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Why is Human Centric Lighting important?

This article is about my personal views and understanding of how lighting should be human-centered.

1. Natural light and the human biological clock

There is an old saying: plowing at sunrise, resting at sunset. It shows that human life behavior is affected by the rising and falling time of the sun. People’s body is the most sensitive and direct to sunlight. When should people get up, study and work, when should our minds be concentrated and efficient, when should they be tired, relax in sleeping, etc. Therefore, natural light has a huge and closely related influence on the body’s biological clock.


I have a deep understanding of this point. In the summer of 2008, I went to travel and stayed in a hotel, and the shading rate of the hotel curtains was 90%. I closed all the curtains that night but woke up at 9 o’clock in the morning ( I usually wake up at 7:30 a.m.). So before going to bed the next night, I decided not to close the curtains completely to allow the morning light to enter the room. Sure enough, I woke up at 7 a.m. And I slept very well, the gentle sunlight made my whole body and spirit very comfortable and at ease. At that moment, I realized that the adjustment effect of sunlight on the body is very important.


However, due to work needs, modern people often stay in indoor offices and workplaces with LED fluorescent lamps for a long time, and the time they are exposed to sunlight is less and less. The brightness and color temperature of the indoor lighting light are immutable, while the outdoor sunlight is constantly changing. Without the effect of natural light, people’s biological clocks and mechanisms will gradually become unbalanced, so people’s mood and physical health have been adversely affected to a certain extent. Including mood easily irritable and anxiety, late sleep and poor sleep quality, etc.


That is why more and more people are focusing on it and suggesting that lighting should be human-centered (i.e. human-centric lighting). Mark Zeng, CEO of ENE TECH, also believes that lighting products should be put the human first. Based on his in-depth study of light culture, he takes the Create of Natural Light as the eternal pursuit of ENE TECH. All lighting products are produced based on this philosophy. What’s more, in order to improve people’s physical health and good mood, many lighting companies have also developed and produced lighting products that conform to the body’s biological clock. By simulating natural light through new technology, people can live and work in a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Therefore, we should pay much more attention to the people themselves. All objects and lighting products in the world serve humans and benefit people. Without people, everything will lose the value and meaning of existence.

2. Sunlight and our eyes

Mark Zeng once said that due to the different colors of people’s eyes, everyone’s feelings and experiences of light are different. So this is why some people like warm light and some like cold light. In my daily life, I find that I prefer colder and brighter lighting environments, especially in workplaces, supermarkets, shopping malls, living rooms, etc. That makes me feel very bright and comfortable. But I don’t like the dim yellow warm light, except in certain places. However, my father and some of my friends prefer warm yellow lights or dimmer light because it makes them feel less dazzling and comfortable.


Here are my own real cases to illustrate this point.

A few years ago when I was pregnant, one night I was sitting at the table studying, as usual, suddenly the lamp broke and replaced it with a new LED tube lamp. The new light is much brighter than the previous one, which makes me feel very good. And I found that this cold white light made me particularly concentrated, enhanced my desire to learn, and improved my efficiency a lot. This is why soft cold white light is used in offices, classrooms, and workplaces because a good lighting scheme can help improve the enthusiasm, initiative, and productivity of work and study personnel.

But these occasions require soft, dull yellow light. For example, I had to get up frequently in the middle of the night in my late pregnancy, having just woken up from sleep, and my eyes were not yet used to seeing the brighter light in the dark. So the dim, warm, and soft night light would have been a good way to protect my eyes from the harsh light and keep me in a peaceful and happy mood.


And after the baby was born, my family and I paid much more attention to the use of light. Because newborn babies’ eyes are delicate, and they need to drink milk many times in the middle of the night, the light in the room should be soft, low-glare, and warm to keep their eyes safe and comfortable.


In conclusion, good lighting can make people feel comfortable and relaxed, rather than make people nervous and uncomfortable. And dazzling and high glare lights, excessively disturbing lights, and various types of lights in the night activities have seriously affected people’s life. Therefore, light pollution is also a big problem that needs us to solve urgently.

The lighting industry will be upgraded and revolutionized rapidly in the future. All lighting companies should keep innovating and upgrading to benefit humans and other organisms. And ENE TECH is honored to be one of them to continue to produce more human-centric lighting (HCL) products for customers.

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