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Why is the panel light developing so rapidly and the demand so great?

According to the report from Expert Market Research, the global LED panel light market size was around USD 17 billion in 2020. The market is further projected to grow at a CAGR of 14% over the forecast period of 2022-2027 to attain a value of USD 37.3 billion by 2026.

From the data in the report, we can know that there is a huge business opportunity for the LED panel light market.

But why are LED panel lights so popular and in high demand?

Due to the high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection of LED panel lights and the promotion of the rapid technological advancement in the field of LED lighting, they are all beneficial to the environment, the countries, organizations, individuals, and the LED lighting industry practitioners.

In addition, retrofit leads the market. The growth of the segment can be attributed to the increasing preference to retrofit existing lighting fixtures with LED lamps. These lighting solutions are widely adopted in commercial spaces because they can start immediately with a quick retrofit, reducing unnecessary losses and costs.

Seeing this, you may ask, are the panel lights good? And where are they used?

LED panel light is a kind of lighting fixture that is easy to install, extremely energy-efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective with a sleek design. It delivers uniformity soft light output and low glare but demands less maintenance. These lighting solutions are environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan than traditional lights. Based on these benefits, LED flat panel lights are considered one of the best lighting alternatives for indoor settings, rapidly substituting conventional fluorescent ceiling lights and incandescent lamps.

Because of their benefits, LED panel lights are perfect for residential and commercial use. Such as:
1. Retrofit projects

2. Commercial–shopping malls, retails, offices, hotels, education, hospitals, healthcare centers, waiting halls, etc.

3. Residential–Residential communities, villas, departments, rooms, dancing rooms, gyms, etc.

4. Industrial–Warehouses, logistics, workshops, garages, etc.

5. Architectural  

Besides that, here is the guidance for picking the right panel light for you. 

1. Lighting models: Edge-lit and back-lit type.

Because back-lit LED panel light gives better heat dissipation, a longer lifespan, higher light efficiency, and brightness while anti-yellowing than edge-lit type. People use more and more back-lit ones. 

So, what’s the difference between edge-lit and back-lit LED panel lights? 

From the picture below, there are relatively few LED chips built-in at the edges of a plate, hence there is much less light delivered and poor heat dissipation. 

But more LED chips can be built-in the back of the plate for a back-lit plate, more spaces, therefore, the light can be output directly and heat dissipation will be better. 

2. 1) Higher efficacy (high lumen) helps to save much more money. For example, 70-80lm/w edge-lit and 120-130lm/w back-lit, which means you will get more lux and brightness in the same room if you use the back-lit model. And finally, you need to pay more for two pieces of edge-lit panel lights to reach more brightness (1 back-lit panel light= 2 edge-lit panel lights).

2) More brightness more uniformity means saving more and making you more comfortable.

The back-lit panel light has more LED chips to get more brightness and higher uniformity, so the soft light can be output to make you better.

3) Longer lifespan and anti-yellowing.

Because better heat dissipation boosts the longer lifespan of the lights, the manufacturers use high-quality light guide plates in the panel lights to anti-yellowing. Therefore, a longer lifespan and shortened yellowing time can help us reduce lots of costs to replace new panel lights.

3. Many people like the elegant design, uniformity soft light, low glare & flicker-free, and flexible lighting control options.

4. More functions options: Dimming, remote plug-and-play drives, emergency options, motion sensors and timers, and compatibility with building controls.
To save more energy and electricity bills, you can choose flexible smart control options based on the specific needs of the projects, applications, and home use.

Due to the COVID-19 and people’s increasing attention to health, the demands for panel lights with air purification and UV sterilization functions are also increasing.

ENE TECH can provide excellent panel lights with versatile functions to meet any needs. Just contact us and tell us more about your specific requirements.

5. More options for shapes, sizes, materials, and OEM service.

1) Shapes: Round, square, and rectangle.

2) Sizes: 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 300x1200mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm; 
(11.81×11.81′, 11.81×23.62′, 11.81×47.24′, 23.62×23.62′, 23.62×47.24′).

3) Frame Materials: Aluminium alloy or Steel.

4) OEM Service: Custom is available.

2. Installation methods and easy installation
Choosing recessed (embedded), surface-mounted (ceiling method), or suspended (pendant method) mounted based on your different applications.

Thanks to the benefits of LED panel lights, they are becoming a popular choice for use among consumers. Expert Market Research mentioned that stringent government regulations pertaining to the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable products are providing a boost to the industry. The manufacturers and leading players in the LED panel light market are continuously innovating their products owing to the advancements in LED technology, which is expected to further aid the industry growth over the forecast period. 

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