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Is ENE TECH A Reliable Lighting Manufacturer?

This article is about Mark Zeng and his business philosophy and why did I choose ENE TECH. And it also might give you some helpful info on whether ENE TECH is the reliable partner in the lighting industry you are looking for.

In October 2020, I got to know Mark Zeng and was fascinated by the 2 pictures he posted in the imiker APP of excellent LED lighting fixtures and the Red Dot Design Award. That’s a great product and the man is very professional. So I reached him immediately and communicated with him on the phone. Because I wanted to get to know him as much as possible, whether the inner of a person or his factory and products. Finally, I decided to visit his factory and have face-to-face talking. If the person and products were what I was looking for, I would work with him.


The first impression, Mark was a quick mover and a very talkative person. He showed me around his factory and introduced his products with great enthusiasm and confidence, and told me about the exciting stories behind each product and tool. I asked a lot of questions, Mark answered me very patiently. I questioned the quality and materials, and he tested them immediately at the site to prove that they were high quality. In addition, Mark also knew all the processes, from professional lighting and technical knowledge, in-depth research and understanding of the products, to quality and cost control. He is an all-around talent. “Because we’re capable to provide one-stop service for clients. Including the professional design, suggestions, and solutions. ” Mark said with confidence. That made me very satisfied.

2 tool

Moreover, I was impressed by his original intention of always pursuing high quality. In such a fickle social environment, he still upholds the spirit of craftsmanship and continuous innovation. And he keeps producing every light in strict accordance with high standards and strives for excellence. He insists on taking the high-end brand route, being human-oriented, and only making high-quality products. This kind of business philosophy and attitude is worthy of our admiration, and I was moved deeply at that time. Therefore, he is the right supplier and partner I am looking for.

3 led lamp

And he has long-term plans and goals, with a keen business sense. He said: ” I’d like to make the branded excellent lighting products that can be used by both domestic and foreign customers and provide them with a safe and reliable lighting environment. ” What’s even rarer is that he also goes down to the production line to make the goods himself, personally, strictly checking and auditing every detail of the products to avoid defective products before shipping. “I treat all the products as if they were my children.” He smiled and said.

4 led lamp

In our last conversation, Mark also mentioned the importance of light culture. “Light can have both positive and negative effects on human emotions and the body, and the right kind of light can benefit and make people feel comfortable.” I agreed with him very much. From that, he was not only professional but also caring for people.

5 led lamp

In August 2021, Mark Zeng upgraded the new brand ENE TECH, and I am proud to be part of this great team. In the past year, I have learned that LED lighting technology is innovating, developing, and changing rapidly due to Covid-19, humanization, and carbon neutrality. It is very pleasing to see that some companies in the lighting industry have achieved good results in the research and development of new product technologies. Based on the philosophy create natural light, ENE TECH will continue to produce more outstanding LED lighting products for customers.

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