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Do you know how big the market for LED solar lights is in rural areas?

The prospect of LED solar power generation

The development of new energy and renewable clean energy is one of the five technical fields with the most decisive influence on world economic development in the 21st century. The full development and utilization of solar energy is the energy strategy decision of governments around the world for sustainable development. Among them, solar power generation is the most important. Attention.

Vigorously develop market applications. Facing the urgent shortage of energy and the global financial crisis, many countries have formulated ambitious development plans to promote the development of photovoltaic technology and industry.

The promulgation of renewable energy laws in various countries, the rapid development of photovoltaic roof plans, various tax reduction, and exemption policies and subsidy policies, and the gradual maturity of green electricity prices have provided a good foundation for the development of the photovoltaic market.

The advantages of LED solar streetlights

Street light is the most common thing in our daily life, it brings light to our nightlife. The beautiful street lights now decorate the night of the city colorfully. However, street lamps are a big power consumer. Due to the long low-voltage transmission lines of street lamps, not only do street lamps consume electricity, but also power consumption on transmission lines, especially suburban highways and highways far away from power points. Therefore, many suburban roads and highways in our country are not equipped with street lights.

The absence of streetlights on suburban roads and highways brings many safety concerns. At present, in developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Dalian, solar street lighting systems are being vigorously promoted. Solar lighting is easy to install: when installing solar lighting, there is no need to lay complicated lines, just make a cement base and fix it with anti-rust screws.

No electricity bill for solar lighting fixtures: Solar lighting fixtures are a one-time investment, without any maintenance cost, and benefit in the long run. There is no hidden safety hazard in solar lighting: solar lamps are low-voltage products and operate safely and reliably. The inherent characteristics of solar lighting, such as safety without hidden dangers, energy saving and consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control, and maintenance-free, directly bring obvious advantages to the construction of municipal engineering.

The solar street light is an automatically controlled working system, as long as the operating mode of the system is set, it will work automatically. Solar street light is an ideal road lighting fixture. With the improvement of people’s lives and the continuous development of society, it will be widely used, so that the light given by the sun to the earth can illuminate human beings at night.

It can be said that solar street lights integrate light and the surrounding beautiful environment into one, electricity, mechanical design, control, and other technologies. In addition to focusing on the reasonable appearance and structure and coordination with the environment, they also need to be careful and scientific. Optimize the design, and reasonably determine the capacity of the solar cell components, the battery, and the load power to ensure that the system works stably and reliably, and can achieve the best economic benefits.

With the continuous reduction of the production cost of photovoltaic cell modules, the core product of solar lighting, the installation of solar lighting lamps on most non-electric roads has become the general trend.

As we all know, due to the use of traditional (non-renewable) energy (producing C02, 502 and solid waste, etc.), the Antarctic cavity, acid rain, El Niño, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, marine pollution, and other environmental problems have caused the living environment of human beings. huge challenge.

Not only that, according to the world’s authoritative institutions and experts, coal, oil, natural gas, etc., which are the main body of the current traditional energy structure, will be exhausted within a hundred years if they continue to be mined at the current speed. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection issues have become important issues faced by all countries in the world.

Briefly describe the content of LED solar lighting

The user’s usage requirements, such as lighting for several hours a day, require normal lighting on several cloudy and rainy days. According to the above conditions, we can design products suitable for the local area. We design solar streetlights according to the actual conditions of local roads. Generally, the spacing of solar street lights is 30 meters, and the user can determine the number of lights according to the length and width of the road section where the solar street lights need to be installed.

1. Introduction to the current situation of LED solar photovoltaic

The conversion of solar radiation energy into electrical energy by conversion devices belongs to solar photovoltaic power generation technology. Photoelectric conversion devices usually use the photovoltaic effect principle of semiconductor devices for photoelectric conversion, also called solar photovoltaic technology.

At present, the world’s energy supply is tight, all countries are competing for non-renewable energy, and vigorously developing the application of renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the inexhaustible green energy sources. Other countries such as Germany, the United States, Japan, etc. use solar energy The degree has reached a very high level, with solar power generation, lighting, and so on.

In China, solar water heaters have been widely used, and many projects have been done on solar roofs. In recent years, the country’s western development plan has enabled many herdsmen to use solar energy for lighting, heating water, and watching TV. Power Plant on Horseback”.

2. The advantages of photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power generation has many advantages, such as: being safe and reliable, no noise, and no pollution, and energy being available everywhere, without geographical restrictions.

No need to consume fuel, no mechanical rotating parts, low failure rate, easy maintenance, can be unattended, short construction period, random size, no need to assume transmission lines, and can be easily combined with buildings, etc. These advantages are beyond the reach of power generation and other methods of generating electricity.

The rapid development of my country’s society and economy has provided better development opportunities and space for the photovoltaic market. It is hoped that driven by the market and ecological environment, my country’s photovoltaic industry will have great development.

