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Why are LED solar lights so popular?

Basic introduction of LED solar street light Maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (colloidal batteries) to store electrical energy, ultra-bright LED lamps as light sources and they are controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controllers to replace traditional public power lighting street lights.

No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity bill; DC power supply and control; it has the advantages of good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, and environmental protection, economical and practical. It can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots, and other places. Product components Light pole structure: steel light poles and brackets, the surface is sprayed with plastic, and the battery board is connected with special anti-theft stainless steel screws.

How LED Solar Street Lights Work

Working principle: During the daytime, the solar street light is under the control of the intelligent controller. The solar panel absorbs the solar light and converts it into electrical energy. During the daytime, the solar battery pack charges the battery pack, and the battery pack provides electricity to the LED light at night. The light source is powered to realize the lighting function. The DC controller can ensure that the battery pack is not damaged due to overcharge or over-discharge, and has functions such as light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, and reverse polarity protection.

Solar Light From ENE TECH

System composition of LED solar street light

The solar street light system can guarantee the normal operation of rainy weather for more than 15 days! Its system composition is composed of the LED light source (including drive), solar panel, battery (including battery incubator), solar street light controller, street light pole (including foundation), and auxiliary materials and wires.

Solar cell modules generally use monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules; LED lamp caps generally use high-power LED light sources; controllers are generally placed in the lamp pole, with light control, time control, overcharge and over-discharge protection and reverse connection protection, and more The advanced controller also has the function of adjusting the lighting time in four seasons, half-power function, intelligent charging and discharging function, etc.;

Batteries are generally placed underground or there will be special battery incubators, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, iron-aluminium batteries or lithium batteries can be used. The solar lamps work fully automatically and do not need to dig trenches for wiring, but the lamp poles need to be installed on the embedded parts (concrete base).

The application range of solar street lights is very wide. As long as there is sunlight, the normal use of street lights can be guaranteed, and there is no need to worry about the problem of electricity consumption. It is very good lighting equipment.

Features of LED solar street lights

Solar lights are converted into electricity by solar panels. During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the energy needed. Therefore, the sun produces energy, which is used to produce electricity. As an “inexhaustible and inexhaustible” safe and environmentally friendly new energy source, solar energy has received more and more attention.

Solar energy is both primary energy and renewable energy. It is rich in resources and can be used free of charge without transportation and any pollution to the environment. It has created a new form of life for human beings, enabling society and human beings to enter an era of saving energy and reducing pollution.

Benefits of LED Solar Lights

Today, when the earth’s resources are becoming increasingly scarce, solar lamps, as energy-saving and environmentally friendly lamps, are new products that should be born after solar water heaters and are loved by more and more consumers. The concept of low-carbon lighting is also well known by people.

First, no wiring, very easy to install

Solar lights are easy to install, no need to lay complicated lines, just a cement base, fixed with stainless steel screws; compared with ordinary lamps, it saves electricity bills, one-time investment for solar lights, no maintenance costs, and can be recovered in 1-3 years Investment cost, long-term effective income; solar lights are ultra-low voltage products, safe and reliable operation; the service life of its main components – solar panels can reach about 25 years, the average life of ultra-bright LEDs is greater than 50,000h, and the life of special batteries is 5 -12 years; solar lamps are green and environmentally friendly, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting products in the new era.

Of course, when using solar lamps, you need to pay attention to safety issues, because solar lamps receive solar radiation energy from solar panels. If the battery fails, it is likely to cause damage to the lamps and accidents.

Second, green energy saving.

 The biggest advantage of solar street lights is energy saving, which is why the public is more willing to accept this new product. This product, which can convert sunlight in nature into its energy, can indeed reduce a lot of electricity consumption. Now that the construction of the city has developed, the investment in street lamps has also increased. The application of solar street lamps has saved a considerable amount of electricity for the country every day.

Third, safe, stable, and reliable

It is very safe. There were many hidden dangers of urban street lights in the past, some because of substandard construction quality, and some because of ageing materials or abnormal power supply, but I have to admit that street lights supplied by electricity do give people life has had a negative impact. The solar street light is a product that does not need to use AC power. It uses a high-tech battery that can absorb solar energy and automatically convert it into the required electrical energy, with very high safety performance.

Fourth, green environmental protection

Many people will doubt whether this product through solar energy will produce some polluting elements during the conversion process. Science has proved that solar streetlights will not release any elements that will cause pollution to the environment during the entire conversion process. Moreover, there are no problems such as radiation, and it is a product that fully conforms to the current concept of green environmental protection.

Fifth, durable and practical

The quality of many street lamps that use electricity is not good. Because they are exposed to the air for a long time and endure the bad weather of wind and sun, their circuits, lamp shades, and even bulbs will be greatly affected. At present, the solar street lights developed using high technology and technology are made of solar cells with good technology that can ensure that their performance will not be degraded for more than 10 years. Some high-quality solar modules can even be Power generation for more than 25 years.

Sixth, the maintenance cost is low

With the continuous expansion of urban construction, many remote areas also have street lights and other equipment. At that time, in those small and remote places, if there is a problem in the power generation or transmission, the maintenance cost will be very high, not to mention the near future. Street lights have only become popular in a few years, so we can often see that street lights on rural roads are always turned on very sparingly.

Now, this kind of solar street light only needs to be inspected within a fixed time, and compared with ordinary street lights, the maintenance cost of green craftsman solar street lights of Shenzhen Rising Sun Oriental Industrial Co., Ltd. is very low.

To sum up, it has the advantages of green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, high quality, high brightness, long life, high intelligence, high security, and high convenience. Protect our living environment and support the use of solar energy.

Solar Street light From ENE TECH

The bright future of LED sunlights

With the development of science and technology, new developments and changes have begun to appear in all walks of life in society. The same is true for the lighting industry. Solar street lights are becoming a new development trend and leading the new development of the lighting industry.

Usually, when we walk on the road, we may find that the street lights on the side of the road are different from what we usually see. The difference is that solar silicon panels are installed on street lights to use solar energy for power supply. In addition, there will be three-leaf windmills installed on the solar silicon panels, which are using wind energy to generate electricity.

When we see these devices for the first time, we are curious. This new type of solar street light, which makes reasonable use of wind and solar power generation, is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. And it can ensure the lighting at night to ensure the safety of traffic. Therefore, compared to those areas with energy shortages and power shortages, the use of this solar street light can solve the problem.​​


In our life, we often advocate environmental protection, energy saving, and rational use of high technology. This is the case with solar street lights, which are worthy of vigorous promotion.

Particularly applicable countries and regions for LED solar lights

Because LED solar lights are very cheap and easy-to-use products, they are very suitable for the Middle East, Africa, and other countries. These countries are often in a state of power shortage and LED solar lights to happen to be products that can work without electricity. As long as there is sunlight and sunlight, they can store energy, charge during the day, and illuminate at night. It can only be said that this is ideal …

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