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The Light and The Electricity Are A Family

The Light Source Is Very Important. We All Benefit From It.

The source of light is quite essential for human beings. In ancient times, from drilling wood for a fire, torches, oil lamps, candles, to Edison’s invention of the electric bulb, to fluorescent lamps, LED lights, and special lighting. Together with the sunlight and moonlight among the free precious gifts from nature, they all bring great grace to people and everything. It has brought meaningful effects to the rapid development of human beings and in people’s daily life and work. Everyone can benefit from it, and it is one of the indispensable substances.


Since Edison invented the electric bulb, light and electricity are a family. They are not separate parts. Water, wind, and sunlight can all generate electricity, and through the output of electricity, illuminate the whole world and bring more convenience to human beings.


A Unique Excellent LED Light Integrated Lighting, Portability, and Powering.

Like various wilderness public infrastructures, outdoor works, adventures, activities, and more, they need electricity and light to keep running. With the frequent outdoor work and activities in a small area, the need for instantly available light is urgent, and a product to solve the needs of such scenarios was born. In 2019, the American military design team- Durabrite and our company produced 140W Portable Emergency LED Light.

This light is widely used in fire rescue, traffic rescue, outdoor worksite, camping & party, etc., and provides a safe, reliable, and efficient lighting environment. Equipped with SOS lighting mode and an AC charger, and can be used as an emergency power supply for electronics and other gears. Such as smartphones, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, etc. It can power for 8 hours. ENE TECH products make your life easier and more valuable. 

For the sake of confidentiality, we can not post relevant product pictures here. If you are interested in our company, please reach us for more. 

An Excellent Portable Power Station Will be Coming Out Soon.

To convenient our customers, we also provide the mobile power stations now. As an emergency power station, they can power and light anytime and anywhere, especially in places with lighting needs. Anything about low-carbon, energy-saving, and helping customers is worthy of our contribution. We will quickly upgrade and optimize the current portable power products in 1-2 years according to the feedback from customers and the market, bringing more value to them.


We’re willing to work with good partners in the world for a long-term business relationship in a win-win situation. Please feel free to contact us for more. 


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