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A case about LED light bars

1. 60cm Length Customized LED Light Bar.

*Size: L60cm (23.62”)x W46mm (1.811”)

*Philips LEDs (135pcs)/pcs, 24W;

*CCT: 3000K, 6000K

*High brightness, uniformity, and NO spotting

*Aluminium housing, better heat dissipation

*Glue filling processes

*Quantity: 2000pcs

*Applications: For Offroad vehicles, Golf carts, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, UTV, Truck, Tractor, Trailer, Pickup Trucks, etc.

led light bar ene tech1

2. 70mm Length Customized Small LED Light Bars

*Size: L70mm (2.75”) x W46mm (1.811”)

*Philips LEDs (36pcs)/pcs, 3.5W;

*Mix CCT (3000K & 6000K)

*High brightness and uniformity

*Aluminium housing, better heat dissipation

*Glue filling processes

*Sample Qty: 100pcs

led light bar ene tech2

The customer reached us and required very bright lights based on the original sample. According to our rich experience in the LED lighting industry, we designed and optimized the solution to meet customer requirements and applications. After discussions and sample testing, the customer was satisfied with the quality, performance, and price. Because what we did has exceeded the expectation for him. No doubt about it, the customer delighted to place an order 2000pcs for LED light bars from us. Later, another samples order of 70mm length for the small one also have finished. 

1. What did we do for the customer? We offer professional suggestions and design solutions, ensure the light bars with high quality and performance.

Because we know how to improve the disadvantages on the sample lamp. ENE TECH only does HIGH-QUALITY light fixtures and offers good lighting quality. Hence, we take the Philips LED chips to achieve superior quality and high efficacy, and uniformity. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and durable lighting for application scenarios and environments.

led light bar ene tech3

2. Based on the reasonable inner design, we not only pursuit safety and excellent performance but also demand a nice appearance of the lamp.

When comes to the small light bars with high brightness demand, how do perfect results? We have designed 36pcs LED chips in a very compact limited space [ the aluminum housing L70mm (2.75’’) x W46mm (1.811’’)] and considered the better heat dissipation. Otherwise, too many and too high wattage LED chips will result in the lights working at a higher temperature, which will affect the vehicles even if causing a fire. It’s dangerous. Safety always comes first. That is why we say we deliver safe, reliable, and durable lighting products to our customers.

led light bar ene tech4

3. Lower the cost but add value for the customer.

Strict quality and cost control (from the rigorous screening of upstream suppliers to pre-shipment inspection), fast decision, and fast delivery to help our customers save lots of time and money but add value.
In addition, we take the initiative to improve the shortcomings and do the details well, without needing to be reminded by our clients, whether they are professional or less knowledgeable.

led light bar ene tech5

In short, we do well with every lamp carefully based on the high standards and with a spirit of craftsmanship and a high sense of responsibility. And we’re sure that the lighting fixtures we make can offer you the ideal solution. Hopeful our LED lighting products could be used by our customers for a longer time. In the meantime, let’s all make a small contribution to carbon neutrality by using durable energy-saving LED lighting products.

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