. Efficient equipment is a crucial material basis, but there should also be a correct and reasonable lighting engineering design. Design is the overall situation, and the implementation of green lighting requirements plays a decisive role. 

5. High-efficiency light source is the primary factor in lighting energy saving and must pay attention to the promotion of the application of efficient light sources. But some people to promote efficient light sources merely understand the advancement of energy-saving lamps (and energy-saving lamps here refer specifically to compact fluorescent lamps), which is half, and very wicked. Because there are many types of light sources. Much of their efficiency should be promoted. In terms of energy conversion efficiency, there are fluorescent lamps with equivalent luminous efficiency (such as straight fluorescent lamps), and there are higher than luminous efficiencies (such as high-pressure nano lights, and metal halide lamps), these efficient light sources have their characteristics and advantages, each of its application sites, never merely uses a class of energy-saving light sources that can be replaced. Based on the application of different conditions. There are at least three types of efficient light sources that should be promoted and used.

6. The photoconductive lighting system of efficient lighting tools, consisting of the light hood, light conduit, and diffuser in three areas. The lighting principle is through the light hood efficient collection of natural light outside and into the system redistribution. After particular production of light conduit transmission and strengthening by the system at the bottom of the diffuser of natural light evenly and efficiently irradiated to the interior of the venue, thus breaking the concept of lighting depends entirely on electricity.


1. Protect the environment, including reducing pollutant emissions during the life cycle of luminaires, using clean light sources, natural light sources, and green materials, and controlling light pollution.

2. Save energy, replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps, for example, can save more than 70% of electricity. The high-efficiency electric light source can provide cooling lamps emitting heat energy consumption significantly reduced.

3. Beneficial to health, improve the comfort, pleasure, and safety of a high-quality lighting environment.

4. Improve the efficiency of work, which is more valuable than saving electricity costs.

5. Create a light culture that reflects modern civilization.

LED Solar Light From ENE TECH

Green lighting refers to the lighting design. Through the scientific use of high efficiency, long life, safe and stable performance lighting products (electric light source, electrical accessories, lamps and lanterns, wiring equipment and dimming controller, and electric device). To improve people’s work, study, and living conditions and quality, create efficient, comfortable, safe, finance, and beneficial circumstances. That fully reflects the light of modern civilization.

Green lamps and lanterns are calling out. In the information age, the health of vision is too important. To protect the eyes, not only should pay attention to visual fitness. But also can not ignore the science of lighting. The incidence of eye diseases on the rise, such as vision loss, myopia, and cataract, while presbyopia and glaucoma, except for a few genetic factors, occur earlier. Most of these are the result of a combination of visual health and visual optics.

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