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ENE TECH Light Lighting up your world

It is a big topic. Why I write this article “ENE Tech Lamps lighting up your world” the primary intention is to let you know more about our lamps.

We are a factory in China. Manufacture various lamps.  

We have over 20 years of lamps experience. Our Led lamps will bring you and your family lighting. Our mission is to light up your world with our led lamps.

First of all, solar street lights light up your night and dark area. It is practical and environmental protection. Because of the solar street light uses the natural sunlight to create the energy to light up, no cable and easy to install.

Mainly used in:

  1. The roads in border areas such as villages and towns have connected the lighting.

2. City square, parking lot, school playground, workers’ green space, park lighting.

3. Lighting for golf courses, beaches, high–end villa areas, etc.

4. Highway warning signs, power supply replacement for bridge street lights, etc.

ene tech solar street application

Secondly, Linear/strip lights are wide-range used. The led linear lamp series is high – end flexible decorative lamp.  The characteristics are low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy bending, maintenance-free, etc.

Mainly used in:

  1. Indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outlines, and billboards production

2. Outdoor landscape lighting, lighting engineering, municipal engineering, indoor stage lighting, and other fields.

3. Indoor cabinet and kitchen, etc.

ene tech linear light application

Thirdly, Explosion-proof lights are safe and protect your life.

Mainly used in:

  1. Warehouses, oil depots, coal mines, power plants.

2. Petrochemicals, steel smelting, military reserves, railways, and other dangerous environments

3. Offshore oil platforms, tankers, and other places.

ene tech explosion proof light application

Fourth, stadium sports lights have more capacity and wattage. Let the people better happy to play sports.

Mainly used in:

  1. Basketball, soccer fields, badminton court, and so on.
ene tech stadium light application

The above four kinds of representative lamps are for your reference. If you want to know more, please visit our website:


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