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Are LEDs bad for your eyes?

At present, our lives have been infiltrated into all aspects of our lives by LED. And we are more and more inseparable from it. Whether as students studying in school or adults working in the office, we all rely on the convenience brought to us by LED. Because other effective energy properties of LED have been widely used in indicators, decoration, general lighting, and other fields, and are also commonly used in computers, mobile phones, and TV displays, LED is everywhere in our lives. Is it true that it has been affecting us? And even our health? Today, let me solve the mystery for you:

The so-called LED light affects our health, mainly from the impact of blue light on our eyes. Speaking of Blu-ray, many people should have heard of it in their daily life. Many merchants will use it as a product performance publicity Blu-ray harm to their human health, to achieve the commercial purpose of marketing anti-Blu-ray products, such as anti-Blu-ray glasses, anti-Blu-ray cell phone film, eye protection lights, and other Blu-ray products. But in fact, most people only have a superficial understanding of Blu-ray in business advertisements. But not understand what Blu-ray is. What kind of harm will it do to our human body? How should we protect ourselves from being hurt?

ENE TECH LED Solar Street Light

The so-called blue light, which refers to the high-energy short-wavelength between the wavelengths of 400~500nm, is a component of natural light. Due to the technical particularity, LED can emit blue light in a short time, which is more intense than other light sources.

Previously, experts also pointed out that exposure to fish blue light at night can disrupt the biological clock and affect sleep. Due to the most changes in the light intensity of some LED lights, children and teenagers who are lamp-sensitive may be more vulnerable to the potential impact of this light regulation, such as headache, visual fatigue, and so on.

Of course, this does not mean we must eliminate all Blu-ray, away from all LED devices. Blu-ray will also play a positive role in my body. Its damage is limited. For example, blue light at 455~500nm can adjust biological rhythm, mood, and remembrance. And play a crucial role in producing dark vision and affecting refractive development. In addition, one can assess the damage of blue light, there are prescribed standards, and it is controllable. At present, authoritative organizations and drinking experts at home and abroad have performed various tests and assessments on the Blu-ray hazards of LED and formulated IEC62471 Blu-ray safety standards. The standard applies to all light sources except laser and countries from poles to poles have been widely accepted.

According to the standard, all kinds of light sources can be divided into zero-class hazards (fixation time > 1000s), first-class hazards (100s ≤ fixation time < 1000s), second-class hazards (0.25s ≤ fixation time < 100s), and third-class hazards (fixation time ≤ 0.25s). According to the investigation. There are zero and first-class obstacles used for LED lighting, which is similar to other light sources and is within the safety threshold.

How should we choose a suitable LED lamp for us?

1. The light source is stable and has no strobe.

(1) The brightness is stable. There is no video flash (2) The light is soft (3) The light is relatively uniform (4) There is no glare. (5) The color temperature is reasonable (4000 ~ 4600K)

2. Require to see the qualification certificate.

Product qualification certificate, safety certificate should be complete, national security compulsory certification mark CCC, anti-Blu-ray technology patent certificate, and so on.

3. It depends on the use and after-sales service.

There is no reason to return goods within seven days, replacement service for free within 30 days. There is a maintenance address and telephone number.

4. The brightness and color temperature of the eye lamp is adjustable.

Working during the day requires concentration, cold-tone light, and warm-tone light at night. It is recommended to choose the eye protection lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature so you can select the appropriate brightness and color temperature according to different working environments and situations to provide the most suitable light.

ENE TECH LED Explosion Proof Light

5. Filter harmful blue light.

After reading the introduction above, we all know something about the harm of Blu-ray. If you look at such a light source for a long time, the blue light will hurt your eyes. Therefore, choose and buy the lamp to avoid having a too strong light source, and have an anti-blue light patent, so the damage to the eyes will be fewer.

6. Low energy consumption. 

Whether students or office workers, study or work for a long time, the lamp consumes more electricity. While choosing lights and lanterns, we should also consider whether they are energy-saving and if they consume a lot of electricity. Try to choose ones with less energy consumption, which can reduce unnecessary waste.

7. Environmental protection is harmless. 

The lamp bulb or bead of the desk lamp is hot, which will cause some smell from the plastic lamp holder and cause harm to the human body. It is recommended to choose aluminium alloy material, lightweight and tenacious, with good heat dissipation ability of eye protection lamp is a good choice.

In short, to worry too much about Blu-ray and LED products, the key to protecting eyesight lies in good eye habits, avoiding long-term close reading, and ensuring adequate outdoor activities. After reading books and staring at electronic products for a long time, you should stand out of the window and look into the distance and stop to massage your eyes to relax and relieve eye fatigue. Only by protecting your eyes at all times can you find more beauty in life. Let us all take good care of the eyes that we find beautiful from now so that they will not be hurt as much as possible.

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