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Linear Light

Most people use strip or linear lights in life.

The linear lamps are flexible decorative light. It is consists of a strip-led source, aluminum, ballast. Also, lamps will have an aluminum shell. Seem looks like a wire, so the name is a linear lamp. Adopt for meeting different scenarios.

Four main performance characteristics for linear lamps

  1. Artistic
ene tech linear light application

Linear lamps are simple and easy to customize. 

Bespoke curve angle and customized outward appearance can create a unique and eye-catching lighting beauty, letting you enjoy the lights.

2. Directionality

The light source of the line lamp is directional. Rope lamps are applied to create the effect of wall washing.

3. Correlated Color temperature

From cold light to warm light, bring about a different atmosphere in the space.

4. Low energy consumption and long service life

The general cycle life is more than 50000 hours. In the design of tooling items, you can choose appropriate color matching to set off the atmosphere.

Examples are as below:

Offices application

Linear Light Office Application

 you have a comfortable and bright working environment. Happy work and create more benefits.

Upscale commercial space

Linear Light Commercial Application

Most used in hotels, commercial buildings, exhibitions, and other commercial fields. Go through lighting, Easily create an overall atmosphere simple and wonderful.

Home space

Linear Light Home Application

Apply in a home anywhere, such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, toilet, balcony, cabinet, and so on. Let your home look very warm and happy.

Industrial lighting

Linear Light Cabinet Application

Apply for in factory, machine equipment, etc. Produce more value and serve society. 

Architectural beauty

Linear Light Outdoor Application

More and more tall buildings are colorful line lights. Let the city become more and more bright and beautiful. Give the people lighting and hope.

With the development of the times, line lamps will become the main force of the LED industry in the future. 

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