The use of solar photovoltaic technology to manufacture new solar lighting lamps is an important work for the center to promote the application of photovoltaic system technology in civilian high-tech aspects in the recent period.

A few days ago, the electricity used for lighting in my country exceeded 12% of the total electricity consumption in the country, and 50 million street lamps are added every year. If 1% of them use solar street lamps, it will save 700 million kWh of electricity for the country. , which is equivalent to giving the country a 100,000 KW power plant every year without any consumption and pollution.

At the same time, the output value of new high-tech products has been increased by 5 billion yuan, the new profits and taxes have been increased by 100 million yuan, the related industries have been driven by tens of billions of yuan, and nearly 10,000 related jobs have been created.

Technical Analysis

Solar lighting fixtures include solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights, solar corridor lights, etc., which are suitable for all places that require lighting.

Basic principle: The solar panel absorbs the radiant energy in the natural sunlight, and converts it through the high-tech system control device to store or directly provide the electric energy to the illuminant for direct lighting, or lighting when needed.

Solar energy is powered by low-voltage direct current, so it has the characteristics of safety and reliability, noise-free, pollution-free energy that can be obtained anywhere without geographical restrictions, with no fuel consumption, no mechanical rotating parts, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. In use, each solar light is equivalent to having an independent power supply, which can be placed anywhere, without power design, power capacity expansion, manual power control, trenching and burying pipes, without laying cables and wires, and easy to install. Road reconstruction and location movement are more convenient and fast.

The advantages of rural solar streetlights

With the advancement of new rural construction, rural road lighting projects are also the focus of every new rural construction, but with various complex phenomena in rural areas, there are many difficulties in rural lighting projects, such as:

1. Investment issues in road lighting and lighting projects;

2. The installation and construction process is complicated, and it is necessary to break the ground, excavate the land, and occupy the farmer’s place, which can easily cause conflicts between the project and the villagers. Not easy to construct.

3. Electricity expenses cannot be resolved. As a result, the lights are hardly lit after completion, and the actual effect of the lighting project cannot be achieved.

4. The later maintenance workload is large and the cost is also high. Replacement parts, original parts, etc. It consumes a lot of energy, does not save energy, and pollutes the ring mirror.

The solar street light plays a “star” role in the construction of the new countryside, the advantages:

1. Energy saving and environmental protection are the green lightings that the country vigorously promotes.

2. Investment funds are easier to solve, because it is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, the state will give Fuchi in various places for this project, and there will be special funds.

3. Less investment and comprehensive economic benefits are the same as those of conventional street lamps.

4. The construction is simple, there is no need to dig trenches, and the previous period is also short.

5. There is no electricity bill, because it absorbs solar energy to generate light, so there is no electricity bill. Always free power supply.

6. The maintenance is small and almost maintenance-free because the service life of the LED light source is more than 10 years.

7. Beautify the rural ring mirror, which can attract more attention than traditional street lamps and form a beautiful landscape.

8. The concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has been introduced into rural areas to guide rural people’s awareness of energy conservation.

In the new rural lighting project, solar streetlights have become the preferred product. After our company and local government departments have completed many new rural road lighting projects. The effect is obvious, and it has been well received by the masses and leaders.

To sum up, solar LED lights have obviously superior performance, especially the energy-saving effect is obvious, not only have direct economic savings but also have environmental protection and energy-saving effects, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And solar energy is a safe voltage, avoiding many safety hazards. Not only saving energy in the later stage but also reducing the maintenance workload. This solar street light is also an energy-saving project that the country vigorously promotes.

Characteristics of LED solar energy

Main innovations and advancements: Solar energy has become an effective way to solve problems such as energy shortage, environmental pollution, and the greenhouse effect due to its unlimited reserves, the universality of existence, and clean development and utilization—ideal alternative energy source.

The biggest contribution purifies the air and save energy.

Most suitable for China’s national conditions: closest to people’s production and life, most easily accepted by the people.

The highest technical content: technology accounts for more than 95%.

The most economical and practical: the highest input and output, the comprehensive cost is less than half of foreign countries.

Advanced: Ask the sun for energy.

Although the construction of ordinary street lamps has solved the employment of some people and the development of supporting enterprises, it has caused a lot of waste of resources: waste of human resources, waste of power resources, waste of metal resources, environmental pollution, and then affecting the air. , water pollution, human life expectancy, and so on.

After the solar lamps are installed, there is almost no maintenance except for replacing the battery every five to eight years. In addition to saving a lot of manpower and capital, it saves energy resources, reduces environmental pollution, and reduces the temperature of the surface. The catastrophe of human beings brought about by the rise of the earth’s surface temperature year after year has contributed to the construction of a harmonious society. Therefore, the installation of solar streetlights in Zhengning County is a major event that benefits the present and the future. To leave a blue sky, green water, a peaceful and comfortable nature for our children and grandchildren, no disputes, no wars… a new environment where various cultures coexist.

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