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Why Do You Install Flood Lights In Your Home?

What Is Flood Light?

Floodlights will deter possible crime from happening. 

People need to see where they’re going at night, so it is common to brighten the outside of structures, like walls and doorways. 

Flood lights are an excellent way to illuminate shadowy areas around a business.

Floodlights are not spotlights, projectors, or spotlights. 

Floodlights produce highly diffuse, directionless light rather than a well-defined beam. 

The resulting shadows are soft and transparent. 

When used for object lighting, the lighting attenuation speed is much slower than when using spotlight lighting. 

Even some floodlights with very slow lighting attenuation look like a light source that does not produce shadows.

Floodlights include a range of fixtures of various shapes and sizes. 

The common factor is a wide beam angle – typically in the range of 60º to 120º. 

How To Choose The Right Flood Light?

1. Components Of Floodlight

Shell + lamp bead +pcb board + lens + accessories = floodlight. 

The disassembly diagram below will give you a clearer view of the parts of the floodlight.

LED Floodlight From ENE TECH

The safety standards, height, angle, glare, and energy efficiency of accessories can have a large impact on the final output of the point to be illuminated.

The better optical control of LEDs means they can deliver light where needed while reducing leakage and pollution, keeping neighbors happy.

2. Material Of Floodlight

The lamp body is aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is by electrostatic spraying.  

The coating is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and anti-aging. 

The lamp body adopts the integrated design of light source and electric appliance Compact structure and small volume. 

The reflector manufacturer imported high-purity aluminum.

A variety of reflective surface designs form a variety of different needs of light distribution and high light efficiency.

The small glare light source can follow the needs of customers. 

It can use single-ended or double-ended led masks, which are safe, high-temperature resistant, high-strength, and good light transmittance. 

The sealing strip is an anti-corrosion silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good sealing, is water-proof, and is dust-proof. 

It applies high-performance inductive ballasts, triggers, capacitors, or floodlights made of aluminum materials integrated with DOB Comply with European and American CE standards to ensure safety. 

It applies to signs, stadiums, squares, trees, billboards, parking lots, building exteriors, etc.

3. Importance Of Installation Position

The installation distance of the luminaire will cause different degrees of light scattering, which will also affect the lighting.

Therefore, different lamps need to choose the appropriate installation position and distance.

4. Get The Right Brightness

The luminous brightness of the lamp is also a key factor because lights with good quality are free of glare, colorless spots, and other adverse reactions. 

And the quality is guaranteed. 

Most lamps on the market can have a shelf life of at least three years.

5. CCT

CCT is Correlated Color Temperature. 

It is the most significant parameter in lights. 

For security, go for cool white (4000 K) or daylight color temperature (6000 K) because it appears brighter to human eyes and more pre-emptive. 

If you want to enhance the visual effect of the building, the warm color temperature (3000K) will create a warm and comfortable feeling.

6. Pollution

When designing various lighting outdoors, you should always minimize upward light. 

If the design is not good, it will waste energy and cause the sky to light or light pollution.

Great optical control of LEDs means they provide light where needed while reducing pollution.

The below articles can give you more information about light pollution and how to protect our planet.

Key Feature And Benefits You Should Look For:

• High Performing Optics that deliver maximum application coverage without being obtrusive. 

• Efficient LED Thermal Design Fins on the back of the luminaries can ensure good heat dissipation; these create airflow around the housing to prevent dirt from settling on the luminaries.

 • More Energy Savings

For example, system efficacy over 120lm/w generates more than 50% in energy savings compared to conventional floodlights. 

• Easy To Install

For example, factory-fitted cables and tool-less openings reduce installation and maintenance time. 

• Flexibility in optical beam choices

Symmetrical wide, asymmetrical medium and wide will suit most lighting application needs.

• Excellent reliability 

Meaning 15KV/KA surge protection and non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and bracket means you can install in harsh environments. 

• Long-lasting

For example, an L70 with a lifetime of 50,000 hours means that after 50,000 hours the LED will emit 70% of its original output.

Why Do You Install Flood Lights In Your Home?

1. Improving Home Security

Why improve your home security? 

When night fell, it was dark around the house. 

If we install floodlights at night, they will light up the surroundings instantly, which will make some thieves alert and aware of someone at home, so they will give up their theft plan, to protect the safety of your home.

2. Save Energy And Money

Now our floodlights use LED beads. 

The characteristics of LED lamps are long service life and high quality. 

Therefore, you can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

And now led floodlights are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. 

To reduce the waste of energy and money.

3. Lighting Up Your World

A lamp can light up a home and never light up your whole world. 

Different lights will give you different visual enjoyment. 

So it is necessary to install a safe floodlight for your home.

4. Create The Perfect Outdoor Experience.

Can you host a backyard picnic or romantic dinner for two under the stars?

Homeowners can use smart outdoor floodlights to create the perfect scene for various everyday or special occasions. 

These lights allow owners to achieve a particular ambience by adjusting the color (e.g., from a cool light 3000K to a warm 5000K), dimming the fixtures (from 5 per cent brightness to full brightness), and selecting individual lights or groups of lights for illumination at any particular time.

Floodlights can satisfy your home. 

Give yourself and your family different life to enjoy.

Sure, As below is our floodlight for your reference. 

You can choose our led lights satisfied for your need. 

Let you make more money and increase the profits.

LED Flood Light&LED Street Light From ENE TECH

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