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Bright Your Future From ENE TECH LED Lights

Life needs light all the time. Such as sunshine during the day and moonlight at night.

With the development of science and technology, more and more people want to create natural light, which is also the slogan of ENE TECH.

LED Lights Classification

  1. According to the structure classification of LED, it can be roughly divided into epoxy encapsulation, glass encapsulation, ceramic base epoxy encapsulation, and other structures.
  • According to the light-emitting color of light-emitting tubes, they can be roughly divided into red light, blue light, white light, and so on. 

Most are positive white and warm white light used in home life.

3. Due to the LED lights using types, it will include indoor and outdoor lighting lamps.

Generally, indoor lighting lamps include LED ceiling lamps, led downlights, LED bulb lamps, led ceiling lamps, LED tubes, LED panel lamps, etc. outdoor lighting lamps are divided into LED projection lamps, LED street lamps, etc.

4. According to the power classification of LED lights. 

They can be divided into high-power LED lamps and low-power LED lights according to different powers. 

Generally, the rated current is 20mA as the standard. If the rated current of the energy-saving lamp is 20mA, it is a low-power LED lamp. If the rated current exceeds 20mA, it belongs to a high-power LED light.

Compared with low-power LED lamps, high-power LED lights have higher power and are brighter.

5. According to the luminous angle distribution diagram, it can be roughly divided into three types: high directive, standard, and scattering types. 

Standard type for indicator light, the half-value angle is 20-45 degrees.

It is mainly suitable for indicator lights with large viewing angles, and the half-value angle of the scattering type is 40-95 degrees.

The half-value angle of a high directive is 5-20 degrees or less, which can be suitable as a local lighting source.

There are many kinds of LED lights. I’ll list some here. If you need to know more, you can always enter our website to search for the knowledge you need.

How To Brighten Your Future Through LED Lights?

You must be curious about how the lights light up our future. Of course.

We can take examples from our life scenes, such as our home, office, shopping mall, roads, etc.

Our Home

Everyone’s life will be reflected in the four aspects of food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and whether a person has a warm and happy home is particularly important.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s material enjoyment of each other is becoming more and more abundant. The lamps and lanterns in real life are also becoming more colorful.

Most of the living room will use atmospheric and exquisite chandeliers, with some auxiliary lamp strips beside to set off the brilliance of the lights.

Because the bedroom is mainly for rest, most of them will choose simple and exquisite lamps to set off the comfort of the bedroom.

And you will choose 3-color adjustable lamps to air the bedroom. When you need bright light, you can turn the lamps to cool white, and when you want to sleep, you can turn them to warm white.

Adjust different lighting effects according to diverse scenes.

Most of the time, we choose embedded lights set in the Kitchen. 

We need to install a range hood to make the ceiling beautiful.

Our Office Or Factory

People can’t live without lights everywhere, and people can’t work without lights every day.

When you work, you need to turn on the office lights to add color to the heavy work.

Some factory warehouses will use our most commonly used UFO lamps, which have a wide range of illumination. There are also floodlights.

Our Shopping Mall

Now the lamps and lanterns in shopping malls are creative and unique. The designer will design the patterns of lights with different shapes through some light bands to give you a different visual impact.

Even some buildings or trees are decorated with unique lights to give you a new light show when the night falls.

Our Road

If you want to be rich, you should build roads first. 

It is an old Chinese saying, but it is correct because when local traffic develops rapidly, it will drive that area to become rich.

Therefore, street lights on the road have become particularly important.

Most have already started developing Smart street lighting, using a single light pole for multiple purposes to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

If you want to know more about intelligent street lights, please see the following article. Let you know more about Smart road lights thoroughly.

Due to the rapid development of LED lights, more and more people start to use LED lights. 

Ever the people relied only on the light of the moon to bring a little starlight to the night, now become dazzling.

Isn’t this led light lighting up people’s future?

To learn more about LED lights. Please feel free to visit our website


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